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<title>Tapestry: Web Application Framework</title>
<b>Tapestry</b> is a comprehensive web application framework, written in Java.
<p>Tapestry is not an application server.
It is designed to be used inside an application server.
<p>Tapestry is not an application.
Tapestry is a framework for creating web applications.
<p>Tapestry is not a way of using JavaServer Pages.
Tapestry is an <i>alternative to</i> using JavaServer Pages.
<p>Tapestry is not a scripting environment.
Tapestry uses a component object model, not simple scripting,
to create highly dynamic, interactive web pages.
<p>Tapestry is based on the Java Servlet API version 2.2.
<p>Tapestry uses a sophisticated component model to divide a web application into
a hierarchy of {@link org.apache.tapestry.IComponent components}.
Each component has specific responsibilities for rendering web pages
(that is, generating a portion of an HTML page) and responding to HTML queries
(such as clicking on a link, or submitting a form).
<p>The Tapestry framework takes on virtually all of the responsibilities
for managing application flow and server-side client state.
This allows developers to concentrate on the business and presentation aspects of the application.
<p>Visit Tapestry's home page at
<a href=""></a>
for more details on licensing.
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