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name="Apache Syncope">
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<item name="Apache" href=""/>
<item name="Apache Syncope" href=""/>
<menu name="Apache Syncope™" inherit="top">
<item name="IAM Scenario" href="iam-scenario"/>
<item name="Architecture" href="architecture"/>
<item name="Demo" href="demo"/>
<item name="Downloads" href="downloads"/>
<item name="Security" href=""/>
<item name="Documentation" href="docs/"/>
<item name="Mailing Lists" href="mailing-lists"/>
<item name="Team" href="team"/>
<item name="License" href=""/>
<item name="Professional Services" href="professional-services"/>
<menu name="Development">
<item name="Roadmap" href=""/>
<item name="How to contribute?" href="contributing"/>
<item name="Source Repository" href="source-repository"/>
<item name="Continuous Integration" href="integration"/>
<item name="Issue Management" href="issue-management"/>
<item name="Building" href="building"/>
<item name="Release Process" href="release-process"/>
<menu name="ASF">
<item name="How Apache Works" href=""/>
<item name="Foundation" href=""/>
<item name="Sponsoring Apache" href=""/>
<item name="Thanks" href=""/>
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