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<author>Craig R. McClanahan</author>
<title>The Struts User's Guide - Bean Taglib Guide</title>
<chapter name="Bean Taglib Guide">
<section href="bean" name="The Bean Taglib">
<strong>Note:</strong> - Some of the features in this taglib are also
available in the
<a href="">JavaServer Pages
Standard Tag Library (JSTL)</a>.
The Struts team encourages the use of the standard tags over the Struts
specific tags when possible.
The "struts-bean" tag library contains JSP custom tags useful in defining
new beans (in any desired scope) from a variety of possible sources,
as well as a tag to render a particular bean (or bean property) to the
output response.
This tag library contains tags useful in accessing beans and their
properties, as well as defining new beans (based on these accesses) that
are accessible to the remainder of the page via scripting variables and
page scope attributes.
Convenient mechanisms to create new beans based on the value of request
cookies, headers, and parameters are also provided.
<section href="resources" name="Bean Taglib Resources">
<a href="../api/org/apache/struts/taglib/bean/package-summary.html#package_description">
Bean Taglib Package Description</a>
<li><a href="struts-bean.html">Bean Taglib API Reference</a>