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* 27.forward.cpp - exercises lib.iostream.forward
* $Id$
* Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
* contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed
* with this work for additional information regarding copyright
* ownership. The ASF licenses this file to you under the Apache
* License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
* except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
* the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* implied. See the License for the specific language governing
* permissions and limitations under the License.
* Copyright 1994-2005 Rogue Wave Software.
#include <iosfwd>
// IMPORTANT: do not #include any other header before the declarations
// below in order not to accidentally bring in any missing
// definitions from the #included header
# define std std
# define std
typedef char C;
typedef std::char_traits<C> ctraits;
typedef std::allocator<C> calloc;
typedef std::basic_ios<C, ctraits> C_basic_ios;
typedef std::basic_streambuf<C, ctraits> C_basic_streambuf;
typedef std::basic_istream<C, ctraits> C_basic_istream;
typedef std::basic_ostream<C, ctraits> C_basic_ostream;
typedef std::basic_iostream<C, ctraits> C_basic_iostream;
typedef std::basic_stringbuf<C, ctraits, calloc> C_basic_stringbuf;
typedef std::basic_istringstream<C, ctraits, calloc> C_basic_istringstream;
typedef std::basic_ostringstream<C, ctraits, calloc> C_basic_ostringstream;
typedef std::basic_stringstream<C, ctraits, calloc> C_basic_stringstream;
typedef std::basic_filebuf<C, ctraits> C_basic_filebuf;
typedef std::basic_ifstream<C, ctraits> C_basic_ifstream;
typedef std::basic_ofstream<C, ctraits> C_basic_ofstream;
typedef std::basic_fstream<C, ctraits> C_basic_fstream;
typedef std::istreambuf_iterator<C, ctraits> C_istreambuf_iterator;
typedef std::ostreambuf_iterator<C, ctraits> C_ostreambuf_iterator;
// make sure that default template arguments are specified
typedef std::basic_ios<C> C_X_basic_ios;
typedef std::basic_streambuf<C> C_X_basic_streambuf;
typedef std::basic_istream<C> C_X_basic_istream;
typedef std::basic_ostream<C> C_X_basic_ostream;
typedef std::basic_iostream<C> C_X_basic_iostream;
typedef std::basic_stringbuf<C> C_X_basic_stringbuf;
typedef std::basic_istringstream<C> C_X_basic_istringstream;
typedef std::basic_ostringstream<C> C_X_basic_ostringstream;
typedef std::basic_stringstream<C> C_X_basic_stringstream;
typedef std::basic_filebuf<C> C_X_basic_filebuf;
typedef std::basic_ifstream<C> C_X_basic_ifstream;
typedef std::basic_ofstream<C> C_X_basic_ofstream;
typedef std::basic_fstream<C> C_X_basic_fstream;
typedef std::istreambuf_iterator<C> C_X_istreambuf_iterator;
typedef std::ostreambuf_iterator<C> C_X_ostreambuf_iterator;
typedef std::fpos<C> C_fpos;
// test whether all required typedefs are defined
typedef std::ios C_ios;
typedef std::streambuf C_streambuf;
typedef std::istream C_istream;
typedef std::ostream C_ostream;
typedef std::iostream C_iostream;
typedef std::stringbuf C_stringbuf;
typedef std::istringstream C_istringstream;
typedef std::ostringstream C_ostringstream;
typedef std::stringstream C_stringstream;
typedef std::filebuf C_filebuf;
typedef std::ifstream C_ifstream;
typedef std::ofstream C_ofstream;
typedef std::fstream C_fstream;
typedef std::streampos C_streampos;
typedef std::wios W_wios;
typedef std::wstreambuf W_wstreambuf;
typedef std::wistream W_wistream;
typedef std::wostream W_wostream;
typedef std::wiostream W_wiostream;
typedef std::wstringbuf W_wstringbuf;
typedef std::wistringstream W_wistringstream;
typedef std::wostringstream W_wostringstream;
typedef std::wstringstream W_wstringstream;
typedef std::wfilebuf W_wfilebuf;
typedef std::wifstream W_wifstream;
typedef std::wofstream W_wofstream;
typedef std::wfstream W_wfstream;
typedef std::wstreampos W_wstreampos;
#endif // _RWSTD_NO_WCHAR_T
#include <driver.h>
template <class T, class U>
bool is_same_type (const T*, const U*) { return false; }
template <class T>
bool is_same_type (const T*, const T*) { return true; }
template <class T, class U>
struct is_same
struct yes {};
struct no { yes no_ [2]; };
template <class T>
struct Type {};
static yes test (Type<T>, Type<T>);
static no test (...);
enum { value = sizeof (test (Type<T> (), Type<U> ())) == sizeof (yes) };
template <class T, class U>
bool is_same_type (const T*, const U*) { return is_same<T, U>::value; }
static int
run_test (int, char*[])
#define TEST_TYPE(T) \
rw_assert (is_same_type ((C_X_ ## T*)0, (C_ ## T*)0), 0, __LINE__, \
"%s", #T);
// check that default arguments are correct
TEST_TYPE (basic_ios);
TEST_TYPE (basic_streambuf);
TEST_TYPE (basic_istream);
TEST_TYPE (basic_ostream);
TEST_TYPE (basic_iostream);
TEST_TYPE (basic_stringbuf);
TEST_TYPE (basic_istringstream);
TEST_TYPE (basic_ostringstream);
TEST_TYPE (basic_stringstream);
TEST_TYPE (basic_filebuf);
TEST_TYPE (basic_ifstream);
TEST_TYPE (basic_ofstream);
TEST_TYPE (basic_fstream);
TEST_TYPE (istreambuf_iterator);
TEST_TYPE (ostreambuf_iterator);
#define TEST_TYPEDEF(T, U) \
rw_assert (is_same_type ((T*)0, (U*)0), 0, __LINE__, \
"%s == %s", #T, #U);
// check that typedefs are correctly defined
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::ios, C_ios);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::streambuf, C_streambuf);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::istream, C_istream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::ostream, C_ostream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::iostream, C_iostream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::stringbuf, C_stringbuf);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::istringstream, C_istringstream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::ostringstream, C_ostringstream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::stringstream, C_stringstream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::filebuf, C_filebuf);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::ifstream, C_ifstream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::ofstream, C_ofstream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::fstream, C_fstream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::wios, W_wios);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::wstreambuf, W_wstreambuf);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::wistream, W_wistream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::wostream, W_wostream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::wiostream, W_wiostream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::wstringbuf, W_wstringbuf);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::wistringstream, W_wistringstream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::wostringstream, W_wostringstream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::wstringstream, W_wstringstream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::wfilebuf, W_wfilebuf);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::wifstream, W_wifstream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::wofstream, W_wofstream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::wfstream, W_wfstream);
TEST_TYPEDEF (std::wstreampos, std::streampos);
#endif // _RWSTD_NO_WCHAR_T
return 0;
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
return rw_test (argc, argv, __FILE__,
0, // no comment