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<project name="Apache Synapse">
<name>Apache Synapse</name>
<publishDate format="dd MMM yyyy"/>
<item name="Apache" href=""/>
<item name="WebServices" href=""/>
<menu name="Apache Synapse">
<item name="About" href="index.html"/>
<item name="Downloads">
<item name="Releases" href="download.cgi"/>
<item name="Source Code" href="source-repository.html"/>
<item name="Documentation">
<item name="Configuration Language" href="Synapse_Configuration_Language.html"/>
<item name="User guide" href="Synapse_Userguide.html"/>
<item name="Samples" href="Synapse_Samples.html"/>
<item name="Extending Synapse" href="Synapse_Extending.html"/>
<item name="Javadocs" href="apidocs/index.html"/>
<item name="Project Information">
<item name="Project Information" href="project-info.html"/>
<item name="Mailing Lists" href="mail-lists.html"/>
<item name="Issue Tracking" href="issue-tracking.html"/>
<item name="Dependencies" href="dependencies.html"/>
<item name="Dependency Convergence" href="dependency-convergence.html"/>
<item name="Project Team" href="team-list.html"/>
<item name="Project Summary" href="project-summary.html"/>