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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
# or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
# distributed with this work for additional information
# regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
# to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
# "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
# with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
import argparse
import sys
import os
import time
import datetime
import tempfile
from jira.client import JIRA
# Parses command line arguments.
def parse_opts():
popt = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Tajo patch review tool')
popt.add_argument('-b', '--branch',
action='store', dest='branch', required=False,
help='Tracking branch to create diff against')
popt.add_argument('-j', '--jira',
action='store', dest='jira', required=True,
help='JIRA corresponding to the reviewboard')
popt.add_argument('-skip-rb', '--skip-reviewboard',
action='store_true', dest='skip_reviewboard',
help='Skip a review request to reviewboard.')
popt.add_argument('-s', '--summary',
action='store', dest='summary', required=False,
help='Summary for the reviewboard')
popt.add_argument('-d', '--description',
action='store', dest='description', required=False,
help='Description for reviewboard')
popt.add_argument('-c', '--change-description',
action='store', dest='change_description', required=False,
help='Description of what changed in this revision '
'of the review request when updating an existing '
popt.add_argument('-r', '--rb',
action='store', dest='reviewboard', required=False,
help='Review board that needs to be updated')
popt.add_argument('-t', '--testing-done',
action='store', dest='testing', required=False,
help='Text for the Testing Done section of the '
popt.add_argument('-db', '--debug',
action='store_true', required=False,
help='Enable debug mode')
return popt.parse_args()
# Gets the JIRA client instance.
def get_jira():
options = {
'server': ''
home = os.getenv('HOME')
home = home.rstrip('/')
jira_config = (dict(line.strip().split('=')
for line in open(home + '/.jira.ini')))
jira = JIRA(options,
basic_auth=(jira_config['user'], jira_config['password']))
return jira
# Reads the .reviewboardrc file from the current directory, which should be
# the root of the source tree.
def get_reviewboardrc():
config = {}
for line in open('.reviewboardrc'):
parts = line.strip().split('=')
key = parts[0]
value = parts[1].strip('\'')
config[key] = value
return config
# Get remote and branch name.
def get_remote_branch(opt, rb_config):
if opt.branch:
branch = opt.branch
branch = rb_config['TRACKING_BRANCH']
parts = branch.split("/")
if len(parts) < 2:
print("Remote branch name must be in the following format: remote/branch.")
print("For example: origin/master")
return branch, parts[0], parts[1]
# Returns the current branch and the branch it should be diffed against.
def get_diff_branches(opt, tracking_branch):
git_branch_hash = "git rev-parse " + tracking_branch
p_now = os.popen(git_branch_hash)
branch_now =
git_common_ancestor = "git merge-base " + tracking_branch + " HEAD"
p_then = os.popen(git_common_ancestor)
branch_then =
return branch_now, branch_then
# Fetches changes from the remote branch.
def fetch_remote_branch(opt, remote_name, tracking_branch):
git_remote_update = "git fetch " + remote_name
print("Updating your remote branch " + tracking_branch +
" to pull the latest changes")
p = os.popen(git_remote_update)
CMD_RBT_POST = ('rbt post --publish --tracking-branch %s '
'--target-groups=Tajo --branch=%s --bugs-closed=%s')
# Posts the patch to Review Board.
def post_reviewboard(opt, branch_name, tracking_branch, issue):
cmd_parts = []
cmd_parts.append(CMD_RBT_POST % (tracking_branch, branch_name, opt.jira))
if opt.reviewboard:
cmd_parts.append(" --update -r " + opt.reviewboard)
# Default summary is 'TAJO-{NUM}: {JIRA TITLE}'.
# If a summary is given, this field is added or updated.
summary = issue.key + ": " + issue.fields.summary
if opt.summary:
summary = opt.summary
# If a review request is created
if not opt.reviewboard:
cmd_parts.append(" --summary '%s'" % summary)
# if a descriptin is give, this field is added
description = issue.fields.description
if opt.description:
description = opt.description
if opt.reviewboard and opt.change_description:
cmd_parts.append(" --change-description '%s'" % opt.change_description)
# if a review request is created
if not opt.reviewboard:
cmd_parts.append(" --description '%s'" % description)
if opt.testing:
cmd_parts.append(" --testing-done=" + opt.testing)
if opt.debug:
cmd_parts.append(" --debug")
# Execute command.
rb_post_cmd = ''.join(cmd_parts)
if opt.debug:
print rb_post_cmd
p = os.popen(rb_post_cmd)
rb_url = ""
for line in p:
print line
if line.startswith('http'):
rb_url = line
elif line.startswith("There don't seem to be any diffs"):
print('ERROR: Your reviewboard was not created/updated since there '
'was no diff to upload. The reasons that can cause this issue are '
'1) Your diff is not checked into your local branch. '
'Please check in the diff to the local branch and retry '
'2) You are not specifying the local branch name as part of the '
'--branch option. Please specify the remote branch name obtained '
'from git branch -r')
elif line.startswith('Your review request still exists, but the diff'
'is not attached') and not opt.debug:
print('ERROR: Your reviewboard was not created/updated. Please run '
'the script with the --debug option to troubleshoot the problem')
if opt.debug:
print 'rb url = ' + rb_url
return rb_url
# Generates a patch file and posts it to the JIRA ticket.
def post_patch(opt, jira, issue, tracking_branch):
# the patch name is determined here.
patch_file = tempfile.gettempdir() + "/" + opt.jira + ".patch"
if opt.reviewboard:
ts = time.time()
st = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(ts).strftime('%Y%m%d_%H:%M:%S')
patch_file = tempfile.gettempdir() + "/" + opt.jira + '_' + st + '.patch'
git_command = "git diff --no-prefix " + tracking_branch + " > " + patch_file
if opt.debug:
print git_command
p = os.popen(git_command)
print('Creating diff against ' + tracking_branch +
' and uploading patch to ' + opt.jira)
attachment = open(patch_file)
jira.add_attachment(issue, attachment)
# Posts a comment to the JIRA ticket for the posted review.
def post_reviewboard_comment(opt, jira, branch_name, rb_url):
comment = ("Created a review request against branch " + branch_name +
" in reviewboard")
if opt.reviewboard:
comment = ("Updated the review request against branch " + branch_name +
" in reviewboard")
comment = comment + "\n" + rb_url
jira.add_comment(opt.jira, comment)
def main():
''' main(), shut up, pylint '''
opt = parse_opts()
rb_config = get_reviewboardrc()
# Get remote and branch name.
(tracking_branch, remote_name, branch_name) = get_remote_branch(opt, rb_config)
# First check if rebase is needed.
(branch_now, branch_then) = get_diff_branches(opt, tracking_branch)
if branch_now != branch_then:
print('ERROR: Your current working branch is from an older version of ' +
tracking_branch + '. Please rebase first by using ' +
'git pull --rebase')
# Update the specified remote branch.
fetch_remote_branch(opt, remote_name, tracking_branch)
# Get jira and issue instance.
jira = get_jira()
issue = jira.issue(opt.jira)
# Post to Review Board.
rb_url = None
if not opt.skip_reviewboard:
rb_url = post_reviewboard(opt, branch_name, tracking_branch, issue)
# Create diff file and post patch to JIRA ticket.
post_patch(opt, jira, issue, tracking_branch)
# Add comment about a request to reviewboard and its url.
if not opt.skip_reviewboard:
post_reviewboard_comment(opt, jira, branch_name, rb_url)
if __name__ == '__main__':