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* def.h
* $Id$
* Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
* contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed
* with this work for additional information regarding copyright
* ownership. The ASF licenses this file to you under the Apache
* License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
* except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
* the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* implied. See the License for the specific language governing
* permissions and limitations under the License.
* Copyright 2001-2006 Rogue Wave Software.
#include <list>
#include <locale> // for ctype_base
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <cassert> // for assert()
#include <climits> // for UCHAR_MAX
#include <cstddef> // for size_t
#include <loc/_localedef.h>
#include "scanner.h"
#include "charmap.h"
class Def
// the constructor takes in a pointer to the character map, the name
// of the file that hold the locale definiton, the name of the locale
// being created, and the value of mb_cur_max specified in the
// charmap file
Def(const char* filename,
const char* out_name,
Charmap& charmap, bool no_position);
// free up all the dynamically allocated memory
~Def ();
// start point for processing the input files
void process_input ();
// write the LC_CTYPE file to the specified directory
void write_ctype(std::string dir_name);
void write_codecvt(std::string dir_name);
// write the LC_NUMERIC file to the specified directory
void write_numeric(std::string dir_name);
// write the LC_MONETARY file to the specified directory
void write_monetary(std::string dir_name);
// write the LC_TIME file to the specified directory
void write_time(std::string dir_name);
// write the LC_MESSAGES file to the specified directory
void write_messages(std::string dir_name);
// write the LC_COLLATE file to the specified directory
void write_collate(std::string dir_name);
// dump the collate information
void dump_collate ();
// have warnings occurred
bool warnings_occurred_;
// was the content of the locale definition file scanned ahead
bool scan_ahead_;
typedef Scanner::token_t token_t;
typedef std::pair<token_t,token_t> token_pair_t;
typedef std::list<token_t> token_list_t;
typedef std::pair<token_t,token_list_t> collate_entry_t;
typedef std::pair<token_t,token_list_t> collate_elem_t;
typedef std::list<collate_entry_t> collate_entry_list_t;
struct collate_section_t;
struct collate_section_t {
std::string name;
token_list_t order;
collate_entry_list_t entries;
struct ce_info_t;
struct collate_info_t;
friend struct ce_info_t;
friend struct collate_info_t;
// a struct used to represent the weights for each collating element
struct Weights_t {
unsigned char size;
unsigned int weight[256];
// collate preprocessing information
token_list_t script_list_;
token_list_t cs_list_;
token_list_t sym_list_;
std::list<collate_elem_t> ce_list_;
std::list<collate_section_t> section_list_;
// preprocessing for collate section
void preprocess_collate ();
void preprocess_order ();
void preprocess_reorder ();
void preprocess_reorder_section ();
void preprocess_collation_definitions();
void process_collation_definition ( bool, collate_entry_t&,
unsigned int, unsigned int);
unsigned int process_order_stmt (collate_section_t&);
bool insert_entries (token_t&, collate_entry_list_t&);
void remove_entry (collate_entry_t&);
void list_collate ();
// automatically fill any ctype categories that depend upon characters
// being defined in other categories
void auto_fill ();
// copy a category from one locale into the current locale
void copy_category(int cat, std::string name);
// copy a file
void copy_file(const std::string &name, const std::string &outname);
// process absolute ellipsis
std::size_t process_abs_ellipsis (const Scanner::token_t&,
// process hexadecimal symbolic ellipsis, decimal symbolic ellipsis,
// and double increment hexadecimal symbolic ellipsis
std::size_t process_sym_ellipsis (const std::string&,
const std::string&,
// parse the era string
void parse_era (const token_t&);
// process the ctype category specified by m with the exception of
// (e.g. std::ctype_base::upper)
void process_mask (std::ctype_base::mask, const char*);
// process the ctype toupper and tolower definitions
void process_upper_lower(Scanner::token_id tok);
// process the ctype section of the locale definition file
void process_ctype();
// process transliteration information
void process_xlit ();
void process_xlit_statement (std::size_t&);
// process the collate section of the locale definition file
void process_collate ();
// processing of collating definition statements
void process_collate_definition (bool, collate_entry_t&,
unsigned int&, unsigned int);
// helper function for process_collate() that processes the collition
// order of the collating elements
void process_order (collate_section_t&, unsigned int&);
// helper function for process_order() that processes the sequence
// of weights for each collating element
void process_weights(collate_entry_t&);
// get the next weight
bool get_weight (token_t&, Weights_t*, int);
// add a symbolic name to the collition array
void add_to_coll (const wchar_t val,
const Weights_t* weight_template,
const unsigned int coll_value,
const std::vector<bool>& ordinal_weights,
bool undefined_value);
// add missing values when the UNDEFINED keyword is found or at the
// end of the collition array if UNDEFINED is not found
void add_missing_values (const std::vector<bool> &ordinal_weights,
const Weights_t* weights_template,
unsigned int &coll_value, bool give_warning);
// process the monetary section of the locale definition file
void process_monetary();
// create the monetary formats
void create_format (char [4], char, char, char, bool);
// process the numeric section of the locale definition file
void process_numeric();
// extracts and converts an array of strings such as those
// representing the names of weekdays in the LC_TIME section
extract_string_array (std::string*, std::wstring*, std::size_t);
// process the time section of the locale definition file
void process_time();
// process the messages section of the locale definition file
void process_messages();
std::string convert_string (const std::string&);
std::wstring convert_wstring (const token_t&);
std::wstring convert_wstring (const std::vector<std::string>&);
void strip_pair(const std::string&, std::string&, std::string&);
// encode a wchar_t into utf8 encoding
std::string utf8_encode (wchar_t ch);
// convert a utf8 encoded string to the encoding for this locale
std::string convert_to_ext (wchar_t val);
bool get_n_val (const Scanner::token_t&, unsigned char &val);
bool get_w_val (const Scanner::token_t&, wchar_t &val);
// initialize the coll_map with all the characters in the codeset
void init_coll_map();
void gen_n_to_w_coll_tables (const std::string &charp,
unsigned int tab_num);
void gen_w_to_n_coll_tables (const std::string &charp,
unsigned int tab_num);
// the next useable offset for collating elements greater then UCHAR_MAX
unsigned int next_offset_;
Scanner::token_t next;
// the name of the locale we are creating
std::string output_name_;
// the charmap used to process the character map definition file
Charmap& charmap_;
// the scanner used to process the locale definition file
Scanner scanner_;
bool ctype_symlink_;
std::string ctype_filename_;
// maps characters to a mask value
std::map<wchar_t, unsigned int> mask_;
// maps characters to their lower case representation
std::map<wchar_t, wchar_t> lower_;
// maps characters to their upper case representation
std::map<wchar_t, wchar_t> upper_;
typedef std::map<std::string, unsigned int>::iterator mb_char_off_map_iter;
struct codecvt_offset_tab_t {
unsigned int off [UCHAR_MAX + 1];
void create_wchar_utf8_table ();
std::map<std::string, std::string> wchar_utf8_to_ext_;
typedef std::map<std::string, std::string>::iterator wchar_utf8_iter;
void gen_valid_coll_wchar_set ();
std::set<std::string> valid_coll_wchar_set_;
typedef std::set<std::string>::iterator valid_coll_wchar_set_iter;
std::set<std::string> valid_codecvt_wchar_set_;
typedef std::set<std::string>::iterator valid_codecvt_wchar_set_iter;
typedef std::map<unsigned, const codecvt_offset_tab_t*>
// generates conversion tables of all valid multibyte characters
// from a multibyte character map populated from the character
// set description file
gen_mbchar_tables (codecvt_offsets_map_t&,
std::map<std::string, unsigned>&,
const std::string& = "",
unsigned = 0);
gen_wchar_tables (codecvt_offsets_map_t&,
const std::string& = "",
unsigned = 0);
gen_utf8_tables (codecvt_offsets_map_t&,
std::map<std::string, unsigned>&,
const std::string& = "",
unsigned = 0);
std::set<std::string> valid_coll_mb_set_;
void gen_valid_coll_mb_set();
// generation of transliteration tables
void gen_xlit_data ();
// specifies if the locale file has already been written such as when
// the "copy" directive is used in a locale definition file
bool ctype_written_, codecvt_written_, collate_written_, time_written_,
num_written_, mon_written_, messages_written_;
bool ctype_def_found_, collate_def_found_,
time_def_found_, num_def_found_, mon_def_found_, messages_def_found_;
// specifies if the keyword UNDEFINED is used in the LC_COLLATE definition
bool undefined_keyword_found_;
// no_position_ is set by the "--no_position" command line option
// when true forward,postion orders will be treated like forward orders
bool no_position_;
// collate maps
struct offset_tab_t {
int first_offset;
unsigned int off[UCHAR_MAX + 1];
std::map<unsigned int, offset_tab_t> char_offs_;
typedef std::map<unsigned int, offset_tab_t>::iterator char_offs_iter;
std::map<unsigned int, offset_tab_t> w_to_n_coll_;
typedef std::map<unsigned int, offset_tab_t>::iterator w_to_n_coll_iter;
unsigned int next_tab_num_;
unsigned int next_wchar_coll_tab_num_;
struct ce_offset_tab_t {
int first_offset;
int last_offset;
unsigned int off[UCHAR_MAX + 1];
std::map<unsigned int, ce_offset_tab_t> n_ce_offs_;
typedef std::map<unsigned int, ce_offset_tab_t>::iterator n_ce_offs_iter;
std::map<unsigned int, ce_offset_tab_t> w_ce_offs_;
typedef std::map<unsigned int, ce_offset_tab_t>::iterator w_ce_offs_iter;
std::set<std::string> valid_n_ce_set;
typedef std::set<std::string>::iterator valid_n_ce_set_iter;
void gen_n_ce_tables (const std::set<std::string>,
unsigned int, unsigned int);
unsigned int next_n_ce_tab_num_;
void gen_w_ce_tables (const std::set<std::string>,
unsigned int, unsigned int);
unsigned int next_w_ce_tab_num_;
std::map<std::string, std::string>ce_sym_map_;
std::map<std::string, std::string>ce_wsym_map_;
typedef std::map<std::string, std::string>::iterator ce_sym_map_iter;
// off_mapr maps an offset value to the symbol name or collating element
std::map<unsigned int, std::string> off_mapr_;
// cs_map_ maps a collating symbol name to a collation value
std::map<std::string, unsigned int> cs_map_;
typedef std::map<std::string, unsigned int>::iterator cs_map_iter;
// transliteration information
struct xlit_offset_table {
unsigned int offset_table [UCHAR_MAX + 1];
typedef struct xlit_offset_table xlit_offset_table_t;
typedef std::map<wchar_t,std::list<std::string> > xlit_map_t;
typedef std::map<wchar_t, unsigned int> xlit_data_offset_map_t;
typedef std::map<unsigned int,xlit_offset_table_t> xlit_table_map_t;
xlit_map_t xlit_map_;
xlit_data_offset_map_t xlit_data_offset_map_;
xlit_table_map_t xlit_table_map_;
// the collate_info_t struct contains information concerning the collation
// of each character
struct collate_info_t{
unsigned int offset;
unsigned int coll_val;
unsigned int order;
Weights_t *weights;
// we need one collate_info_t to hold information about the undefined
// characters. All the other characters have collate_info_ts that are
// located in the coll_map.
collate_info_t undef_char_info_;
// the ce_info_t strurct contains information concerning the collation
// of a collating element.
struct ce_info_t {
unsigned int offset;
unsigned int coll_val;
unsigned int order;
Weights_t *weights;
std::wstring ce_wstr;
// The coll_map_ contains a mapping from the wide char value to the
// collition information about that value.
std::map<wchar_t, collate_info_t> coll_map_;
typedef std::map<wchar_t, collate_info_t>::iterator coll_map_iter;
// the ce_map_ contains a mapping from the symbolic collating element
// name to the collition information about that element
std::map <std::string, ce_info_t> ce_map_;
typedef std::map <std::string, ce_info_t>::iterator ce_map_iter;
// iterator type definitions for the maps
typedef std::map<wchar_t, unsigned int>::iterator mask_iter;
typedef std::map<wchar_t, wchar_t>::iterator upper_iter;
typedef std::map<wchar_t, wchar_t>::iterator lower_iter;
typedef std::map< std::string, unsigned char >::const_iterator n_cmap_iter;
typedef std::map<std::string, wchar_t>::const_iterator mb_cmap_iter;
typedef std::map<wchar_t, std::string>::const_iterator rmb_cmap_iter;
typedef std::map<std::string, wchar_t >::const_iterator w_cmap_iter;
typedef std::map<wchar_t, std::string >::const_iterator rw_cmap_iter;
typedef std::map<unsigned int, std::string>::iterator off_mapr_iter;
typedef std::map<std::string, wchar_t>::const_iterator ucs4_cmap_iter;
typedef std::list<std::string>::const_iterator symnames_list_iter;
// the structures used to hold the offsets for each locale category
// and any non-pointer locale information
_RW::__rw_punct_t num_punct_out_;
_RW::__rw_ctype_t ctype_out_;
_RW::__rw_time_t time_out_;
_RW::__rw_collate_t collate_out_;
_RW::__rw_mon_t mon_out_;
_RW::__rw_num_t num_out_;
_RW::__rw_messages_t messages_out_;
// structures used for internally holding locale information
// LC_CTYPE structures
struct ctype_t {
struct mask_elm {
wchar_t ch; // the wide character value
unsigned int mask; // the mask for that character
struct upper_elm {
wchar_t lower; // the lower case wide character
wchar_t upper; // the upper case wide character
struct lower_elm {
wchar_t upper; // the upper case wide character
wchar_t lower; // the lower case wide character
char max_mb_s; // the max number of bytes in a char
upper_elm* wtoupper_tab; // the wide char to_upper table
lower_elm* wtolower_tab; // the wide char to_lower table
mask_elm* wmask_tab; // the wide char mask_table
struct era_st {
std::string name;
std::string fmt;
std::wstring wname;
std::wstring wfmt;
_RW::__rw_time_t::era_t era_out;
std::list<era_st> era_list_;
typedef std::list<era_st>::iterator era_list_iter;
// LC_COLLATE structure
struct collate_t {
} ;
// LC_MONETARY structure
struct mon_t {
std::string int_curr_symbol; // narrow char* int_curr_symbol
std::string currency_symbol; // narrow char* currency_symbol
std::string mon_decimal_point; // narrow char* mon_decimal_point
std::string mon_thousands_sep; // narrow char* mon_thoucands_sep
std::string mon_grouping; // narrow char* mon_grouping
std::string positive_sign; // narrow char* positive_sign
std::string negative_sign; // narrow char* negative_sign
std::wstring wint_curr_symbol; // wide wchar_t* int_curr_symbol
std::wstring wcurrency_symbol; // wide wchar_t* currency_symbol
std::wstring wmon_decimal_point; // wide wchar_t* mon_decimal_point
std::wstring wmon_thousands_sep; // wide wchar_t* mon_thousands_sep
std::wstring wpositive_sign; // wide wchar_t* positive_sign
std::wstring wnegative_sign; // wide wchar_t* negative_sign
// LC_NUMERIC structure
struct num_t {
std::string decimal_point; // narrow char* decimal_point
std::string thousands_sep; // narrow char* thousands_sep
std::string grouping; // narrow char* grouping
std::string truename; // narrow char* truename
std::string falsename; // narrow char* falsename
std::wstring wdecimal_point; // wide wchar_t* decimal_point
std::wstring wthousands_sep; // wide wchar_t* thousands_sep
std::wstring wtruename; // wide wchar_t* truename
std::wstring wfalsename; // wide wchar_t* falsename
// list to hold the alternate digits
struct alt_digit_t {
std::string n_alt_digit;
std::wstring w_alt_digit;
unsigned int n_offset;
unsigned int w_offset;
std::list<alt_digit_t> alt_digits_;
typedef std::list<alt_digit_t>::iterator alt_digits_iter;
// LC_TIME structure
struct time_t {
std::string abday[7]; // narrow array of abbreviated days
std::string day[7]; // narrow array of days
std::string abmon[12]; // narrow array of abbreviated months
std::string mon[12]; // narrow array of months
std::string am_pm[2]; // narrow array of am/pm specifiers
std::string d_t_fmt; // narrow date and time format string
std::string d_fmt; // narrow date format string
std::string t_fmt; // narrow time format string
std::string t_fmt_ampm; // narrow time format string with am/pm
std::string era_d_t_fmt; // narrow era date and time format string
std::string era_d_fmt; // narrow era date format string
std::string era_t_fmt; // narrow era time format string
std::wstring wabday[7]; // wide array of abbreviated days
std::wstring wday[7]; // wide array of days
std::wstring wabmon[12]; // wide array of abbreviated months
std::wstring wmon[12]; // wide array of months
std::wstring wam_pm[2]; // wide array of am/pm specifiers
std::wstring wd_t_fmt; // wide date and time format string
std::wstring wd_fmt; // wide date format string
std::wstring wt_fmt; // wide time format string
std::wstring wt_fmt_ampm; // wide time format string with am/pm
std::wstring wera_d_t_fmt; // wide era date and time format string
std::wstring wera_d_fmt; // wide era date format string
std::wstring wera_t_fmt; // wide era time format string
} ;
// LC_MESSAGES structure
struct messages_t {
std::string yesexpr;
std::string noexpr;
std::wstring wyesexpr;
std::wstring wnoexpr;
messages_t messages_st_;
time_t time_st_;
ctype_t ctype_st_;
mon_t mon_st_;
num_t num_st_;
collate_t collate_st_;
inline std::string strip_quotes (const std::string& str)
assert (0 != str.size ());
assert (str [0] == '\"');
// return a string from str[1] to the position of the end-quote
return std::string (str, 1, str.rfind ('\"') - 1);