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* locale_body.h - definition of the __rw_locale class
* This is an internal header file used to implement the C++ Standard
* Library. It should never be #included directly by a program.
* $Id$
* Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
* contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed
* with this work for additional information regarding copyright
* ownership. The ASF licenses this file to you under the Apache
* License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
* except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
* the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* implied. See the License for the specific language governing
* permissions and limitations under the License.
* Copyright 1994-2006 Rogue Wave Software.
#include <loc/_facet.h>
#include <loc/_locale.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "podarray.h"
#include <rw/_defs.h>
struct _RWSTD_CLASS_EXPORT locale;
} // namespace std
class _RWSTD_EXPORT __rw_locale
// total number of standard facets (char and wchar specializations)
// ordinary (unnamed) and byname facets share the same array slot
enum { _C_n_std_facets = __rw_facet::_C_last_type / 2 };
enum { _C_namebuf_size = 40 };
// standard facets are always present, user defined facets (i.e.,
// non-standard specializations of standard facets, or user-defined
// facets with own id's) are dynamically allocated only if installed
// each standard facet is stored at an index, inx, computed from its
// numeric id, as follows: inx = (Facet::id._C_id - 1) / 2
// each slot holds either an ordinary (unnamed) or a byname standard
// facet (if the latter exists)
__rw_facet *_C_std_facets [_C_n_std_facets];
__rw_facet **_C_usr_facets; // array of pointers to user facets
_RWSTD_SIZE_T _C_n_usr_facets; // number of user-defined facets
// name buffer sufficiently large to accommodate 6 basic 5-character
// POSIX locale names such as "en_US" (one for each LC_XXX category)
char _C_namebuf [_C_namebuf_size];
const char *_C_name; // name of locale (!= 0)
_RWSTD_SIZE_T _C_ref; // reference count (>= 0)
// a bit is set for each standard ordinary (unnamed) or byname facet that
// is installed in the locale, and clear for each standard facet that has
// been replaced with a user-defined (or user-constructed) object (i.e.,
// one with the same id) in the locale object
_RWSTD_SIZE_T _C_std_facet_bits;
// a bit is set for each standard byname facet that is installed in
// the locale object, and clear for each standard byname facet that
// has been replaced with a user-defined (or user-constructed) object
// (i.e., one with the same id) in the locale object
_RWSTD_SIZE_T _C_byname_facet_bits;
__rw_mutex _C_mutex;
friend struct _STD::locale;
enum {
#define _FACET_BIT(name) (1U << (__rw_facet::_C_##name - 1U) / 2U)
// bitmaps of standard facet types for each category
// used to set and test the value _C_{std,byname}_facet_bits
// to quickly determine the composition of a locale object
_C_collate = _FACET_BIT (collate) | _FACET_BIT (wcollate),
_C_ctype = _FACET_BIT (codecvt) | _FACET_BIT (ctype)
| _FACET_BIT (wcodecvt) | _FACET_BIT (wctype),
_C_monetary = _FACET_BIT (moneypunct) | _FACET_BIT (moneypunct_intl)
| _FACET_BIT (wmoneypunct) | _FACET_BIT (wmoneypunct_intl)
| _FACET_BIT (money_get) | _FACET_BIT (money_put)
| _FACET_BIT (wmoney_get) | _FACET_BIT (wmoney_put),
_C_numeric = _FACET_BIT (numpunct) | _FACET_BIT (wnumpunct)
| _FACET_BIT (num_get) | _FACET_BIT (num_put)
| _FACET_BIT (wnum_get) | _FACET_BIT (wnum_put),
_C_time = _FACET_BIT (time_get) | _FACET_BIT (time_put)
| _FACET_BIT (wtime_get) | _FACET_BIT (wtime_put),
_C_messages = _FACET_BIT (messages) | _FACET_BIT (wmessages),
_C_all = _C_collate | _C_ctype | _C_monetary
| _C_numeric | _C_time | _C_messages
#undef _FACET_BIT
// create a locale body from the name of a locale
__rw_locale (const char*);
// create a locale body from the name of a locale combined with a facet
__rw_locale (const char *__name, const __rw_facet *__facet) {
__rw_locale __tmp (__name);
_C_construct (__tmp, __facet);
// create a locale body from another locale combined with a facet
__rw_locale (const __rw_locale &__rhs, const __rw_facet *__facet) {
_C_construct (__rhs, __facet);
// create a locale body from two locales taking cats from the named one
__rw_locale (const __rw_locale &__rhs, const char *__name, int __cat) {
__rw_locale __tmp (__name);
_C_construct (__rhs, __tmp, __cat);
// create a locale body from two locales taking cats from `l2'
__rw_locale (const __rw_locale &__l1, const __rw_locale &__l2, int __cat) {
_C_construct (__l1, __l2, __cat);
~__rw_locale ();
// returns the name of the locale
const char* _C_get_name () const {
return _C_name;
static _RWSTD_SIZE_T _C_add_ref (__rw_facet &__facet) {
return _RWSTD_ATOMIC_PREINCREMENT (__facet._C_ref, false);
static _RWSTD_SIZE_T _C_remove_ref (__rw_facet &__facet) {
return _RWSTD_ATOMIC_PREDECREMENT (__facet._C_ref, false);
_RWSTD_SIZE_T _C_add_ref () {
return _RWSTD_ATOMIC_PREINCREMENT (_C_ref, _C_mutex);
_RWSTD_SIZE_T _C_remove_ref () {
return _RWSTD_ATOMIC_PREDECREMENT (_C_ref, _C_mutex);
// access private facet name
static const char* _C_get_cat_name (const __rw_facet &__facet) {
return __facet._C_name;
// get a string of locale names, one for each installed standard
// facet's category; will dynamically allocate string if buf is 0
char* _C_get_cat_names (char*, _RWSTD_SIZE_T) const;
// returns true iff all categories of facets (given by the bitmap)
// in *this are being globally managed, i.e., iff all of *this facets
// whose category matches the bitmap are also being globally managed
// (when the category is locale::none, the function fails for all
// locales that contain any user-defined facets; otherwise only
// standard facets are considered)
bool _C_is_managed (int) const;
// converts a LC_XXX constant to a locale::category value
static int _C_LC2category (int);
// converts a LC_XXX constant to an internal bitset of facets
static int _C_LC2facet_bits (int);
static bool _C_check_category (int);
// returns the type of the standard facet object or `unknown'
// if the facet is of a user-defined type
static __rw_facet::_C_facet_type _C_get_facet_type (const __rw_facet&);
// globally manages all named locales; implements default locale
// ctor, dtor, and locale::global()
static __rw_locale* _C_manage (__rw_locale*, const char*);
// implements all but the default locale ctor; the function
// may construct a new object, return one of its first two
// arguments, or return a pointer to a cached locale object
static __rw_locale*
_C_get_body (__rw_locale*, __rw_locale*,
const char*, int, const __rw_facet*);
// called from ctors (only) to fully construct a combined locale
void _C_construct (const __rw_locale&, const __rw_facet*);
void _C_construct (const __rw_locale&, const __rw_locale&, int);
// implements locale template ctor: locale::locale (const locale&, Facet*)
__rw_locale* _C_combine (const __rw_facet*) const;
// implements locale ctor: locale (const locale&, const locale&, category)
__rw_locale* _C_combine (const __rw_locale&, int);
// returns the index into one of the facet arrays
// corresponding to the given facet id:
// -1 if the facet isn't installed
// value < _C_n_std_facets for a standard facet
// value >= _C_n_std_facets otherwise (i.e., for user defined facets)
_RWSTD_SIZE_T _C_get_facet_inx (_RWSTD_SIZE_T) const;
/* static */ inline bool __rw_locale::_C_check_category (int cat)
// `cat' is assumed to be a C++ locale category (i.e., not an LC_XXX)
_RWSTD_ASSERT (cat == _C_LC2category (cat));
return __rw_cat_none == cat || !(cat & ~__rw_cat_all);
/* static */ inline __rw_facet::_C_facet_type
__rw_locale::_C_get_facet_type (const __rw_facet &__facet)
_RWSTD_ASSERT (0 != __facet._C_pid);
_RWSTD_ASSERT (0 != *__facet._C_pid);
// compute the numeric value of the facet's type
const _RWSTD_SIZE_T __numtype =
*__facet._C_pid * 2 - 1 + (0 != __facet._C_name);
// return `unknown' for user-defined facets
return __numtype > __rw_facet::_C_last_type ?
__rw_facet::_C_unknown : __rw_facet::_C_facet_type (__numtype);
// a one-character string to separate LC_XXX categories in locale names
#ifndef _RWSTD_CAT_SEP
# define _RWSTD_CAT_SEP ""
// maps LC_XXX category values to their names
extern const struct __rw_cats_t
int cat; // LC_XXX category
const char *name; // LC_XXX name
int facet_bits; // bitmap of facet types
} __rw_cats [6];
static const _RWSTD_SIZE_T __rw_n_cats = 6;
// computes LC_XXX category from a numeric facet id, returns the
// LC_XXX category for standard facets, LC_ALL for all others
inline int __rw_get_cat (int id)
typedef unsigned char LC_type;
typedef int LC_type;
const LC_type lc_cats[] = {
// _C_codecvt, _C_ctype (all derivatives and specialiations)
// _C_moneypunct, _C_moneypunct_intl, _C_money_get, _C_money_put
// _C_numpunct, _C_num_get, _C_num_put
// _C_time_get, _C_time_put
// _C_messages
return id > 0 && id <= __rw_locale::_C_n_std_facets ?
lc_cats [((id - 1) % (sizeof lc_cats / sizeof *lc_cats))]
static const char __rw_C_locale_name[] = "C";
#else // if defined (_RWSTD_NO_CONDENSED_NAME)
static const char __rw_C_locale_name[] = {
'C', *_RWSTD_CAT_SEP, 'C', *_RWSTD_CAT_SEP, 'C', '\0'
// returns true iff `name' is a name of the classic C locale
static inline bool __rw_is_C (const char *name)
_RWSTD_ASSERT (0 != name);
return 'C' == name [0] && '\0' == name [1]
|| !strcmp (__rw_C_locale_name, name)
} // namespace __rw