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Apache Tajo
Tajo is a relational and distributed data warehouse system for Hadoop.
Tajo is designed for low-latency and scalable ad-hoc queries, online
aggregation and ETL on large-data sets by leveraging advanced database
techniques. It supports SQL standards. It has its own query engine which
allows direct control of distributed execution and data flow. As a result,
Tajo has a variety of query evaluation strategies and more optimization
opportunities. In addition, Tajo will have a native columnar execution and
and its optimizer.
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* Java 1.7 or higher
* Hadoop 2.3.0 or higher
Mailing lists
* - To discuss and ask general development issues.
* - To discuss and ask end-user questions/issues.
* - To see notifications made in the Tajo issue
tracking system, review board, and Jenkins CI.
* - To monitor commits to the source repository.
To subscribe to the mailing lists, please send an email to:
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