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(ns backtype.storm.zookeeper
(:import [org.apache.zookeeper ZooKeeper Watcher KeeperException$NoNodeException
ZooDefs ZooDefs$Ids CreateMode WatchedEvent Watcher$Event Watcher$Event$KeeperState
(:import [ Stat])
(:import [org.apache.zookeeper.server ZooKeeperServer NIOServerCnxn$Factory])
(:import [ InetSocketAddress])
(:import [ File])
(:use [backtype.storm util log config]))
(def zk-keeper-states
{Watcher$Event$KeeperState/Disconnected :disconnected
Watcher$Event$KeeperState/SyncConnected :connected
Watcher$Event$KeeperState/AuthFailed :auth-failed
Watcher$Event$KeeperState/Expired :expired
(def zk-event-types
{Watcher$Event$EventType/None :none
Watcher$Event$EventType/NodeCreated :node-created
Watcher$Event$EventType/NodeDeleted :node-deleted
Watcher$Event$EventType/NodeDataChanged :node-data-changed
Watcher$Event$EventType/NodeChildrenChanged :node-children-changed
;; TODO: make this block until session is established (wait until a flag is triggered by watcher)
(defn mk-client
([conn-str session-timeout watcher]
(reify Watcher
(^void process [this ^WatchedEvent event]
(watcher (zk-keeper-states (.getState event))
(zk-event-types (.getType event))
(.getPath event))
([conn-str watcher]
(mk-client conn-str 10000 watcher))
;; this constructor is intended for debugging
(fn [state type path]
(log-message "Zookeeper state update: " state type path)))
(def zk-create-modes
{:ephemeral CreateMode/EPHEMERAL
:persistent CreateMode/PERSISTENT})
(defn create-node
([^ZooKeeper zk ^String path ^bytes data mode]
(.create zk (normalize-path path) data ZooDefs$Ids/OPEN_ACL_UNSAFE (zk-create-modes mode)))
([^ZooKeeper zk ^String path ^bytes data]
(create-node zk path data :persistent)))
(defn exists-node? [^ZooKeeper zk ^String path watch?]
((complement nil?) (.exists zk (normalize-path path) watch?)))
(defn delete-node [^ZooKeeper zk ^String path]
(.delete zk (normalize-path path) -1))
(defn mkdirs [^ZooKeeper zk ^String path]
(let [path (normalize-path path)]
(when-not (or (= path "/") (exists-node? zk path false))
(mkdirs zk (parent-path path))
(create-node zk path (barr 7) :persistent)
(defn get-data [^ZooKeeper zk ^String path watch?]
(let [path (normalize-path path)]
(if (.exists zk path watch?)
(.getData zk path watch? (Stat.)))
(catch KeeperException$NoNodeException e
;; this is fine b/c we still have a watch from the successful exists call
nil ))))
(defn get-children [^ZooKeeper zk ^String path watch?]
(.getChildren zk (normalize-path path) watch?)
(defn set-data [^ZooKeeper zk ^String path ^bytes data]
(.setData zk (normalize-path path) data -1))
(defn exists [^ZooKeeper zk ^String path watch?]
(.exists zk (normalize-path path) watch?)
(defn delete-recursive [^ZooKeeper zk ^String path]
(let [path (normalize-path path)]
(when (exists-node? zk path false)
(let [children (get-children zk path false)]
(doseq [c children]
(delete-recursive zk (full-path path c)))
(delete-node zk path)
(defn mk-inprocess-zookeeper [localdir port]
(let [localfile (File. localdir)
zk (ZooKeeperServer. localfile localfile 2000)
factory (NIOServerCnxn$Factory. (InetSocketAddress. port))]
(.startup factory zk)
(defn shutdown-inprocess-zookeeper [handle]
(.shutdown handle))