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-[BOARD REPORT] 20-Oct-2004 Apache Struts-
The Struts community has recently released Struts 1.2.4 as the latest
stable version, focused on cleaning up deprecations from previous versions,
refactoring utility classes to improve separability of the core framework
from view tier dependencies, and incorporating the latest Commons libraries
on which we are dependent.
We recently completed a migration of our source code repository from
CVS to Subversion, and are leveraging its capabilities to refactor the
source code into separately releaseable components.  The first such
separate release is likely to be the Struts-Faces integration library
(an adapter between Struts and JavaServer Faces).
The community is busy planning an evolutionary path that focuses on
fundamentally backwards compatible improvements, and a revolutionary
("Struts 2") path that will leverage the industry wide lessons in how
web application frameworks should architected in the four years
since Struts was created.  The discussions are proceeding harmoniously
and productively.
-[STATUS LOG] 20-Jul-2004 Apache Struts-
* PMC Members
* Other Committers
* PMC Actions
* Significant Threads
* Releases
* Roadmap
* Mailing List Subscriptions
* Wiki Posts
* CVS Activity
* Issue Reports
* Showstoppers
* Recent Changes
-PMC Actions-
* Started reorganization of repository. The goals of the refactoring are to better support
* Subprojects
* Maven builds
The reorganization is being done under Subversion on an offsite server. We will be moving this to an Apache server soon, now that we have a consensus in favor of Subversion and Maven.
* Completed draft of Apache Struts bylaws:
-Significant threads-
* We discussed the "bar" for Committership. The consensus is to keep the bar fairly high and wait until a Committer has submitted a number of useful patches to Struts directly, rather than to related projects elsewhere.
* Stable release: 1.1 (29 June 2003).
* Beta release: 1.2.1 (11 July 2004)
* We anticipate 1.2.1 or 1.2.2 being promoted to GA in the next 30 days.
* We are discussing renumbering coding initatives, so that the current reorganization under SVN becomes 2.0, but that is undecided. Heretofore, the plans has been:
* Struts 1.x will remain based on Servlet 1.2/JSP 1.1 (evolution).
* Struts 1.3.x will introduce the "Struts Chain" request processor. Some packages, like the taglibs, will be released as separate subprojects.
* Struts 2.x will be based on Servlet 2.4/JSP 2.0 (revolution).
* For more see <>.
-Recent Changes-
* Many changes to Struts Faces in anticipate of a 1.0 release.
* Added a simplified file for use by developers who are not actively involved in Jakata Commons development.
* Extended "EmptyTag" to support arrays.
* See also:
-Mailing list Subscriptions-
* User 1838
* Dev: 719
* PMC: 14
-Wiki Posts-
* 148 new posts; 323 total (since Apr 8)
-CVS Activity-
* Timeframe: 56 days, Total Commits: 84 Total Number of Files Changed: 196
-Issue Reports-
* Open "problem" reports:      10 [#27332 .. #30204]
* Open "enhancement" reports: 261 [#  866 .. #30210] (28 with patch)
* Open "LATER" reports:        19 [#17977 .. #26403]
-PMC Members-
    * Craig R. McClanahan (craigmcc at
    * Ted Husted (husted at
    * Rob Leland (rleland at
    * Cedric Dumoulin (cedric.dumoulin at
    * Martin Cooper (martinc at
    * Arron Bates (arron at
    * James Holmes (jholmes at
    * David M. Karr (dmkarr at
    * David Graham (dgraham at
    * James Mitchell (jmitchell at
    * Steve Raeburn (sraeburn at
    * Don Brown (mrdon at
    * Joe Germuska (germuska at
-Other Committers-
    * Niall Pemberton (niallp at