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(ns backtype.storm.util
(:import [ InetAddress])
(:import [java.util Map List Collection])
(:import [ FileReader])
(:import [backtype.storm Config])
(:import [backtype.storm.utils Time])
(:import [java.util UUID])
(:import [java.util.concurrent.locks ReentrantReadWriteLock])
(:import [ File RandomAccessFile StringWriter PrintWriter])
(:import [ ManagementFactory])
(:import [org.apache.commons.exec DefaultExecutor CommandLine])
(:import [ FileUtils])
(:import [org.apache.commons.exec ExecuteException])
(:import [org.json.simple JSONValue])
(:require [clojure.contrib [str-utils2 :as str]])
(:require [clojure [set :as set]])
(:use [clojure walk])
(:use [backtype.storm log])
(:use [clojure.contrib.def :only [defnk]])
(defn local-hostname []
(.getCanonicalHostName (InetAddress/getLocalHost)))
(defn uuid []
(str (UUID/randomUUID)))
(defn current-time-secs []
(int (unchecked-divide (Time/currentTimeMillis) (long 1000))))
(defn clojurify-structure [s]
(prewalk (fn [x]
(cond (instance? Map x) (into {} x)
(instance? List x) (vec x)
true x))
(defmacro with-file-lock [path & body]
`(let [f# (File. ~path)
_# (.createNewFile f#)
rf# (RandomAccessFile. f# "rw")
lock# (.. rf# (getChannel) (lock))]
(.release lock#)
(.close rf#))
(defn tokenize-path [^String path]
(let [toks (.split path "/")]
(vec (filter (complement empty?) toks))
(defn assoc-conj [m k v]
(merge-with concat m {k [v]}))
;; returns [ones in first set not in second, ones in second set not in first]
(defn set-delta [old curr]
(let [s1 (set old)
s2 (set curr)]
[(set/difference s1 s2) (set/difference s2 s1)]
(defn parent-path [path]
(let [toks (tokenize-path path)]
(str "/" (str/join "/" (butlast toks)))
(defn toks->path [toks]
(str "/" (str/join "/" toks))
(defn normalize-path [^String path]
(toks->path (tokenize-path path)))
(defn map-val [afn amap]
(into {}
(for [[k v] amap]
[k (afn v)]
(defn filter-val [afn amap]
(into {}
(fn [[k v]]
(afn v))
(defn full-path [parent name]
(let [toks (tokenize-path parent)]
(toks->path (conj toks name))
(defn not-nil? [o]
(not (nil? o)))
(defn barr [& vals]
(byte-array (map byte vals)))
(defn halt-process! [val & msg]
(log-message "Halting process: " msg)
(Thread/sleep 1000)
(.halt (Runtime/getRuntime) val)
(defn sum [vals]
(reduce + vals))
(defn repeat-seq
(apply concat (repeat aseq)))
([amt aseq]
(apply concat (repeat amt aseq))
(defn div
"Perform floating point division on the arguments."
[f & rest] (apply / (double f) rest))
(defn defaulted [val default]
(if val val default))
(defn mk-counter []
(let [val (atom 0)]
(fn []
(swap! val inc))))
(defmacro for-times [times & body]
`(for [i# (range ~times)]
(defmacro dofor [& body]
`(doall (for ~@body)))
(defn reverse-map
"{:a 1 :b 1 :c 2} -> {1 [:a :b] 2 :c}"
(reduce (fn [m [k v]]
(let [existing (get m v [])]
(assoc m v (conj existing k))))
{} amap))
(defmacro print-vars [& vars]
(let [prints (for [v vars] `(println ~(str v) ~v))]
`(do ~@prints)))
(defn process-pid
"Gets the pid of this JVM. Hacky because Java doesn't provide a real way to do this."
(let [name (.getName (ManagementFactory/getRuntimeMXBean))
split (.split name "@")]
(when-not (= 2 (count split))
(throw (RuntimeException. (str "Got unexpected process name: " name))))
(first split)
(defn exec-command! [command]
(let [[comm-str & args] (seq (.split command " "))
command (CommandLine. comm-str)]
(doseq [a args]
(.addArgument command a))
(.execute (DefaultExecutor.) command)
(defn extract-dir-from-jar [jarpath dir destdir]
(exec-command! (str "unzip -qq " jarpath " " dir "/** -d " destdir))
(catch ExecuteException e
(log-message "Error when trying to extract " dir " from " jarpath))
(defn ensure-process-killed! [pid]
;; TODO: should probably do a ps ax of some sort to make sure it was killed
(exec-command! (str "kill -9 " pid))
(catch ExecuteException e
(log-message "Error when trying to kill " pid ". Process is probably already dead."))
(defn launch-process [command]
(let [command (seq (.split command " "))
builder (ProcessBuilder. (cons "nohup" command))]
(.start builder)
(defn sleep-secs [secs]
(Time/sleep (* (long secs) 1000)))
(defn sleep-until-secs [target-secs]
(Time/sleepUntil (* (long target-secs) 1000)))
(defprotocol SmartThread
(start [this])
(join [this])
(interrupt [this])
(sleeping? [this]))
;; afn returns amount of time to sleep
(defnk async-loop [afn
:daemon false
:kill-fn (fn [error] (halt-process! 1 "Async loop died!"))
:priority Thread/NORM_PRIORITY
:args-fn (fn [] [])
:start true]
(let [thread (Thread.
(fn []
(let [args (args-fn)]
(loop []
(let [sleep-time (apply afn args)]
(when-not (nil? sleep-time)
(sleep-secs sleep-time)
(catch InterruptedException e
(log-message "Async loop interrupted!")
(catch Throwable t
;; work around clojure wrapping exceptions
(if (instance? InterruptedException (.getCause t))
(log-message "Async loop interrupted!")
(log-error t "Async loop died!")
(kill-fn t)
(.setDaemon thread daemon)
(.setPriority thread priority)
(when start
(.start thread))
;; should return object that supports stop, interrupt, join, and waiting?
(reify SmartThread
(start [this]
(.start thread))
(join [this]
(.join thread))
(interrupt [this]
(.interrupt thread))
(sleeping? [this]
(Time/isThreadWaiting thread)
(defn filter-map-val [afn amap]
(into {} (filter (fn [[k v]] (afn v)) amap)))
(defn exists-file? [path]
(.exists (File. path)))
(defn rmr [path]
(log-debug "Rmr path " path)
(when (exists-file? path)
(FileUtils/forceDelete (File. path))))
(defn rmpath
"Removes file or directory at the path. Not recursive. Throws exception on failure"
(log-debug "Removing path " path)
(let [deleted? (.delete (File. path))]
(when-not deleted?
(throw (RuntimeException. (str "Failed to delete " path))))
(defn local-mkdirs
(log-debug "Making dirs at " path)
(FileUtils/forceMkdir (File. path)))
(defn touch [path]
(log-debug "Touching file at " path)
(let [success? (.createNewFile (File. path))]
(when-not success?
(throw (RuntimeException. (str "Failed to touch " path))))
(defn read-dir-contents [dir]
(if (exists-file? dir)
(let [content-files (.listFiles (File. dir))]
(map #(.getName ^File %) content-files))
[] ))
(defn compact [aseq]
(filter (complement nil?) aseq))
(defn current-classpath []
(System/getProperty "java.class.path"))
(defn add-to-classpath [classpath paths]
(str/join ":" (cons classpath paths)))
(defn ^ReentrantReadWriteLock mk-rw-lock []
(defmacro read-locked [rw-lock & body]
`(let [rlock# (.readLock ~rw-lock)]
(.lock rlock#)
(finally (.unlock rlock#)))))
(defmacro write-locked [rw-lock & body]
`(let [wlock# (.writeLock ~rw-lock)]
(.lock wlock#)
(finally (.unlock wlock#)))))
(defn wait-for-condition [apredicate]
(while (not (apredicate))
(Time/sleep 100)
(defn some? [pred aseq]
((complement nil?) (some pred aseq)))
(defn time-delta [time-secs]
(- (current-time-secs) time-secs))
(defn time-delta-ms [time-ms]
(- (System/currentTimeMillis) time-ms))
(defn parse-int [str]
(Integer/parseInt str))
(defn integer-divided [sum num-pieces]
(let [base (int (/ sum num-pieces))
num-inc (mod sum num-pieces)
num-bases (- num-pieces num-inc)]
(if (= num-inc 0)
{base num-bases}
{base num-bases (inc base) num-inc}
(defn collectify [obj]
(if (or (sequential? obj) (instance? Collection obj)) obj [obj]))
(defn to-json [^Map m]
(JSONValue/toJSONString m))
(defn from-json [^String str]
(JSONValue/parse str)))
(defmacro letlocals [& body]
(let [[tobind lexpr] (split-at (dec (count body)) body)
binded (vec (mapcat (fn [e]
(if (and (list? e) (= 'bind (first e)))
[(second e) (last e)]
['_ e]
tobind ))]
`(let ~binded
~(first lexpr)
(defn remove-first [pred aseq]
(let [[b e] (split-with (complement pred) aseq)]
(when (empty? e)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "Nothing to remove")))
(concat b (rest e))
(defn multi-set
"Returns a map of elem to count"
(apply merge-with +
(map #(hash-map % 1) aseq)))
(defn set-var-root* [avar val]
(alter-var-root avar (fn [avar] val)))
(defmacro set-var-root [var-sym val]
`(set-var-root* (var ~var-sym) ~val))
(defmacro with-var-roots [bindings & body]
(let [settings (partition 2 bindings)
tmpvars (repeatedly (count settings) (partial gensym "old"))
vars (map first settings)
savevals (vec (mapcat (fn [t v] [t v]) tmpvars vars))
setters (for [[v s] settings] `(set-var-root ~v ~s))
restorers (map (fn [v s] `(set-var-root ~v ~s)) vars tmpvars)
`(let ~savevals
(defn map-diff
"Returns mappings in m2 that aren't in m1"
[m1 m2]
(into {}
(fn [[k v]] (not= v (m1 k)))
(defn select-keys-pred [pred amap]
(into {}
(fn [[k v]]
(pred k))
(defn rotating-random-range [amt]
(ref (shuffle (range amt))))
(defn acquire-random-range-id [rr amt]
(let [ret (first @rr)]
(fn [rr]
(if (= 1 (count rr))
(shuffle (range amt))
(next rr))
; this can be rewritten to be tail recursive
(defn interleave-all [& colls]
(if (empty? colls)
(let [colls (filter (complement empty?) colls)
my-elems (map first colls)
rest-elems (apply interleave-all (map rest colls))]
(concat my-elems rest-elems)
(defn update [m k afn]
(assoc m k (afn (get m k))))
(defn any-intersection [& sets]
(let [elem->count (multi-set (apply concat sets))]
(-> (filter-val #(> % 1) elem->count)
(defn between?
"val >= lower and val <= upper"
[val lower upper]
(and (>= val lower)
(<= val upper)))
(defmacro benchmark [& body]
(doseq [i# (range 1000000)]
(defn rand-sampler [freq]
(let [r (java.util.Random.)]
(fn []
(= 0 (.nextInt r freq)))
(defn even-sampler [freq]
(let [r (java.util.Random.)
state (atom [-1 (.nextInt r freq)])
updater (fn [[i target]]
(let [i (inc i)]
(if (>= i freq)
[0 (.nextInt r freq)]
[i target]
(fn []
(let [[i target] (swap! state updater)]
(= i target)
{:rate freq})))
(defn sampler-rate [sampler]
(:rate (meta sampler)))
(defn class-selector [obj & args] (class obj))
(defn uptime-computer []
(let [start-time (current-time-secs)]
(fn []
(time-delta start-time)
(defn stringify-error [error]
(let [result (StringWriter.)
printer (PrintWriter. result)]
(.printStackTrace error printer)
(.toString result)
(defn nil-to-zero [v]
(if v v 0))
(defn bit-xor-vals [vals]
(reduce bit-xor 0 vals))