Tuning the release process
diff --git a/src/site/xdoc/release-process.xml b/src/site/xdoc/release-process.xml
index 79fb5b5..fc9b628 100644
--- a/src/site/xdoc/release-process.xml
+++ b/src/site/xdoc/release-process.xml
@@ -220,10 +220,6 @@
-            Run the <code>release:perform</code> step.
-            <source>mvn -P apache-release release:perform -Darguments="-P all,docker,skipTests -DbuildNumber=syncope-$VERSION"</source>
-          </li>
-          <li>
             Backup (zip or tar) your local release candidate directory in case you need to rollback the release after 
             the next step is performed.
@@ -340,8 +336,8 @@
             From <code>$SYNCOPE_RELEASE_DIR</code> execute (this step will create a maven staging repository):
-            <source>mvn -P apache-release release:perform -Darguments="-P all,docker -DbuildNumber=syncope-$VERSION" [-Duser.name=&lt;your_apache_uid&gt;]</source>
+            <source>mvn -P apache-release release:perform -Darguments="-P all,docker,skipTests -DbuildNumber=syncope-$VERSION" [-Duser.name=&lt;your_apache_uid&gt;]</source>
               <em>If your local OS userid doesn't match your Apache userid, then you'll have to also override the value 
                 provided by the OS to Maven for the site-deploy step to work. This is known to work for Linux,