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change.message=Your password has expired. Please ask the system administrator to change it.
change.try=Try Again
change.title=Password Has Expired
database.load=Cannot load database from {0}
error.database.missing=User database is missing, cannot validate logon credentials
error.fromAddress.format=Invalid format for From Address
error.fromAddress.required=From Address is required
error.fullName.required=Full Name is required Server is required
error.noSubscription=No Subscription bean in user session
error.password.expired=Your password has expired for username {0}
error.password.required=Password is required
error.password2.required=Confirmation password is required
error.password.match=Password and confirmation password must match
error.password.mismatch=Invalid username and/or password, please try again
error.replyToAddress.format=Invalid format for Reply To Address
error.transaction.token=Cannot submit this form out of order
error.type.invalid=Server Type must be 'imap' or 'pop3'
error.type.required=Server Type is required
error.username.required=Username is required
error.username.unique=That username is already in use - please select another
errors.header=<h3><font color="red">Validation Error</font></h3><p>You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:</p><ul>
errors.ioException=I/O exception rendering error messages: {0}
expired.password=User Password has expired for {0}
heading.subscriptions=Current Subscriptions Name
heading.user=User Name
heading.type=Server Type
index.heading=MailReader Demonstration Application Options
index.logon=Log on to the MailReader Demonstration Application
index.registration=Register with the MailReader Demonstration Application
index.title=MailReader Demonstration Application (Struts 1.2.1-dev)
index.tour=A Walking Tour of the MailReader Demonstration Application Error: {0}
linkSubscription.noSubscription=No subscription under attribute {0} Error: {0}
linkUser.noUser=No user under attribute {0}
logon.title=MailReader Demonstration Application - Logon
mainMenu.heading=Main Menu Options for
mainMenu.logoff=Log off MailReader Demonstration Application
mainMenu.registration=Edit your user registration profile
mainMenu.title=MailReader Demonstration Application - Main Menu
option.imap=IMAP Protocol
option.pop3=POP3 Protocol
prompt.autoConnect=Auto Connect
prompt.fromAddress=From Address
prompt.fullName=Full Name
prompt.mailHostname=Mail Server
prompt.mailPassword=Mail Password
prompt.mailServerType=Server Type
prompt.mailUsername=Mail Username
prompt.password2=(Repeat) Password
prompt.replyToAddress=Reply To Address
registration.title.create=Register for the MailReader Demonstration Application
registration.title.edit=Edit Registration for the MailReader Demonstration Application
subscription.title.create=Create New Mail Subscription
subscription.title.delete=Delete Existing Mail Subscription
subscription.title.edit=Edit Existing Mail Subscription
# Standard error messages for validator framework checks
errors.required={0} is required.
errors.minlength={0} cannot be less than {1} characters.
errors.maxlength={0} cannot be greater than {2} characters.
errors.invalid={0} is invalid.
errors.byte={0} must be an byte.
errors.short={0} must be an short.
errors.integer={0} must be an integer.
errors.long={0} must be an long.
errors.float={0} must be an float.
errors.double={0} must be an double.{0} is not a date.
errors.range={0} is not in the range {1} through {2}.{0} is not a valid credit card number.{0} is an invalid e-mail address.