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<author>Mike Schachter</author>
<title>The Struts Framework Project - Installation - Bluestone UBS 7.2</title>
<chapter name="5.2 Installation" href="installation">
<section name="Installing Struts with your servlet container" href="Containers">
<h4 id="bluestone">Bluestone Universal Business Server 7.2</h4>
<li>You need UBS version 7.2 to run war file applications. The UBS 7.2.2 evaluation
is located <a href="">here</a>.
If you're using version 7.2.1, you need to download the WAR file patch, located
in the product enhancement section of Bluestone's website <a href="">here</a>
<li> After installation of the correct version and/or patch of UBS 7.2, you
need to modify your apserver.txt file to point to the correct directory for
your war file applications. Look for the section that says something similar
to the following:<br />
<li>Use the directory specified by the "file_path" variable, or modify it to
point to your own custom webapp directory. Copy the "struts-documention.war"
and "struts-example.war" files into that webapp directory, and start the UBS
(read documentation distributed with UBS for information on how to start it
if necessary). Your webapps are now accessible from the following URL:
<p class="center"> http://localhost/&lt;PLUGIN&gt;/SaServletEngine.class/struts-example/<br />
<li> Note: "&lt;PLUGIN&gt;" represents the plugin you are using for your specific
webserver. For Apache on Windows, it might be "cgi-bin/SaCGI.exe", for IIS
on Windows, it might be "scripts/SaCGI.exe" or "scripts/ISAPI.dll". Consult
the UBS documentation for more information. </li>
<li>Author: Mike Schachter</li>
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