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<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- DocBook XML information pool module V4.1.2 ............................. -->
<!-- File dbpoolx.mod ..................................................... -->
<!-- Copyright 1992-2000 HaL Computer Systems, Inc.,
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., ArborText, Inc., Fujitsu Software
Corporation, Norman Walsh and the Organization for the Advancement
of Structured Information Standards (OASIS).
$Id: dbpoolx.mod,v 1.19 2000/08/27 15:12:42 nwalsh Exp $
Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute the DocBook XML DTD
and its accompanying documentation for any purpose and without fee
is hereby granted in perpetuity, provided that the above copyright
notice and this paragraph appear in all copies. The copyright
holders make no representation about the suitability of the DTD for
any purpose. It is provided "as is" without expressed or implied
If you modify the DocBook XML DTD in any way, except for declaring and
referencing additional sets of general entities and declaring
additional notations, label your DTD as a variant of DocBook. See
the maintenance documentation for more information.
Please direct all questions, bug reports, or suggestions for
changes to the mailing list. For more
information, see
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- This module contains the definitions for the objects, inline
elements, and so on that are available to be used as the main
content of DocBook documents. Some elements are useful for general
publishing, and others are useful specifically for computer
This module has the following dependencies on other modules:
o It assumes that a %notation.class; entity is defined by the
driver file or other high-level module. This entity is
referenced in the NOTATION attributes for the graphic-related and
ModeSpec elements.
o It assumes that an appropriately parameterized table module is
available for use with the table-related elements.
In DTD driver files referring to this module, please use an entity
declaration that uses the public identifier shown below:
<!ENTITY % dbpool PUBLIC
"-//OASIS//ELEMENTS DocBook XML Information Pool V4.1.2//EN"
See the documentation for detailed information on the parameter
entity and module scheme used in DocBook, customizing DocBook and
planning for interchange, and changes made since the last release
of DocBook.
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- General-purpose semantics entities ................................... -->
<!ENTITY % yesorno.attvals "CDATA">
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- Entities for module inclusions ....................................... -->
<!ENTITY % dbpool.redecl.module "IGNORE">
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- Entities for element classes and mixtures ............................ -->
<!-- "Ubiquitous" classes: ndxterm.class and beginpage -->
<!ENTITY % local.ndxterm.class "">
<!ENTITY % ndxterm.class
"indexterm %local.ndxterm.class;">
<!-- Object-level classes ................................................. -->
<!ENTITY % local.list.class "">
<!ENTITY % list.class
|simplelist|variablelist %local.list.class;">
<!ENTITY % local.admon.class "">
<!ENTITY % admon.class
"caution|important|note|tip|warning %local.admon.class;">
<!ENTITY % local.linespecific.class "">
<!ENTITY % linespecific.class
|screenco|screenshot %local.linespecific.class;">
<!ENTITY % local.method.synop.class "">
<!ENTITY % method.synop.class
|methodsynopsis %local.method.synop.class;">
<!ENTITY % local.synop.class "">
<!ENTITY % synop.class
|%method.synop.class; %local.synop.class;">
<!ENTITY % local.para.class "">
<!ENTITY % para.class
"formalpara|para|simpara %local.para.class;">
<!ENTITY % local.informal.class "">
<!ENTITY % informal.class
|informaltable %local.informal.class;">
<!ENTITY % local.formal.class "">
<!ENTITY % formal.class
"equation|example|figure|table %local.formal.class;">
<!-- The DocBook TC may produce an official EBNF module for DocBook. -->
<!-- This PE provides the hook by which it can be inserted into the DTD. -->
<!ENTITY % ebnf.block.hook "">
<!ENTITY % local.compound.class "">
<!ENTITY % compound.class
<!ENTITY % local.genobj.class "">
<!ENTITY % genobj.class
<!ENTITY % local.descobj.class "">
<!ENTITY % descobj.class
<!-- Character-level classes .............................................. -->
<!ENTITY % local.xref.char.class "">
<!ENTITY % xref.char.class
"footnoteref|xref %local.xref.char.class;">
<!ENTITY % local.gen.char.class "">
<!ENTITY % gen.char.class
|quote|trademark|wordasword %local.gen.char.class;">
<!ENTITY % "">
<!ENTITY % link.char.class
<!-- The DocBook TC may produce an official EBNF module for DocBook. -->
<!-- This PE provides the hook by which it can be inserted into the DTD. -->
<!ENTITY % ebnf.inline.hook "">
<!ENTITY % "">
<!ENTITY % tech.char.class
<!ENTITY % local.base.char.class "">
<!ENTITY % base.char.class
"anchor %local.base.char.class;">
<!ENTITY % local.docinfo.char.class "">
<!ENTITY % docinfo.char.class
<!ENTITY % local.other.char.class "">
<!ENTITY % other.char.class
"remark|subscript|superscript %local.other.char.class;">
<!ENTITY % local.inlineobj.char.class "">
<!ENTITY % inlineobj.char.class
"inlinegraphic|inlinemediaobject|inlineequation %local.inlineobj.char.class;">
<!-- Redeclaration placeholder ............................................ -->
<!-- For redeclaring entities that are declared after this point while
retaining their references to the entities that are declared before
this point -->
<!-- Defining rdbpool here makes some buggy XML parsers happy. -->
<!ENTITY % rdbpool "">
<!--end of dbpool.redecl.module-->]]>
<!-- Object-level mixtures ................................................ -->
list admn line synp para infm form cmpd gen desc
Component mixture X X X X X X X X X X
Sidebar mixture X X X X X X X a X
Footnote mixture X X X X X
Example mixture X X X X X
Highlights mixture X X X
Paragraph mixture X X X X
Admonition mixture X X X X X X b c
Figure mixture X X X
Table entry mixture X X X X d
Glossary def mixture X X X X X e
Legal notice mixture X X X X f
a. Just Procedure; not Sidebar itself or MsgSet.
b. No MsgSet.
c. No Highlights.
d. Just Graphic; no other informal objects.
e. No Anchor, BridgeHead, or Highlights.
f. Just BlockQuote; no other informal objects.
<!ENTITY % local.component.mix "">
<!ENTITY % component.mix
"%list.class; |%admon.class;
|%linespecific.class; |%synop.class;
|%para.class; |%informal.class;
|%formal.class; |%compound.class;
|%genobj.class; |%descobj.class;
|%ndxterm.class; |beginpage
<!ENTITY % local.sidebar.mix "">
<!ENTITY % sidebar.mix
"%list.class; |%admon.class;
|%linespecific.class; |%synop.class;
|%para.class; |%informal.class;
|%formal.class; |procedure
|%ndxterm.class; |beginpage
<!ENTITY % local.qandaset.mix "">
<!ENTITY % qandaset.mix
"%list.class; |%admon.class;
|%linespecific.class; |%synop.class;
|%para.class; |%informal.class;
|%formal.class; |procedure
<!ENTITY % local.revdescription.mix "">
<!ENTITY % revdescription.mix
"%list.class; |%admon.class;
|%linespecific.class; |%synop.class;
|%para.class; |%informal.class;
|%formal.class; |procedure
<!ENTITY % local.footnote.mix "">
<!ENTITY % footnote.mix
|%linespecific.class; |%synop.class;
|%para.class; |%informal.class;
<!ENTITY % local.example.mix "">
<!ENTITY % example.mix
|%linespecific.class; |%synop.class;
|%para.class; |%informal.class;
|%ndxterm.class; |beginpage
<!ENTITY % local.highlights.mix "">
<!ENTITY % highlights.mix
"%list.class; |%admon.class;
<!-- %formal.class; is explicitly excluded from many contexts in which
paragraphs are used -->
<!ENTITY % local.para.mix "">
<!ENTITY % para.mix
"%list.class; |%admon.class;
<!ENTITY % local.admon.mix "">
<!ENTITY % admon.mix
|%linespecific.class; |%synop.class;
|%para.class; |%informal.class;
|%formal.class; |procedure|sidebar
|%ndxterm.class; |beginpage
<!ENTITY % local.figure.mix "">
<!ENTITY % figure.mix
"%linespecific.class; |%synop.class;
|%ndxterm.class; |beginpage
<!ENTITY % local.tabentry.mix "">
<!ENTITY % tabentry.mix
"%list.class; |%admon.class;
|%para.class; |graphic|mediaobject
<!ENTITY % local.glossdef.mix "">
<!ENTITY % glossdef.mix
|%linespecific.class; |%synop.class;
|%para.class; |%informal.class;
|%ndxterm.class; |beginpage
<!ENTITY % local.legalnotice.mix "">
<!ENTITY % legalnotice.mix
"%list.class; |%admon.class;
|%para.class; |blockquote
|%ndxterm.class; |beginpage
<!ENTITY % local.textobject.mix "">
<!ENTITY % textobject.mix
"%list.class; |%admon.class;
|%para.class; |blockquote
<!ENTITY % local.mediaobject.mix "">
<!ENTITY % mediaobject.mix
"videoobject|audioobject|imageobject %local.mediaobject.mix;">
<!-- Character-level mixtures ............................................. -->
#PCD xref word link cptr base dnfo othr inob (synop)
para.char.mix X X X X X X X X X
title.char.mix X X X X X X X X X
ndxterm.char.mix X X X X X X X X a
cptr.char.mix X X X X X a
smallcptr.char.mix X b a
word.char.mix X c X X X a
docinfo.char.mix X d X b X a
a. Just InlineGraphic; no InlineEquation.
b. Just Replaceable; no other computer terms.
c. Just Emphasis and Trademark; no other word elements.
d. Just Acronym, Emphasis, and Trademark; no other word elements.
<!-- The DocBook TC may produce an official forms module for DocBook. -->
<!-- This PE provides the hook by which it can be inserted into the DTD. -->
<!ENTITY % forminlines.hook "">
<!ENTITY % local.para.char.mix "">
<!ENTITY % para.char.mix
|%xref.char.class; |%gen.char.class;
|%link.char.class; |%tech.char.class;
|%base.char.class; |%docinfo.char.class;
|%other.char.class; |%inlineobj.char.class;
|%ndxterm.class; |beginpage
<!ENTITY % local.title.char.mix "">
<!ENTITY % title.char.mix
|%xref.char.class; |%gen.char.class;
|%link.char.class; |%tech.char.class;
|%base.char.class; |%docinfo.char.class;
|%other.char.class; |%inlineobj.char.class;
<!ENTITY % local.ndxterm.char.mix "">
<!ENTITY % ndxterm.char.mix
|%xref.char.class; |%gen.char.class;
|%link.char.class; |%tech.char.class;
|%base.char.class; |%docinfo.char.class;
|%other.char.class; |inlinegraphic|inlinemediaobject
<!ENTITY % local.cptr.char.mix "">
<!ENTITY % cptr.char.mix
|%link.char.class; |%tech.char.class;
|%other.char.class; |inlinegraphic|inlinemediaobject
|%ndxterm.class; |beginpage
<!ENTITY % local.smallcptr.char.mix "">
<!ENTITY % smallcptr.char.mix
|%ndxterm.class; |beginpage
<!ENTITY % local.word.char.mix "">
<!ENTITY % word.char.mix
|%other.char.class; |inlinegraphic|inlinemediaobject
|%ndxterm.class; |beginpage
<!ENTITY % local.docinfo.char.mix "">
<!ENTITY % docinfo.char.mix
|%other.char.class; |inlinegraphic|inlinemediaobject
<!--ENTITY % bibliocomponent.mix (see Bibliographic section, below)-->
<!--ENTITY % person.ident.mix (see Bibliographic section, below)-->
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- Entities for content models .......................................... -->
<!ENTITY % formalobject.title.content "title, titleabbrev?">
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- Entities for attributes and attribute components ..................... -->
<!-- Effectivity attributes ............................................... -->
<!-- Arch: Computer or chip architecture to which element applies; no
default -->
<!ENTITY % arch.attrib
<!-- Condition: General-purpose effectivity attribute -->
<!ENTITY % condition.attrib
"condition CDATA #IMPLIED">
<!-- Conformance: Standards conformance characteristics -->
<!ENTITY % conformance.attrib
"conformance NMTOKENS #IMPLIED">
<!-- OS: Operating system to which element applies; no default -->
<!ENTITY % os.attrib
<!-- Revision: Editorial revision to which element belongs; no default -->
<!ENTITY % revision.attrib
"revision CDATA #IMPLIED">
<!-- Security: Security classification; no default -->
<!ENTITY % security.attrib
"security CDATA #IMPLIED">
<!-- UserLevel: Level of user experience to which element applies; no
default -->
<!ENTITY % userlevel.attrib
"userlevel CDATA #IMPLIED">
<!-- Vendor: Computer vendor to which element applies; no default -->
<!ENTITY % vendor.attrib
"vendor CDATA #IMPLIED">
<!ENTITY % local.effectivity.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % effectivity.attrib
<!-- Common attributes .................................................... -->
<!-- Id: Unique identifier of element; no default -->
<!ENTITY % id.attrib
<!-- Id: Unique identifier of element; a value must be supplied; no
default -->
<!ENTITY % idreq.attrib
<!-- Lang: Indicator of language in which element is written, for
translation, character set management, etc.; no default -->
<!ENTITY % lang.attrib
<!-- Remap: Previous role of element before conversion; no default -->
<!ENTITY % remap.attrib
<!-- Role: New role of element in local environment; no default -->
<!ENTITY % role.attrib
<!-- XRefLabel: Alternate labeling string for XRef text generation;
default is usually title or other appropriate label text already
contained in element -->
<!ENTITY % xreflabel.attrib
"xreflabel CDATA #IMPLIED">
<!-- RevisionFlag: Revision status of element; default is that element
wasn't revised -->
<!ENTITY % revisionflag.attrib
"revisionflag (changed
|off) #IMPLIED">
<!ENTITY % local.common.attrib "">
<!-- Role is included explicitly on each element -->
<!ENTITY % common.attrib
<!-- Role is included explicitly on each element -->
<!ENTITY % idreq.common.attrib
<!-- Semi-common attributes and other attribute entities .................. -->
<!ENTITY % "">
<!-- EntityRef: Name of an external entity containing the content
of the graphic -->
<!-- FileRef: Filename, qualified by a pathname if desired,
designating the file containing the content of the graphic -->
<!-- Format: Notation of the element content, if any -->
<!-- SrcCredit: Information about the source of the Graphic -->
<!-- Width: Same as CALS reprowid (desired width) -->
<!-- Depth: Same as CALS reprodep (desired depth) -->
<!-- Align: Same as CALS hplace with 'none' removed; #IMPLIED means
application-specific -->
<!-- Scale: Conflation of CALS hscale and vscale -->
<!-- Scalefit: Same as CALS scalefit -->
<!ENTITY % graphics.attrib
format (%notation.class;) #IMPLIED
srccredit CDATA #IMPLIED
align (left
|center) #IMPLIED
scalefit %yesorno.attvals;
<!ENTITY % local.keyaction.attrib "">
<!-- Action: Key combination type; default is unspecified if one
child element, Simul if there is more than one; if value is
Other, the OtherAction attribute must have a nonempty value -->
<!-- OtherAction: User-defined key combination type -->
<!ENTITY % keyaction.attrib
action (click
|other) #IMPLIED
otheraction CDATA #IMPLIED
<!-- Label: Identifying number or string; default is usually the
appropriate number or string autogenerated by a formatter -->
<!ENTITY % label.attrib
<!-- Format: whether element is assumed to contain significant white
space -->
<!ENTITY % linespecific.attrib
"format NOTATION
(linespecific) 'linespecific'
linenumbering (numbered|unnumbered) #IMPLIED">
<!-- Linkend: link to related information; no default -->
<!ENTITY % linkend.attrib
"linkend IDREF #IMPLIED">
<!-- Linkend: required link to related information -->
<!ENTITY % linkendreq.attrib
"linkend IDREF #REQUIRED">
<!-- Linkends: link to one or more sets of related information; no
default -->
<!ENTITY % linkends.attrib
"linkends IDREFS #IMPLIED">
<!ENTITY % local.mark.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % mark.attrib
<!-- MoreInfo: whether element's content has an associated RefEntry -->
<!ENTITY % moreinfo.attrib
"moreinfo (refentry|none) 'none'">
<!-- Pagenum: number of page on which element appears; no default -->
<!ENTITY % pagenum.attrib
"pagenum CDATA #IMPLIED">
<!ENTITY % local.status.attrib "">
<!-- Status: Editorial or publication status of the element
it applies to, such as "in review" or "approved for distribution" -->
<!ENTITY % status.attrib
<!-- Width: width of the longest line in the element to which it
pertains, in number of characters -->
<!ENTITY % width.attrib
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- Title elements ....................................................... -->
<!ENTITY % title.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.title.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % title.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % title.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT title (%title.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of title.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % title.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST title
<!--end of title.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of title.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % titleabbrev.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.titleabbrev.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % titleabbrev.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % titleabbrev.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT titleabbrev (%title.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of titleabbrev.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % titleabbrev.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST titleabbrev
<!--end of titleabbrev.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of titleabbrev.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % subtitle.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.subtitle.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % subtitle.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % subtitle.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT subtitle (%title.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of subtitle.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % subtitle.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST subtitle
<!--end of subtitle.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of subtitle.module-->]]>
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- Bibliographic entities and elements .................................. -->
<!-- The bibliographic elements are typically used in the document
hierarchy. They do not appear in content models of information
pool elements. See also the document information elements,
below. -->
<!ENTITY % local.person.ident.mix "">
<!ENTITY % person.ident.mix
|authorblurb|contrib %local.person.ident.mix;">
<!ENTITY % local.bibliocomponent.mix "">
<!ENTITY % bibliocomponent.mix
<!ENTITY % biblioentry.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.biblioentry.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % biblioentry.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % biblioentry.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT biblioentry ((articleinfo | (%bibliocomponent.mix;))+)>
<!--end of biblioentry.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % biblioentry.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST biblioentry
<!--end of biblioentry.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of biblioentry.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % bibliomixed.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.bibliomixed.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % bibliomixed.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % bibliomixed.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT bibliomixed (#PCDATA | %bibliocomponent.mix; | bibliomset)*>
<!--end of bibliomixed.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % bibliomixed.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST bibliomixed
<!--end of bibliomixed.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of bibliomixed.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % articleinfo.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.articleinfo.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % articleinfo.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % articleinfo.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT articleinfo ((graphic | mediaobject | legalnotice | modespec
| subjectset | keywordset | itermset | %bibliocomponent.mix;)+)>
<!--end of articleinfo.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % articleinfo.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST articleinfo
<!--end of articleinfo.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of articleinfo.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % biblioset.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.biblioset.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % biblioset.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % biblioset.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT biblioset ((%bibliocomponent.mix;)+)>
<!--end of biblioset.element-->]]>
<!-- Relation: Relationship of elements contained within BiblioSet -->
<!ENTITY % biblioset.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST biblioset
<!--end of biblioset.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of biblioset.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % bibliomset.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % bibliomset.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % local.bibliomset.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % bibliomset.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT bibliomset (#PCDATA | %bibliocomponent.mix; | bibliomset)*>
<!--end of bibliomset.element-->]]>
<!-- Relation: Relationship of elements contained within BiblioMSet -->
<!ENTITY % bibliomset.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST bibliomset
<!--end of bibliomset.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of bibliomset.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % bibliomisc.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.bibliomisc.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % bibliomisc.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % bibliomisc.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT bibliomisc (%para.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of bibliomisc.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % bibliomisc.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST bibliomisc
<!--end of bibliomisc.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of bibliomisc.module-->]]>
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- Subject, Keyword, and ITermSet elements .............................. -->
<!ENTITY % subjectset.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % subjectset.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.subjectset.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % subjectset.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % subjectset.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT subjectset (subject+)>
<!--end of subjectset.element-->]]>
<!-- Scheme: Controlled vocabulary employed in SubjectTerms -->
<!ENTITY % subjectset.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST subjectset
<!--end of subjectset.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of subjectset.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % subject.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.subject.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % subject.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % subject.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT subject (subjectterm+)>
<!--end of subject.element-->]]>
<!-- Weight: Ranking of this group of SubjectTerms relative
to others, 0 is low, no highest value specified -->
<!ENTITY % subject.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST subject
<!--end of subject.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of subject.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % subjectterm.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.subjectterm.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % subjectterm.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % subjectterm.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT subjectterm (#PCDATA)>
<!--end of subjectterm.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % subjectterm.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST subjectterm
<!--end of subjectterm.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of subjectterm.module-->]]>
<!--end of subjectset.content.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % keywordset.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % keywordset.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.keywordset.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % keywordset.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % keywordset.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT keywordset (keyword+)>
<!--end of keywordset.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % keywordset.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST keywordset
<!--end of keywordset.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of keywordset.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % keyword.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.keyword.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % keyword.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % keyword.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT keyword (#PCDATA)>
<!--end of keyword.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % keyword.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST keyword
<!--end of keyword.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of keyword.module-->]]>
<!--end of keywordset.content.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % itermset.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.itermset.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % itermset.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % itermset.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT itermset (indexterm+)>
<!--end of itermset.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % itermset.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST itermset
<!--end of itermset.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of itermset.module-->]]>
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- Compound (section-ish) elements ...................................... -->
<!-- Message set ...................... -->
<!ENTITY % msgset.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % msgset.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.msgset.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % msgset.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % msgset.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT msgset ((%formalobject.title.content;)?, (msgentry+|simplemsgentry+))>
<!--end of msgset.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgset.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST msgset
<!--end of msgset.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of msgset.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgentry.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.msgentry.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % msgentry.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % msgentry.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT msgentry (msg+, msginfo?, msgexplan*)>
<!--end of msgentry.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgentry.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST msgentry
<!--end of msgentry.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of msgentry.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % simplemsgentry.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %simplemsgentry.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.simplemsgentry.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % simplemsgentry.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % simplemsgentry.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %simplemsgentry.element; [
<!ELEMENT simplemsgentry (msgtext, msgexplan)>
<!--end of simplemsgentry.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % simplemsgentry.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %simplemsgentry.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST simplemsgentry
<!--end of simplemsgentry.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of simplemsgentry.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msg.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.msg.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % msg.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % msg.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT msg (title?, msgmain, (msgsub | msgrel)*)>
<!--end of msg.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msg.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!--end of msg.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of msg.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgmain.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.msgmain.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % msgmain.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % msgmain.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT msgmain (title?, msgtext)>
<!--end of msgmain.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgmain.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST msgmain
<!--end of msgmain.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of msgmain.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgsub.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.msgsub.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % msgsub.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % msgsub.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT msgsub (title?, msgtext)>
<!--end of msgsub.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgsub.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST msgsub
<!--end of msgsub.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of msgsub.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgrel.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.msgrel.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % msgrel.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % msgrel.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT msgrel (title?, msgtext)>
<!--end of msgrel.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgrel.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST msgrel
<!--end of msgrel.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of msgrel.module-->]]>
<!-- MsgText (defined in the Inlines section, below)-->
<!ENTITY % msginfo.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.msginfo.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % msginfo.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % msginfo.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT msginfo ((msglevel | msgorig | msgaud)*)>
<!--end of msginfo.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msginfo.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST msginfo
<!--end of msginfo.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of msginfo.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msglevel.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.msglevel.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % msglevel.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % msglevel.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT msglevel (%smallcptr.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of msglevel.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msglevel.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST msglevel
<!--end of msglevel.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of msglevel.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgorig.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.msgorig.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % msgorig.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % msgorig.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT msgorig (%smallcptr.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of msgorig.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgorig.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST msgorig
<!--end of msgorig.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of msgorig.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgaud.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.msgaud.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % msgaud.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % msgaud.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT msgaud (%para.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of msgaud.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgaud.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST msgaud
<!--end of msgaud.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of msgaud.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgexplan.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.msgexplan.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % msgexplan.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % msgexplan.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT msgexplan (title?, (%component.mix;)+)>
<!--end of msgexplan.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % msgexplan.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST msgexplan
<!--end of msgexplan.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of msgexplan.module-->]]>
<!--end of msgset.content.module-->]]>
<!-- QandASet ........................ -->
<!ENTITY % qandset.content.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %qandset.content.module; [
<!ENTITY % qandset.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %qandset.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.qandset.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % qandset.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % qandset.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %qandset.element; [
<!ELEMENT qandaset ((%formalobject.title.content;)?,
<!--end of qandset.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % qandset.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %qandset.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST qandaset
defaultlabel (qanda|number|none) #IMPLIED
<!--end of qandset.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of qandset.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % qandadiv.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %qandadiv.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.qandadiv.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % qandadiv.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % qandadiv.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %qandadiv.element; [
<!ELEMENT qandadiv ((%formalobject.title.content;)?,
<!--end of qandadiv.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % qandadiv.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %qandadiv.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST qandadiv
<!--end of qandadiv.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of qandadiv.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % qandaentry.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %qandaentry.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.qandaentry.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % qandaentry.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % qandaentry.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %qandaentry.element; [
<!ELEMENT qandaentry (revhistory?, question, answer*)>
<!--end of qandaentry.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % qandaentry.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %qandaentry.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST qandaentry
<!--end of qandaentry.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of qandaentry.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % question.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %question.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.question.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % question.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % question.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %question.element; [
<!ELEMENT question (label?, (%qandaset.mix;)+)>
<!--end of question.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % question.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %question.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST question
<!--end of question.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of question.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % answer.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %answer.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.answer.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % answer.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % answer.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %answer.element; [
<!ELEMENT answer (label?, (%qandaset.mix;)*, qandaentry*)>
<!--end of answer.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % answer.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %answer.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST answer
<!--end of answer.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of answer.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % label.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %label.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.label.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % label.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % label.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %label.element; [
<!ELEMENT label (%word.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of label.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % label.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %label.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST label
<!--end of label.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of label.module-->]]>
<!--end of qandset.content.module-->]]>
<!-- Procedure ........................ -->
<!ENTITY % procedure.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % procedure.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.procedure.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % procedure.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % procedure.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT procedure ((%formalobject.title.content;)?,
(%component.mix;)*, step+)>
<!--end of procedure.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % procedure.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST procedure
<!--end of procedure.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of procedure.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % step.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.step.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % step.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % step.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT step (title?, (((%component.mix;)+, (substeps,
(%component.mix;)*)?) | (substeps, (%component.mix;)*)))>
<!--end of step.element-->]]>
<!-- Performance: Whether the Step must be performed -->
<!-- not #REQUIRED! -->
<!ENTITY % step.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST step
performance (optional
|required) "required"
<!--end of step.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of step.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % substeps.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.substeps.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % substeps.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % substeps.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT substeps (step+)>
<!--end of substeps.element-->]]>
<!-- Performance: whether entire set of substeps must be performed -->
<!-- not #REQUIRED! -->
<!ENTITY % substeps.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST substeps
performance (optional
|required) "required"
<!--end of substeps.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of substeps.module-->]]>
<!--end of procedure.content.module-->]]>
<!-- Sidebar .......................... -->
<!ENTITY % sidebar.content.model "INCLUDE">
<![ %sidebar.content.model; [
<!ENTITY % sidebarinfo.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %sidebarinfo.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.sidebarinfo.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % sidebarinfo.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % sidebarinfo.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %sidebarinfo.element; [
<!ELEMENT sidebarinfo ((graphic | mediaobject | legalnotice | modespec
| subjectset | keywordset | itermset | %bibliocomponent.mix;)+)>
<!--end of sidebarinfo.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % sidebarinfo.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %sidebarinfo.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST sidebarinfo
<!--end of sidebarinfo.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of sidebarinfo.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % sidebar.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.sidebar.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % sidebar.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % sidebar.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT sidebar (sidebarinfo?,
<!--end of sidebar.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % sidebar.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST sidebar
<!--end of sidebar.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of sidebar.module-->]]>
<!--end of sidebar.content.model-->]]>
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- Paragraph-related elements ........................................... -->
<!ENTITY % abstract.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.abstract.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % abstract.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % abstract.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT abstract (title?, (%para.class;)+)>
<!--end of abstract.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % abstract.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST abstract
<!--end of abstract.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of abstract.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % authorblurb.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.authorblurb.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % authorblurb.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % authorblurb.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT authorblurb (title?, (%para.class;)+)>
<!--end of authorblurb.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % authorblurb.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST authorblurb
<!--end of authorblurb.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of authorblurb.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % blockquote.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.blockquote.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % blockquote.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % blockquote.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT blockquote (title?, attribution?, (%component.mix;)+)>
<!--end of blockquote.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % blockquote.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST blockquote
<!--end of blockquote.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of blockquote.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % attribution.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.attribution.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % attribution.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % attribution.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT attribution (%para.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of attribution.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % attribution.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST attribution
<!--end of attribution.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of attribution.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % bridgehead.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.bridgehead.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % bridgehead.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % bridgehead.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT bridgehead (%title.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of bridgehead.element-->]]>
<!-- Renderas: Indicates the format in which the BridgeHead
should appear -->
<!ENTITY % bridgehead.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST bridgehead
renderas (other
|sect5) #IMPLIED
<!--end of bridgehead.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of bridgehead.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % remark.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.remark.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % remark.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % remark.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT remark (%para.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of remark.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % remark.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST remark
<!--end of remark.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of remark.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % epigraph.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.epigraph.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % epigraph.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % epigraph.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT epigraph (attribution?, (%para.class;)+)>
<!--end of epigraph.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % epigraph.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST epigraph
<!--end of epigraph.attlist-->]]>
<!-- Attribution (defined above)-->
<!--end of epigraph.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % footnote.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.footnote.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % footnote.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % footnote.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT footnote ((%footnote.mix;)+)>
<!--end of footnote.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % footnote.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST footnote
<!--end of footnote.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of footnote.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % highlights.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.highlights.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % highlights.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % highlights.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT highlights ((%highlights.mix;)+)>
<!--end of highlights.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % highlights.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST highlights
<!--end of highlights.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of highlights.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % formalpara.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.formalpara.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % formalpara.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % formalpara.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT formalpara (title, (%ndxterm.class;)*, para)>
<!--end of formalpara.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % formalpara.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST formalpara
<!--end of formalpara.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of formalpara.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % para.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.para.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % para.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % para.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT para (%para.char.mix; | %para.mix;)*>
<!--end of para.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % para.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST para
<!--end of para.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of para.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % simpara.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.simpara.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % simpara.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % simpara.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT simpara (%para.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of simpara.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % simpara.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST simpara
<!--end of simpara.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of simpara.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % admon.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.admon.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % admon.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % caution.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT caution (title?, (%admon.mix;)+)>
<!--end of caution.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % caution.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST caution
<!--end of caution.attlist-->]]>
<!ENTITY % important.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT important (title?, (%admon.mix;)+)>
<!--end of important.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % important.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST important
<!--end of important.attlist-->]]>
<!ENTITY % note.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT note (title?, (%admon.mix;)+)>
<!--end of note.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % note.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST note
<!--end of note.attlist-->]]>
<!ENTITY % tip.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT tip (title?, (%admon.mix;)+)>
<!--end of tip.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % tip.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!--end of tip.attlist-->]]>
<!ENTITY % warning.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT warning (title?, (%admon.mix;)+)>
<!--end of warning.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % warning.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST warning
<!--end of warning.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of admon.module-->]]>
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- Lists ................................................................ -->
<!-- GlossList ........................ -->
<!ENTITY % glosslist.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.glosslist.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % glosslist.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % glosslist.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT glosslist (glossentry+)>
<!--end of glosslist.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % glosslist.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST glosslist
<!--end of glosslist.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of glosslist.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % glossentry.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % glossentry.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.glossentry.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % glossentry.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % glossentry.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT glossentry (glossterm, acronym?, abbrev?,
revhistory?, (glosssee|glossdef+))>
<!--end of glossentry.element-->]]>
<!-- SortAs: String by which the GlossEntry is to be sorted
(alphabetized) in lieu of its proper content -->
<!ENTITY % glossentry.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST glossentry
<!--end of glossentry.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of glossentry.module-->]]>
<!-- GlossTerm (defined in the Inlines section, below)-->
<!ENTITY % glossdef.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.glossdef.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % glossdef.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % glossdef.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT glossdef ((%glossdef.mix;)+, glossseealso*)>
<!--end of glossdef.element-->]]>
<!-- Subject: List of subjects; keywords for the definition -->
<!ENTITY % glossdef.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST glossdef
<!--end of glossdef.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of glossdef.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % glosssee.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.glosssee.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % glosssee.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % glosssee.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT glosssee (%para.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of glosssee.element-->]]>
<!-- OtherTerm: Reference to the GlossEntry whose GlossTerm
should be displayed at the point of the GlossSee -->
<!ENTITY % glosssee.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST glosssee
otherterm IDREF #IMPLIED
<!--end of glosssee.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of glosssee.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % glossseealso.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.glossseealso.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % glossseealso.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % glossseealso.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT glossseealso (%para.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of glossseealso.element-->]]>
<!-- OtherTerm: Reference to the GlossEntry whose GlossTerm
should be displayed at the point of the GlossSeeAlso -->
<!ENTITY % glossseealso.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST glossseealso
otherterm IDREF #IMPLIED
<!--end of glossseealso.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of glossseealso.module-->]]>
<!--end of glossentry.content.module-->]]>
<!-- ItemizedList and OrderedList ..... -->
<!ENTITY % itemizedlist.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.itemizedlist.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % itemizedlist.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % itemizedlist.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT itemizedlist ((%formalobject.title.content;)?, listitem+)>
<!--end of itemizedlist.element-->]]>
<!-- Spacing: Whether the vertical space in the list should be
compressed -->
<!-- Mark: Keyword, e.g., bullet, dash, checkbox, none;
list of keywords and defaults are implementation specific -->
<!ENTITY % itemizedlist.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST itemizedlist spacing (normal
|compact) #IMPLIED
<!--end of itemizedlist.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of itemizedlist.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % orderedlist.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.orderedlist.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % orderedlist.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % orderedlist.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT orderedlist ((%formalobject.title.content;)?, listitem+)>
<!--end of orderedlist.element-->]]>
<!-- Numeration: Style of ListItem numbered; default is expected
to be Arabic -->
<!-- InheritNum: Specifies for a nested list that the numbering
of ListItems should include the number of the item
within which they are nested (e.g., 1a and 1b within 1,
rather than a and b) -->
<!-- Continuation: Where list numbering begins afresh (Restarts,
the default) or continues that of the immediately preceding
list (Continues) -->
<!-- Spacing: Whether the vertical space in the list should be
compressed -->
<!ENTITY % orderedlist.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST orderedlist
numeration (arabic
|lowerroman) #IMPLIED
inheritnum (inherit
|ignore) "ignore"
continuation (continues
|restarts) "restarts"
spacing (normal
|compact) #IMPLIED
<!--end of orderedlist.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of orderedlist.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % listitem.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.listitem.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % listitem.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % listitem.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT listitem ((%component.mix;)+)>
<!--end of listitem.element-->]]>
<!-- Override: Indicates the mark to be used for this ListItem
instead of the default mark or the mark specified by
the Mark attribute on the enclosing ItemizedList -->
<!ENTITY % listitem.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST listitem
<!--end of listitem.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of listitem.module-->]]>
<!-- SegmentedList .................... -->
<!ENTITY % segmentedlist.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % segmentedlist.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.segmentedlist.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % segmentedlist.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % segmentedlist.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT segmentedlist ((%formalobject.title.content;)?,
segtitle, segtitle+,
<!--end of segmentedlist.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % segmentedlist.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST segmentedlist
<!--end of segmentedlist.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of segmentedlist.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % segtitle.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.segtitle.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % segtitle.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % segtitle.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT segtitle (%title.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of segtitle.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % segtitle.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST segtitle
<!--end of segtitle.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of segtitle.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % seglistitem.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.seglistitem.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % seglistitem.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % seglistitem.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT seglistitem (seg, seg+)>
<!--end of seglistitem.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % seglistitem.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST seglistitem
<!--end of seglistitem.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of seglistitem.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % seg.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.seg.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % seg.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % seg.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT seg (%para.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of seg.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % seg.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!--end of seg.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of seg.module-->]]>
<!--end of segmentedlist.content.module-->]]>
<!-- SimpleList ....................... -->
<!ENTITY % simplelist.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % simplelist.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.simplelist.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % simplelist.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % simplelist.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT simplelist (member+)>
<!--end of simplelist.element-->]]>
<!-- Columns: The number of columns the array should contain -->
<!-- Type: How the Members of the SimpleList should be
formatted: Inline (members separated with commas etc.
inline), Vert (top to bottom in n Columns), or Horiz (in
the direction of text flow) in n Columns. If Column
is 1 or implied, Type=Vert and Type=Horiz give the same
results. -->
<!ENTITY % simplelist.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST simplelist
type (inline
|horiz) "vert"
<!--end of simplelist.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of simplelist.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % member.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.member.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % member.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % member.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT member (%para.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of member.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % member.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST member
<!--end of member.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of member.module-->]]>
<!--end of simplelist.content.module-->]]>
<!-- VariableList ..................... -->
<!ENTITY % variablelist.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % variablelist.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.variablelist.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % variablelist.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % variablelist.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT variablelist ((%formalobject.title.content;)?, varlistentry+)>
<!--end of variablelist.element-->]]>
<!-- TermLength: Length beyond which the presentation engine
may consider the Term too long and select an alternate
presentation of the Term and, or, its associated ListItem. -->
<!ENTITY % variablelist.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST variablelist
termlength CDATA #IMPLIED
<!--end of variablelist.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of variablelist.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % varlistentry.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.varlistentry.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % varlistentry.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % varlistentry.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT varlistentry (term+, listitem)>
<!--end of varlistentry.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % varlistentry.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST varlistentry
<!--end of varlistentry.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of varlistentry.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % term.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.term.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % term.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % term.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT term (%para.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of term.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % term.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST term
<!--end of term.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of term.module-->]]>
<!-- ListItem (defined above)-->
<!--end of variablelist.content.module-->]]>
<!-- CalloutList ...................... -->
<!ENTITY % calloutlist.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % calloutlist.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.calloutlist.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % calloutlist.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % calloutlist.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT calloutlist ((%formalobject.title.content;)?, callout+)>
<!--end of calloutlist.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % calloutlist.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST calloutlist
<!--end of calloutlist.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of calloutlist.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % callout.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.callout.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % callout.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % callout.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT callout ((%component.mix;)+)>
<!--end of callout.element-->]]>
<!-- AreaRefs: IDs of one or more Areas or AreaSets described
by this Callout -->
<!ENTITY % callout.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST callout
<!--end of callout.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of callout.module-->]]>
<!--end of calloutlist.content.module-->]]>
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- Objects .............................................................. -->
<!-- Examples etc. .................... -->
<!ENTITY % example.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.example.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % example.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % example.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT example ((%formalobject.title.content;), (%example.mix;)+)>
<!--end of example.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % example.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST example
<!--end of example.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of example.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % informalexample.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.informalexample.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % informalexample.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % informalexample.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT informalexample ((%example.mix;)+)>
<!--end of informalexample.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % informalexample.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST informalexample
<!--end of informalexample.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of informalexample.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % programlistingco.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.programlistingco.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % programlistingco.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % programlistingco.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT programlistingco (areaspec, programlisting, calloutlist*)>
<!--end of programlistingco.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % programlistingco.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST programlistingco
<!--end of programlistingco.attlist-->]]>
<!-- CalloutList (defined above in Lists)-->
<!--end of informalexample.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % areaspec.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % areaspec.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.areaspec.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % areaspec.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % areaspec.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT areaspec ((area|areaset)+)>
<!--end of areaspec.element-->]]>
<!-- Units: global unit of measure in which coordinates in
this spec are expressed:
- CALSPair "x1,y1 x2,y2": lower-left and upper-right
coordinates in a rectangle describing repro area in which
graphic is placed, where X and Y dimensions are each some
number 0..10000 (taken from CALS graphic attributes)
- LineColumn "line column": line number and column number
at which to start callout text in "linespecific" content
- LineRange "startline endline": whole lines from startline
to endline in "linespecific" content
- LineColumnPair "line1 col1 line2 col2": starting and ending
points of area in "linespecific" content that starts at
first position and ends at second position (including the
beginnings of any intervening lines)
- Other: directive to look at value of OtherUnits attribute
to get implementation-specific keyword
The default is implementation-specific; usually dependent on
the parent element (GraphicCO gets CALSPair, ProgramListingCO
and ScreenCO get LineColumn) -->
<!-- OtherUnits: User-defined units -->
<!ENTITY % areaspec.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST areaspec
units (calspair
|other) #IMPLIED
<!--end of areaspec.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of areaspec.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % area.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.area.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % area.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % area.element "INCLUDE">
<!--end of area.element-->]]>
<!-- bug number/symbol override or initialization -->
<!-- to any related information -->
<!-- Units: unit of measure in which coordinates in this
area are expressed; inherits from AreaSet and AreaSpec -->
<!-- OtherUnits: User-defined units -->
<!ENTITY % area.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST area
units (calspair
|other) #IMPLIED
<!--end of area.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of area.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % areaset.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.areaset.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % areaset.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % areaset.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT areaset (area+)>
<!--end of areaset.element-->]]>
<!-- bug number/symbol override or initialization -->
<!-- Units: unit of measure in which coordinates in this
area are expressed; inherits from AreaSpec -->
<!ENTITY % areaset.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST areaset
units (calspair
|other) #IMPLIED
<!--end of areaset.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of areaset.module-->]]>
<!--end of areaspec.content.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % programlisting.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.programlisting.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % programlisting.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % programlisting.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT programlisting (%para.char.mix; | co | lineannotation)*>
<!--end of programlisting.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % programlisting.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST programlisting
<!--end of programlisting.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of programlisting.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % literallayout.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.literallayout.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % literallayout.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % literallayout.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT literallayout (%para.char.mix; | lineannotation | co)*>
<!--end of literallayout.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % literallayout.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST literallayout
class (monospaced|normal) "normal"
<!--end of literallayout.attlist-->]]>
<!-- LineAnnotation (defined in the Inlines section, below)-->
<!--end of literallayout.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % screenco.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.screenco.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % screenco.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % screenco.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT screenco (areaspec, screen, calloutlist*)>
<!--end of screenco.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % screenco.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST screenco
<!--end of screenco.attlist-->]]>
<!-- AreaSpec (defined above)-->
<!-- CalloutList (defined above in Lists)-->
<!--end of screenco.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % screen.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.screen.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % screen.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % screen.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT screen (%para.char.mix; | co | lineannotation)*>
<!--end of screen.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % screen.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST screen
<!--end of screen.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of screen.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % screenshot.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % screenshot.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.screenshot.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % screenshot.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % screenshot.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT screenshot (screeninfo?,
<!--end of screenshot.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % screenshot.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST screenshot
<!--end of screenshot.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of screenshot.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % screeninfo.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.screeninfo.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % screeninfo.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % screeninfo.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT screeninfo (%para.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of screeninfo.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % screeninfo.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST screeninfo
<!--end of screeninfo.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of screeninfo.module-->]]>
<!--end of screenshot.content.module-->]]>
<!-- Figures etc. ..................... -->
<!ENTITY % figure.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.figure.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % figure.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % figure.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT figure ((%formalobject.title.content;), (%figure.mix; |
<!--end of figure.element-->]]>
<!-- Float: Whether the Figure is supposed to be rendered
where convenient (yes (1) value) or at the place it occurs
in the text (no (0) value, the default) -->
<!ENTITY % figure.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST figure
float %yesorno.attvals; '0'
pgwide %yesorno.attvals; #IMPLIED
<!--end of figure.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of figure.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % informalfigure.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %informalfigure.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.informalfigure.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % informalfigure.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % informalfigure.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %informalfigure.element; [
<!ELEMENT informalfigure ((%figure.mix; | %link.char.class;)+)>
<!--end of informalfigure.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % informalfigure.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %informalfigure.attlist; [
Float: Whether the Figure is supposed to be rendered
where convenient (yes (1) value) or at the place it occurs
in the text (no (0) value, the default)
<!ATTLIST informalfigure
float %yesorno.attvals; "0"
pgwide %yesorno.attvals; #IMPLIED
<!--end of informalfigure.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of informalfigure.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % graphicco.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.graphicco.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % graphicco.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % graphicco.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT graphicco (areaspec, graphic, calloutlist*)>
<!--end of graphicco.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % graphicco.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST graphicco
<!--end of graphicco.attlist-->]]>
<!-- AreaSpec (defined above in Examples)-->
<!-- CalloutList (defined above in Lists)-->
<!--end of graphicco.module-->]]>
<!-- Graphical data can be the content of Graphic, or you can reference
an external file either as an entity (Entitref) or a filename
(Fileref). -->
<!ENTITY % graphic.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.graphic.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % graphic.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % graphic.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT graphic EMPTY>
<!--end of graphic.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % graphic.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST graphic
<!--end of graphic.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of graphic.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % inlinegraphic.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.inlinegraphic.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % inlinegraphic.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % inlinegraphic.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT inlinegraphic EMPTY>
<!--end of inlinegraphic.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % inlinegraphic.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST inlinegraphic
<!--end of inlinegraphic.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of inlinegraphic.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % mediaobject.content.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %mediaobject.content.module; [
<!ENTITY % mediaobject.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %mediaobject.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.mediaobject.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % mediaobject.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % mediaobject.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %mediaobject.element; [
<!ELEMENT mediaobject (objectinfo?,
<!--end of mediaobject.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % mediaobject.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %mediaobject.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST mediaobject
<!--end of mediaobject.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of mediaobject.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % inlinemediaobject.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %inlinemediaobject.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.inlinemediaobject.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % inlinemediaobject.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % inlinemediaobject.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %inlinemediaobject.element; [
<!ELEMENT inlinemediaobject (objectinfo?,
<!--end of inlinemediaobject.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % inlinemediaobject.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %inlinemediaobject.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST inlinemediaobject
<!--end of inlinemediaobject.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of inlinemediaobject.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % videoobject.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %videoobject.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.videoobject.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % videoobject.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % videoobject.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %videoobject.element; [
<!ELEMENT videoobject (objectinfo?, videodata)>
<!--end of videoobject.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % videoobject.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %videoobject.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST videoobject
<!--end of videoobject.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of videoobject.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % audioobject.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %audioobject.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.audioobject.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % audioobject.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % audioobject.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %audioobject.element; [
<!ELEMENT audioobject (objectinfo?, audiodata)>
<!--end of audioobject.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % audioobject.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %audioobject.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST audioobject
<!--end of audioobject.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of audioobject.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % imageobject.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %imageobject.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.imageobject.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % imageobject.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % imageobject.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %imageobject.element; [
<!ELEMENT imageobject (objectinfo?, imagedata)>
<!--end of imageobject.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % imageobject.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %imageobject.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST imageobject
<!--end of imageobject.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of imageobject.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % textobject.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %textobject.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.textobject.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % textobject.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % textobject.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %textobject.element; [
<!ELEMENT textobject (objectinfo?, (phrase|(%textobject.mix;)+))>
<!--end of textobject.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % textobject.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %textobject.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST textobject
<!--end of textobject.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of textobject.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % objectinfo.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %objectinfo.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.objectinfo.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % objectinfo.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % objectinfo.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %objectinfo.element; [
<!ELEMENT objectinfo ((graphic | mediaobject | legalnotice | modespec
| subjectset | keywordset | itermset | %bibliocomponent.mix;)+)>
<!--end of objectinfo.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % objectinfo.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %objectinfo.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST objectinfo
<!--end of objectinfo.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of objectinfo.module-->]]>
<!--EntityRef: Name of an external entity containing the content
of the object data-->
<!--FileRef: Filename, qualified by a pathname if desired,
designating the file containing the content of the object data-->
<!--Format: Notation of the element content, if any-->
<!--SrcCredit: Information about the source of the image-->
<!ENTITY % local.objectdata.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % objectdata.attrib
format (%notation.class;)
srccredit CDATA #IMPLIED
<!ENTITY % videodata.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %videodata.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.videodata.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % videodata.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % videodata.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %videodata.element; [
<!ELEMENT videodata EMPTY>
<!--end of videodata.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % videodata.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %videodata.attlist; [
<!--Width: Same as CALS reprowid (desired width)-->
<!--Depth: Same as CALS reprodep (desired depth)-->
<!--Align: Same as CALS hplace with 'none' removed; #IMPLIED means
<!--Scale: Conflation of CALS hscale and vscale-->
<!--Scalefit: Same as CALS scalefit-->
<!ATTLIST videodata
align (left
|center) #IMPLIED
scalefit %yesorno.attvals;
<!--end of videodata.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of videodata.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % audiodata.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %audiodata.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.audiodata.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % audiodata.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % audiodata.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %audiodata.element; [
<!ELEMENT audiodata EMPTY>
<!--end of audiodata.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % audiodata.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %audiodata.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST audiodata
<!--end of audiodata.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of audiodata.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % imagedata.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %imagedata.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.imagedata.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % imagedata.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % imagedata.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %imagedata.element; [
<!ELEMENT imagedata EMPTY>
<!--end of imagedata.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % imagedata.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %imagedata.attlist; [
<!--Width: Same as CALS reprowid (desired width)-->
<!--Depth: Same as CALS reprodep (desired depth)-->
<!--Align: Same as CALS hplace with 'none' removed; #IMPLIED means
<!--Scale: Conflation of CALS hscale and vscale-->
<!--Scalefit: Same as CALS scalefit-->
<!ATTLIST imagedata
align (left
|center) #IMPLIED
scalefit %yesorno.attvals;
<!--end of imagedata.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of imagedata.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % caption.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %caption.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.caption.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % caption.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % caption.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %caption.element; [
<!ELEMENT caption (%textobject.mix;)*>
<!--end of caption.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % caption.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %caption.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST caption
<!--end of caption.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of caption.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % mediaobjectco.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %mediaobjectco.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.mediaobjectco.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % mediaobjectco.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % mediaobjectco.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %mediaobjectco.element; [
<!ELEMENT mediaobjectco (objectinfo?, imageobjectco,
<!--end of mediaobjectco.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % mediaobjectco.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %mediaobjectco.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST mediaobjectco
<!--end of mediaobjectco.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of mediaobjectco.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % imageobjectco.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %imageobjectco.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.imageobjectco.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % imageobjectco.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % imageobjectco.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %imageobjectco.element; [
<!ELEMENT imageobjectco (areaspec, imageobject, calloutlist*)>
<!--end of imageobjectco.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % imageobjectco.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %imageobjectco.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST imageobjectco
<!--end of imageobjectco.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of imageobjectco.module-->]]>
<!--end of mediaobject.content.module-->]]>
<!-- Equations ........................ -->
<!-- This PE provides a mechanism for replacing equation content, -->
<!-- perhaps adding a new or different model (e.g., MathML) -->
<!ENTITY % equation.content "(alt?, (graphic+|mediaobject+))">
<!ENTITY % inlineequation.content "(alt?, (graphic+|inlinemediaobject+))">
<!ENTITY % equation.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.equation.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % equation.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % equation.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT equation ((%formalobject.title.content;)?, (informalequation |
<!--end of equation.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % equation.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST equation
<!--end of equation.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of equation.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % informalequation.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.informalequation.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % informalequation.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % informalequation.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT informalequation (%equation.content;) >
<!--end of informalequation.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % informalequation.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST informalequation
<!--end of informalequation.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of informalequation.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % inlineequation.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.inlineequation.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % inlineequation.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % inlineequation.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT inlineequation (%inlineequation.content;)>
<!--end of inlineequation.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % inlineequation.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST inlineequation
<!--end of inlineequation.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of inlineequation.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % alt.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.alt.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % alt.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % alt.element "INCLUDE">
<!--end of alt.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % alt.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!--end of alt.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of alt.module-->]]>
<!-- Tables ........................... -->
<!ENTITY % table.module "INCLUDE">
<!-- Choose a table model. CALS or OASIS XML Exchange -->
<!ENTITY % cals.table.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % exchange.table.module "IGNORE">
<!ENTITY % exchange.table.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % tables.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!-- Add label and role attributes to table and informaltable -->
<!ENTITY % bodyatt "%label.attrib;">
<!-- Add common attributes to Table, TGroup, TBody, THead, TFoot, Row,
EntryTbl, and Entry (and InformalTable element). -->
<!ENTITY % secur
<!ENTITY % common.table.attribs
<!-- Content model for Table. -->
<!ENTITY % tbl.table.mdl
"((%formalobject.title.content;), (%ndxterm.class;)*,
<!-- Allow either objects or inlines; beware of REs between elements. -->
<!ENTITY % tbl.entry.mdl "%para.char.mix; | %tabentry.mix;">
<!-- Reference CALS Table Model -->
<!ENTITY % tablemodel
PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML CALS Table Model V4.1.2//EN"
<!-- Add common attributes and the Label attribute to Table and -->
<!-- InformalTable. -->
<!ENTITY % bodyatt
<!ENTITY % common.table.attribs
<!-- Add common attributes to TGroup, ColSpec, TBody, THead, Row, Entry -->
<!ENTITY % tbl.tgroup.att "%common.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % tbl.colspec.att "%common.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % tbl.tbody.att "%common.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % tbl.thead.att "%common.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % tbl.row.att "%common.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % tbl.entry.att "%common.attrib;">
<!-- Content model for Table. -->
<!ENTITY % tbl.table.mdl
<!-- Allow either objects or inlines; beware of REs between elements. -->
<!ENTITY % tbl.entry.mdl "(%para.char.mix; | %tabentry.mix;)*">
<!-- Reference OASIS Exchange Table Model -->
<!ENTITY % tablemodel
PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD XML Exchange Table Model 19990315//EN"
<!--end of table.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % informaltable.module "INCLUDE">
<!-- Note that InformalTable is dependent on some of the entity
declarations that customize Table. -->
<!ENTITY % local.informaltable.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % informaltable.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT informaltable (graphic+|mediaobject+|tgroup+)>
<!--end of informaltable.element-->]]>
<!-- Frame, Colsep, and Rowsep must be repeated because
they are not in entities in the table module. -->
<!-- includes TabStyle, ToCentry, ShortEntry,
Orient, PgWide -->
<!-- includes Label -->
<!-- includes common attributes -->
<!ENTITY % informaltable.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST informaltable
frame (top
|none) #IMPLIED
colsep %yesorno.attvals; #IMPLIED
rowsep %yesorno.attvals; #IMPLIED
<!--end of informaltable.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of informaltable.module-->]]>
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- Synopses ............................................................. -->
<!-- Synopsis ......................... -->
<!ENTITY % synopsis.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.synopsis.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % synopsis.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % synopsis.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT synopsis (%para.char.mix; | graphic | mediaobject | lineannotation | co)*>
<!--end of synopsis.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % synopsis.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST synopsis
<!--end of synopsis.attlist-->]]>
<!-- LineAnnotation (defined in the Inlines section, below)-->
<!--end of synopsis.module-->]]>
<!-- CmdSynopsis ...................... -->
<!ENTITY % cmdsynopsis.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % cmdsynopsis.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.cmdsynopsis.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % cmdsynopsis.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % cmdsynopsis.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT cmdsynopsis ((command | arg | group | sbr)+, synopfragment*)>
<!--end of cmdsynopsis.element-->]]>
<!-- Sepchar: Character that should separate command and all
top-level arguments; alternate value might be e.g., &Delta; -->
<!ENTITY % cmdsynopsis.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST cmdsynopsis
sepchar CDATA " "
cmdlength CDATA #IMPLIED
<!--end of cmdsynopsis.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of cmdsynopsis.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % arg.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.arg.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % arg.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % arg.element "INCLUDE">
| arg
| group
| option
| synopfragmentref
| replaceable
| sbr)*>
<!--end of arg.element-->]]>
<!-- Choice: Whether Arg must be supplied: Opt (optional to
supply, e.g. [arg]; the default), Req (required to supply,
e.g. {arg}), or Plain (required to supply, e.g. arg) -->
<!-- Rep: whether Arg is repeatable: Norepeat (e.g. arg without
ellipsis; the default), or Repeat (e.g. arg...) -->
<!ENTITY % arg.attlist "INCLUDE">
choice (opt
|plain) 'opt'
rep (norepeat
|repeat) 'norepeat'
<!--end of arg.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of arg.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % group.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % "">
<!ENTITY % group.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % group.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT group ((arg | group | option | synopfragmentref
| replaceable | sbr)+)>
<!--end of group.element-->]]>
<!-- Choice: Whether Group must be supplied: Opt (optional to
supply, e.g. [g1|g2|g3]; the default), Req (required to
supply, e.g. {g1|g2|g3}), Plain (required to supply,
e.g. g1|g2|g3), OptMult (can supply zero or more, e.g.
[[g1|g2|g3]]), or ReqMult (must supply one or more, e.g.
{{g1|g2|g3}}) -->
<!-- Rep: whether Group is repeatable: Norepeat (e.g. group
without ellipsis; the default), or Repeat (e.g. group...) -->
<!ENTITY % group.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST group
choice (opt
|plain) 'opt'
rep (norepeat
|repeat) 'norepeat'
<!--end of group.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of group.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % sbr.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.sbr.attrib "">
<!-- Synopsis break -->
<!ENTITY % sbr.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % sbr.element "INCLUDE">
<!--end of sbr.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % sbr.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!--end of sbr.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of sbr.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % synopfragmentref.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.synopfragmentref.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % synopfragmentref.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % synopfragmentref.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT synopfragmentref (#PCDATA)>
<!--end of synopfragmentref.element-->]]>
<!-- to SynopFragment of complex synopsis
material for separate referencing -->
<!ENTITY % synopfragmentref.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST synopfragmentref
%linkendreq.attrib; %common.attrib;
<!--end of synopfragmentref.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of synopfragmentref.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % synopfragment.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.synopfragment.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % synopfragment.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % synopfragment.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT synopfragment ((arg | group)+)>
<!--end of synopfragment.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % synopfragment.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST synopfragment
<!--end of synopfragment.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of synopfragment.module-->]]>
<!-- Command (defined in the Inlines section, below)-->
<!-- Option (defined in the Inlines section, below)-->
<!-- Replaceable (defined in the Inlines section, below)-->
<!--end of cmdsynopsis.content.module-->]]>
<!-- FuncSynopsis ..................... -->
<!ENTITY % funcsynopsis.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % funcsynopsis.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.funcsynopsis.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % funcsynopsis.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % funcsynopsis.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT funcsynopsis ((funcsynopsisinfo | funcprototype)+)>
<!--end of funcsynopsis.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % funcsynopsis.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST funcsynopsis
<!--end of funcsynopsis.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of funcsynopsis.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % funcsynopsisinfo.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.funcsynopsisinfo.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % funcsynopsisinfo.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % funcsynopsisinfo.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT funcsynopsisinfo (%cptr.char.mix; | lineannotation)*>
<!--end of funcsynopsisinfo.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % funcsynopsisinfo.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST funcsynopsisinfo
<!--end of funcsynopsisinfo.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of funcsynopsisinfo.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % funcprototype.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.funcprototype.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % funcprototype.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % funcprototype.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT funcprototype (funcdef, (void | varargs | paramdef+))>
<!--end of funcprototype.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % funcprototype.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST funcprototype
<!--end of funcprototype.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of funcprototype.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % funcdef.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.funcdef.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % funcdef.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % funcdef.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT funcdef (#PCDATA
| replaceable
| function)*>
<!--end of funcdef.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % funcdef.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST funcdef
<!--end of funcdef.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of funcdef.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % void.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.void.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % void.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % void.element "INCLUDE">
<!--end of void.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % void.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST void
<!--end of void.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of void.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % varargs.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.varargs.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % varargs.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % varargs.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT varargs EMPTY>
<!--end of varargs.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % varargs.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST varargs
<!--end of varargs.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of varargs.module-->]]>
<!-- Processing assumes that only one Parameter will appear in a
ParamDef, and that FuncParams will be used at most once, for
providing information on the "inner parameters" for parameters that
are pointers to functions. -->
<!ENTITY % paramdef.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.paramdef.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % paramdef.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % paramdef.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT paramdef (#PCDATA
| replaceable
| parameter
| funcparams)*>
<!--end of paramdef.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % paramdef.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST paramdef
<!--end of paramdef.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of paramdef.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % funcparams.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.funcparams.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % funcparams.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % funcparams.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT funcparams (%cptr.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of funcparams.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % funcparams.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST funcparams
<!--end of funcparams.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of funcparams.module-->]]>
<!-- LineAnnotation (defined in the Inlines section, below)-->
<!-- Replaceable (defined in the Inlines section, below)-->
<!-- Function (defined in the Inlines section, below)-->
<!-- Parameter (defined in the Inlines section, below)-->
<!--end of funcsynopsis.content.module-->]]>
<!-- ClassSynopsis ..................... -->
<!ENTITY % classsynopsis.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % classsynopsis.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.classsynopsis.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % classsynopsis.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % classsynopsis.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT classsynopsis ((ooclass|oointerface|ooexception)+,
<!--end of classsynopsis.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % classsynopsis.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST classsynopsis
class (class|interface) "class"
<!--end of classsynopsis.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of classsynopsis.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % classsynopsisinfo.module "INCLUDE">
<![ %classsynopsisinfo.module; [
<!ENTITY % local.classsynopsisinfo.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % classsynopsisinfo.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % classsynopsisinfo.element "INCLUDE">
<![ %classsynopsisinfo.element; [
<!ELEMENT classsynopsisinfo (%cptr.char.mix; | lineannotation)*>
<!--end of classsynopsisinfo.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % classsynopsisinfo.attlist "INCLUDE">
<![ %classsynopsisinfo.attlist; [
<!ATTLIST classsynopsisinfo
<!--end of classsynopsisinfo.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of classsynopsisinfo.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % ooclass.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.ooclass.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % ooclass.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % ooclass.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT ooclass (modifier*, classname)>
<!--end of ooclass.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % ooclass.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST ooclass
<!--end of ooclass.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of ooclass.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % oointerface.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.oointerface.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % oointerface.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % oointerface.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT oointerface (modifier*, interfacename)>
<!--end of oointerface.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % oointerface.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST oointerface
<!--end of oointerface.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of oointerface.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % ooexception.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.ooexception.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % ooexception.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % ooexception.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT ooexception (modifier*, exceptionname)>
<!--end of ooexception.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % ooexception.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST ooexception
<!--end of ooexception.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of ooexception.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % modifier.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.modifier.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % modifier.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % modifier.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT modifier (%smallcptr.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of modifier.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % modifier.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST modifier
<!--end of modifier.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of modifier.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % interfacename.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.interfacename.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % interfacename.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % interfacename.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT interfacename (%smallcptr.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of interfacename.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % interfacename.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST interfacename
<!--end of interfacename.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of interfacename.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % exceptionname.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.exceptionname.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % exceptionname.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % exceptionname.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT exceptionname (%smallcptr.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of exceptionname.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % exceptionname.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST exceptionname
<!--end of exceptionname.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of exceptionname.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % fieldsynopsis.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.fieldsynopsis.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % fieldsynopsis.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % fieldsynopsis.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT fieldsynopsis (modifier*, type?, varname, initializer?)>
<!--end of fieldsynopsis.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % fieldsynopsis.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST fieldsynopsis
<!--end of fieldsynopsis.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of fieldsynopsis.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % initializer.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.initializer.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % initializer.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % initializer.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT initializer (%smallcptr.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of initializer.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % initializer.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST initializer
<!--end of initializer.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of initializer.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % constructorsynopsis.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.constructorsynopsis.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % constructorsynopsis.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % constructorsynopsis.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT constructorsynopsis (modifier*,
<!--end of constructorsynopsis.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % constructorsynopsis.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST constructorsynopsis
<!--end of constructorsynopsis.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of constructorsynopsis.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % destructorsynopsis.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.destructorsynopsis.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % destructorsynopsis.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % destructorsynopsis.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT destructorsynopsis (modifier*,
<!--end of destructorsynopsis.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % destructorsynopsis.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST destructorsynopsis
<!--end of destructorsynopsis.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of destructorsynopsis.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % methodsynopsis.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.methodsynopsis.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % methodsynopsis.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % methodsynopsis.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT methodsynopsis (modifier*,
<!--end of methodsynopsis.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % methodsynopsis.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST methodsynopsis
<!--end of methodsynopsis.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of methodsynopsis.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % methodname.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.methodname.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % methodname.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % methodname.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT methodname (%smallcptr.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of methodname.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % methodname.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST methodname
<!--end of methodname.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of methodname.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % methodparam.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.methodparam.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % methodparam.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % methodparam.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT methodparam (modifier*,
<!--end of methodparam.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % methodparam.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST methodparam
choice (opt
|plain) "req"
rep (norepeat
|repeat) "norepeat"
<!--end of methodparam.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of methodparam.module-->]]>
<!--end of classsynopsis.content.module-->]]>
<!-- ...................................................................... -->
<!-- Document information entities and elements ........................... -->
<!-- The document information elements include some elements that are
currently used only in the document hierarchy module. They are
defined here so that they will be available for use in customized
document hierarchies. -->
<!-- .................................. -->
<!ENTITY % docinfo.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!-- Ackno ............................ -->
<!ENTITY % ackno.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.ackno.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % ackno.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % ackno.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT ackno (%docinfo.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of ackno.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % ackno.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST ackno
<!--end of ackno.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of ackno.module-->]]>
<!-- Address .......................... -->
<!ENTITY % address.content.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % address.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.address.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % address.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % address.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT address (#PCDATA|%person.ident.mix;
<!--end of address.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % address.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST address
<!--end of address.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of address.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % street.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.street.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % street.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % street.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT street (%docinfo.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of street.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % street.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST street
<!--end of street.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of street.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % pob.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.pob.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % pob.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % pob.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT pob (%docinfo.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of pob.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % pob.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!--end of pob.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of pob.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % postcode.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.postcode.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % postcode.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % postcode.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT postcode (%docinfo.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of postcode.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % postcode.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST postcode
<!--end of postcode.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of postcode.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % city.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % "">
<!ENTITY % city.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % city.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT city (%docinfo.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of city.element-->]]>
<!ENTITY % city.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST city
<!--end of city.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of city.module-->]]>
<!ENTITY % state.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.state.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % state.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">
<!ENTITY % state.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT state (%docinfo.char.mix;)*>
<!--end of state.element-->]]>