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Release 1.99.6
SQOOP-1528: Sqoop2: Kerberos support on DoAs function
SQOOP-1757: Sqoop2: Document generic jdbc connector
SQOOP-1961: Sqoop2: addDelegationTokens is not exposed in SqoopClient
SQOOP-1978: Sqoop2: Command line support
SQOOP-1979: Sqoop2: Rest API support
SQOOP-1998: Sqoop2: Kite Connector: Hive support
SQOOP-2016: Sqoop2: Create integration test for JDBC to Hive
SQOOP-2019: Sqoop2: Handle post-function for updating/deleting resource
SQOOP-2079: Sqoop2: Remove useless functions for RBAC
SQOOP-2080: Sqoop2: Combine privileges into READ and WRITE
SQOOP-2092: Support for LONG in MInputType
SQOOP-2094: Sqoop2: Update RESTAPI.rst
SQOOP-2101: Sqoop2: Add SqoopClient support to call Restful API
SQOOP-2139: Sqoop2: Change create role API from PUT to POST
SQOOP-2144: Sqoop2: Show command for CLI
SQOOP-2146: Sqoop2: Sqoop client should return model objects for RBAC methods
SQOOP-2148: Sqoop2: Fix wrong input sequence of name and type in function new Principal and Resource
SQOOP-2160: Sqoop2: Datatypes: Provide foundation for the exhaustive type checks
SQOOP-2166: Sqoop2: Add "Authorization Exception" error code in
SQOOP-2183: Sqoop2: Change resource type, privilege action and principal type from String to Enum.
SQOOP-2184: Sqoop2: Add ServerName for authorization handler
SQOOP-2198: Sqoop2: Datatypes: Add boolean/char/date support to DerbyTypeList
SQOOP-2204: Sanitize issues
SQOOP-2205: Cut 1.99.6 branch
SQOOP-2206: Update change log with 1.99.6 release
SQOOP-2207: Update POM with new version
SQOOP-2208: Create release candidate
SQOOP-2209: Run vote on RC candidates
SQOOP-2210: Release artifacts
SQOOP-2211: Finish release
SQOOP-2212: Update website
SQOOP-2220: Sqoop2: Fix the privilege check on job using the link id not the connector id
SQOOP-2226: Sqoop2: Access denied in shell
SQOOP-2227: Sqoop2: Clear connector cache in
SQOOP-2246: Sqoop2: Use jdbcProperties when creating database connection in GenericJDBCExecutor
SQOOP-2248: Sqoop2: ErrorCodes: Move ServerError to server module
SQOOP-2249: Sqoop2: ErrorCodes: Move SecurityError to core module
SQOOP-2251: Sqoop2: ErrorCodes: Move RepositoryError to core module
SQOOP-2255: Sqoop2: Throw Exception when no permission to the resource
SQOOP-2256: Sqoop2: Creator should have access to its entities
SQOOP-2304: Update license file
SQOOP-2313: Update change log with 1.99.6 release for RC-1
SQOOP-2314: Create release candidate for RC-1
SQOOP-2315: Run vote on RC candidates for RC-1
SQOOP-1439: Sqoop2: Refactor validations
SQOOP-1516: Sqoop2: Config Input as a Top Level Entity - RepositoryAPI changes
SQOOP-1577: Sqoop2: Refactor repository dump and load tools
SQOOP-1579: Sqoop2: Data transfer to load into Hive does not work
SQOOP-1738: Sqoop2: HDFS Connector : Check for output directory
SQOOP-1746: Sqoop2: Mapreduce job is running in DEBUG mode by default
SQOOP-1790: Sqoop2: Upgrade configs with name conflicts
SQOOP-1808: Add Integration tests to for Incremental read / write between JDBC and HDFS
SQOOP-1841: Sqoop2: Upgrade from 1.99.1 to 1.99.4 onwards is broken
SQOOP-1868: Sqoop2: Document MySQL Fast Connector
SQOOP-1949: Sqoop2: HDFS append only support
SQOOP-2036: Sqoop2: JDBC Connector need to send BigDecimal for decimal type in Object array
SQOOP-2089: Sqoop2: Clone configuration object instead of overwriting global
SQOOP-2095: Sqoop2: Remove duplicate maven dependency org.mockito:mockito-all
SQOOP-2102: Binary tarball missing executable bit on sqoop2-* files
SQOOP-2106: Upgrade the version of Derby to 6 and Postgres to 1 in sqoop trunk
SQOOP-2117: Sqoop2: Shell command 'show link' should show connector name
SQOOP-2119: Sqoop2: Remove remaining imports from junit in PostgreSQL repository tests
SQOOP-2120: Sqoop2: Test classes using powermock fails badly when compiling with java target version 1.7
SQOOP-2122: Sqoop2: Build documentation only in binary packaging profile
SQOOP-2123: Sqoop2: Copy shell libraries only in binary package profile
SQOOP-2124: Sqoop2: Pre-Commit hook should report how many tests are executed
SQOOP-2129: Sqoop2: SQ_SUBMISSION deletes should cascade
SQOOP-2140: Sqoop2: Cast exception when try to cast an integer to Avro's Long type
SQOOP-2150: Sqoop2: Kite 1.0 don't allow dashes to be used in dataset names
SQOOP-2152: Sqoop2: Kite connector always assumes that FixedPoint is long regardless of the configured size
SQOOP-2153: Sqoop2: Ensure creation of valid Avro schema names
SQOOP-2155: Sqoop2: KiteDatasetExecutor is not cleaning up merged datasets
SQOOP-2156: Sqoop2: HdfsUtils.getOutputMapreduceFiles should ignore hidden files
SQOOP-2157: Sqoop2: Kite: Add simple integration test for TO direction
SQOOP-2158: Sqoop2: Pre-Commit hook is incorrectly counting number of executed tests
SQOOP-2159: Sqoop2: Use BeforeSuite/AfterSuite for startHadoop/stopHadoop in integration tests
SQOOP-2162: Sqoop2: InputEditable should be optional in JSON API
SQOOP-2163: Sqoop2: Remove jackson dependency
SQOOP-2167: Sqoop2: Change getUserName to getShortUserName in
SQOOP-2169: Sqoop2: Kafka integration test bug
SQOOP-2171: Sqoop2: Incorrect basic type boxing with JDK1.7
SQOOP-2172: Sqoop2: Move ErrorCode's sub-class from sqoop-core to sqoop-common
SQOOP-2188: Sqoop2: Failed to merge Kite datasets
SQOOP-2190: Sqoop2: Remove hadoop200 profile from
SQOOP-2201: Sqoop2: Add possibility to read Hadoop configuration files to HFDS connector
SQOOP-2202: Sqoop2: Add validator to check existence of local directory on Sqoop 2 server
SQOOP-2213: Sqoop2: toCSVFixedPoint ClassCastException
SQOOP-2214: Sqoop2: Add ability to easily iterate over entries stored in Context
SQOOP-2215: Sqoop2: Remember all test logs in pre-commit hook
SQOOP-2219: Sqoop2: Skip missing input in DirectoryExistsValidator
SQOOP-2225: Sqoop2: Shell client clobbers server exceptions
SQOOP-2228: Sqoop2: HDFS Connector: Import data to temporary directory before moving them to target directory
SQOOP-2229: Sqoop2: Kite connector should handle doubles
SQOOP-2230: Sqoop2: Kite connector can use URIBuilder
SQOOP-2231: Sqoop2: Kite connector should use authority in link configuration
SQOOP-2232: Sqoop2: Test initializer against local filesystem
SQOOP-2233: Sqoop2: Move TestHdfsConnector class under test directory
SQOOP-2234: Sqoop2: Move DatasetURIValidator to Kite package as it's not generally usable validator
SQOOP-2235: Sqoop2: Move PrefixContext back to mapreduce execution engine
SQOOP-2236: Sqoop2: Drop outdated comment from SubmissionCallbacks class
SQOOP-2238: Sqoop2: Parquet jars missing
SQOOP-2239: Sqoop2: Remove Repository.updateSubmission() call from Mapreduce submission engine
SQOOP-2240: Sqoop2: Remove Hadoop 1.x example from
SQOOP-2241: Sqoop2: PreCommit hook is incorrectly counting number of executed tests
SQOOP-2242: Sqoop2: Add support for full table names into our DatabaseProvider infrastructure
SQOOP-2265: Sqoop2: Standardize on methods
SQOOP-2268: Sqoop2: Fix a typo in ShowLinkFunction
SQOOP-2273: Sqoop2: Move authorizationServlet into v1 package
SQOOP-2276: MapReduce execution error in Sqoop job
SQOOP-2277: Sqoop2: Add annotation for public usage classes in Sqoop Core
SQOOP-2278: Sqoop2: Fix bug for all user could read connector
SQOOP-2279: Sqoop2: Clean connector cache after grant and revoke statements
SQOOP-2307: Sqoop2: Fix a typo for and
SQOOP-2308: Sqoop2: Fix a typo for and
SQOOP-2309: Sqoop2: Add to link id in show job --all command
SQOOP-2310: Sqoop2: fix a typo for Hadoop conf directory
SQOOP-1805: Sqoop2: GenericJdbcConnector: Delta read support
SQOOP-2134: Update Kite dependency to 1.0.0
SQOOP-2250: Sqoop2: SQ_LINK_INPUT is missing a foreign key constraint
SQOOP-506: Create Sqoop integration test infrastructure.
Release 1.99.5
SQOOP-1348: Sqoop2: Remove Data class
SQOOP-1349: Sqoop2: Use configurable writable to get Intermediate Data Format
SQOOP-1526: Sqoop2: Kerberos support when starting service
SQOOP-1527: Sqoop2: Kerberos support (SPNEGO) in communication between server and client
SQOOP-1549: Simplifying the Configuration class concept in Connector api
SQOOP-1552: Revisit if we need a config list for the link/from/to configs in connector api
SQOOP-1588: Sqoop2: Kite connector write data to HDFS
SQOOP-1589: Sqoop2: Create common constants, error codes, and queries
SQOOP-1590: Sqoop2: PostgreSQL repository implementation
SQOOP-1591: Sqoop2: PostgreSQL integration tests
SQOOP-1592: Sqoop2: Remove Hadoop1 profile
SQOOP-1602: Sqoop2: Fix the current balancing across Loaders internal to Sqoop
SQOOP-1621: Sqoop2: Allow null as a dummy Schema
SQOOP-1624: Sqoop2: Apply repository upgrader api
SQOOP-1647: Sqoop2: Read data from HDFS in KiteConnector
SQOOP-1651: Sqoop2: Cleanup: Naming and ordering of methods in Repo relates classes
SQOOP-1681: DOC: Create an API doc for the Sqoop Execution engine ( since its extensible)
SQOOP-1702: Fix typo for SQOOP-1526
SQOOP-1703: Sqoop2: rename Type to Column Type + size to length + minor doc fixes
SQOOP-1706: Add IDF API doc/wiki for the IDF interface and Schema -> ColumnTypes
SQOOP-1707: SQOOP2: Address the validate method in Column class
SQOOP-1708: Rename Unsupported Column type to Unknown and add java doc
SQOOP-1709: Column Type enhancements for complex types
SQOOP-1715: Make name for column required ( fix the corr tests)
SQOOP-1716: Add Options as a field in the Enum object ( so it can be used for validation)
SQOOP-1717: Sqoop2: Remove Data class from docs
SQOOP-1733: Port SQOOP-1728 to sqoop2 branch
SQOOP-1734: Port SQOOP-1725 to sqoop2 branch
SQOOP-1741: Port SQOOP-1736 to sqoop2 branch
SQOOP-1749: Support List Type in CSV IDF
SQOOP-1750: Support Map Type in CSV IDF
SQOOP-1751: Sqoop2: Rearrange LinkConfig and ToJobConfig of Kite Connector
SQOOP-1752: Kite connector cannot submit CSV import job
SQOOP-1754: Sqoop2: Remove JarUtil class
SQOOP-1755: Sqoop2: Security guide
SQOOP-1761: Sqoop2: Unit tests for different Column sub classes Array/Set and Map types
SQOOP-1765: Sqoop2: Time/Timestamp format support for CSV IDF
SQOOP-1769: Fix Enum to no inherit from list
SQOOP-1771: Investigation CSV IDF FORMAT of the Array/NestedArray/ Set/ Map in Postgres and HIVE.
SQOOP-1776: Sqoop2: Delegation Token support for Authentication
SQOOP-1791: Sqoop2: Add simple authentication parameters to documentation
SQOOP-1796: Support Incremental Semantics in command line tool for Job
SQOOP-1797: Support Incremental semantics in the REST apis
SQOOP-1798: Support a API/ command line utility to retrieve the last value or any JOB_OUTPUT
SQOOP-1799: Connector API : Ability for connector to indicate if its FROM and TO support incremental reading/ writing
SQOOP-1801: Delta Fetch Merge Config API : Validations for the Delta Fetch/Merge Configs
SQOOP-1804: Add editable and override attribute to inputs
SQOOP-1811: Sqoop2: IDF API changes
SQOOP-1813: Sqoop2: Add SqoopIDFUtils class and unit tests
SQOOP-1815: Sqoop2: Date and DateTime is not encoded in Single Quotes
SQOOP-1817: Sqoop2: Update CSVIntermediate BIT data type
SQOOP-1819: Support Enum in CSVIDF ( + add unit tests)
SQOOP-1825: Sqoop2: Handle NULLs for all types in CSV Intermediate Data Format
SQOOP-1829: Sqoop2: Define IDF object model
SQOOP-1834: Sqoop2: RBAC pluggable framework
SQOOP-1842: Sqoop2: Fix timestamp type casting
SQOOP-1845: Sqoop2: Make DateTime Column type support datetime with and without timezone
SQOOP-1846: Sqoop2: DateTime support in CSV IDF and iso8601
SQOOP-1849: Using JODA for datetime means we only have 3 digit millisecond representation for fraction
SQOOP-1870: Sqoop2: Merge SPI and connector-sdk packages
SQOOP-1876: Update the submission JSON in the doc (restAPI.rst)
SQOOP-1879: Sqoop2: Submission Engine does not set all details on SubmissionRecord in Local mode
SQOOP-1881: Randomize ports for Kafka integration tests
SQOOP-1897: Sqoop2: Submission Engine API change for better performance
SQOOP-1898: Change the API of getJars to use SET than LIST to avoid duplicate jars
SQOOP-1899: Minor change to CSVIDF to use Set instead of Lists
SQOOP-1900: Fix the SqoopWritable read/ write method to delegate the toIDF methods
SQOOP-1901: Sqoop2: Support DRY code in IDF impementations and add JSONIDF
SQOOP-1902: Sqoop2: Avro IDF class and unit tests
SQOOP-1903: Wrap up the design doc once implementation is done
SQOOP-1908: Sqoop2: Document external connector support
SQOOP-1909: Sqoop2: Connect security guide to main docs
SQOOP-1913: Sqoop2: Add jackson as a dependency
SQOOP-1915: sqoop2: parseCSV in CSVIDF doesn't correctly parse strings with commas
SQOOP-1925: Sqoop2: Clean up duplicate constants in DerbySchemaConstants, use CommonRepoConstants
SQOOP-1930: Sqoop2: Enforce a non empty schema name and column names
SQOOP-1931: Tech debt : Alternative to isTest flag in the SqoopOutputFormatExecutor
SQOOP-1935: Sqoop2: Fix TestSqoopWritable test and make getString and setString package private
SQOOP-1936: Sqoop2: Sort by comparing IDF data in shuffle phase
SQOOP-1937: Why need SqoopWritable, ? why not just Text?
SQOOP-1938: DOC:update the sqoop MR engine implementation details
SQOOP-1940: Add hashcode and equals methods to SqoopWritable
SQOOP-1950: Sqoop2: Use TestNG
SQOOP-1956: Sqoop2: Cleanup IDF implementations
SQOOP-1960: Sqoop2: Share auth token across ResourceRequest in SqoopClient
SQOOP-1962: Sqoop2: Start sqoop2 minicluster on random port
SQOOP-1974: Sqoop2: parseCSVString in SQOOPIDFUtils add more tests
SQOOP-1980: Sqoop2: Rule based rest API protection
SQOOP-1981: Sqoop2: Default implementation of RBAC in Sqoop
SQOOP-1982: Sqoop2: Provide username globally via AuthenticationProvider
SQOOP-1984: Sqoop2: Add error summary and details to PostgreSQL repository
SQOOP-1985: Sqoop2: On job delete cascade to submission
SQOOP-1988: Sqoop2: isNull handling should be moved to CSVIntermediateDataFormat
SQOOP-1991: Sqoop2: Define slow category in integration tests
SQOOP-1994: Sqoop2: Use common repository constants
SQOOP-2002: Sqoop2: Refactor existing security component
SQOOP-2004: Sqoop2: Make annotations run always
SQOOP-2012: DOC:Explain the connector project structure and relevant modules in sqoop to depend on
SQOOP-2013: What is the story for External Connectors to write unit and integration tests?
SQOOP-2015: Sqoop2: Create HBase code path in Kite connector
SQOOP-2026: Sqoop2: Make getUserName function in RequestContext support Kerberos
SQOOP-2028: add license header to TestConnectorManagerUtils
SQOOP-2064: Sqoop2: Update POM version on new 1.99.5 branch
SQOOP-2072: Sqoop2: Add editable and override attributes for postgres
SQOOP-2074: Sqoop2: Add input attributes documentation
SQOOP-2084: Sqoop2: Fix Indentation in input attributes documentation
SQOOP-2085: Sqoop2: Null handling in AuthorizationEngine
SQOOP-2096: Sqoop2: Fix typos in comments in SecurityConstants
SQOOP-1452: Sqoop2: Upgrade to Hadoop 2.5.1
SQOOP-1523: Sqoop2: Support for PostgreSQL database for hosting the sqoop entity repository
SQOOP-1572: Sqoop2: Duplicate Column Name in Multiple Tables Import
SQOOP-1604: Base/ Marker class for Config and Configuration
SQOOP-1636: Sqoop2: Add unique constraint to the SQI_INPUT name per type per config
SQOOP-1640: Sqoop2: Pull DatabaseProvider into sqoop-common-test module
SQOOP-1672: Sqoop2 import inserting null strings('null') for empty values in Oracle
SQOOP-1680: DOC: Create an Public API doc for the Sqoop repository.
SQOOP-1695: Sqoop2: Removed hardcoded version in pom.xml of connector-sdk
SQOOP-1705: SQOOP2: Support AVRO as a an implementation for the IDF interface
SQOOP-1713: Sqoop2: Remove SQOOP-1348.patch file
SQOOP-1730: Sqoop2: httpcore and httpclient version has not upgrade after hadoop upgraded
SQOOP-1740: Sqoop2:The should say driver.autoupgrade
SQOOP-1747: Sqoop2: Provide more information for Kerberos initialization exception
SQOOP-1748: Sqoop2: Client throws NPE when misconfigured for Kerberos
SQOOP-1773: Sqoop2: ClassAvailable validator null handling
SQOOP-1774: Sqoop2: Allow anonymous authentication
SQOOP-1775: Sqoop2: Migrate to URL parameter instead of using header
SQOOP-1777: Sqoop2: Add integration tests to Pre-Commit build
SQOOP-1778: Sqoop2: Increase default memory allocations for tests
SQOOP-1782: Sqoop2: Get submissions per job
SQOOP-1783: Sqoop2: Create derby integration upgrade tests
SQOOP-1784: Sqoop2: Sending POST request to link or job end-point might end up with NPE
SQOOP-1785: Sqoop2: Send driver validation results back to client when creating job
SQOOP-1786: Sqoop2: Stop using JSONValue.parse method call
SQOOP-1787: Sqoop2: Fix dual guava dependency warnings in maven
SQOOP-1788: Sqoop2: Add missing version for build-helper-maven-plugin
SQOOP-1789: Sqoop2: Add validation for partition column when using query based import
SQOOP-1792: Sqoop2: Default to simple authentication type
SQOOP-1806: Sqoop2: Remove the duplicate file in Kite connector
SQOOP-1812: Sqoop2: Repository upgrade issue will prevent server startup
SQOOP-1816: Sqoop2: Add logging to the test DerbyProvider implementation
SQOOP-1818: Sqoop2: Allow transfer between 2 schema less data sources
SQOOP-1821: Sqoop2: External connector loading
SQOOP-1823: Sqoop2: Fix Derby schema javadocs
SQOOP-1827: Sqoop2: Add pattern SQOOP-XYZ-vX.patch to our pre-commit hook
SQOOP-1830: GenericJdBcExtractor does not create java date objects when extracting
SQOOP-1831: Sqoop2: Log filenames of detected Mapreduce files in HdfsUtils
SQOOP-1832: Sqoop2: Enforce that integration test working directory is always in target/ directory
SQOOP-1833: Sqoop2: Add elapsed time information to pre-commit hook
SQOOP-1836: Sqoop2: Convert the List in Schema Columns to Array for better lookup time
SQOOP-1837: Sqoop2: Verify that executing job has been successful in ConnectorTestCase
SQOOP-1838: Sqoop2: While running Integration tests in IDE ( we get Derby Start Error)
SQOOP-1839: Sqoop2: Mapreduce submission record should propogate failure info as well
SQOOP-1840: Sqoop2: Guard test DerbyProvider from infinite waits in Derby implementation
SQOOP-1843: Sqoop2: Fix anonymous configuration bug
SQOOP-1844: Sqoop2: Start Derby server in DerbyProvider on random port
SQOOP-1847: Sqoop2: Move rat configuration from special execution to the main execution
SQOOP-1850: Sqoop2: DerbyProvider retry ping
SQOOP-1857: Sqoop2: Add rat check to pre-commit hook
SQOOP-1858: Sqoop2: Print out warnings from git apply on output of precommit hook
SQOOP-1861: Sqoop2: ResourceRequest clobbers uncaught server exceptions
SQOOP-1862: Sqoop2: JDBC Connector To side needs to handle converting JODA objects to sql date
SQOOP-1871: Sqoop2: Upgrade to Hadoop 2.6.0
SQOOP-1872: IDF API should expose a method to add dependent jars
SQOOP-1874: Sqoop2: ConfigurableError should be in the configurable package
SQOOP-1875: Sqoop2: Sync MSubmission with repository and add tests for the max limit handling for submission fields
SQOOP-1882: JobManager currently ignores the TO connector IDF and assumed all IDF use String for the generic T
SQOOP-1885: Sqoop2: KafkaConnector pom.xml needs license header
SQOOP-1893: add license header to TestSqoopIDFUtils.
SQOOP-1894: Sqoop2: Print out files that failed license check in pre-commit hook
SQOOP-1895: Sqoop2: Add links to output reports to pre-commit hook
SQOOP-1896: Upgrade the Derby repo version to 5 for 1.99.5 release
SQOOP-1910: Sqoop2: Add test categories
SQOOP-1911: Sqoop2: Derby1_99_4UpgradeTest is constantly failing on pre-commit hook
SQOOP-1917: Sqoop2: "show connector --all" fails
SQOOP-1927: Sqoop2: Move CSVURIValidator into validators package
SQOOP-1929: Sqoop2: Track number of records written in Loader
SQOOP-1934: SqoopWritable and MR engine documentation
SQOOP-1943: Sqoop2: PreCommit should continue if license check fails
SQOOP-1945: Sqoop2: Add table escaping to JDBC Repository
SQOOP-1963: Generated files such as .project and .classpath files are included in source distribution
SQOOP-1971: Sqoop2: strURL may not be initialized when calling addDelegationToken
SQOOP-1972: Sqoop2: PreCommit hook have incorrect link for test reports
SQOOP-1973: Sqoop2: Remove maven module spi completely after merging it with connector-sdk
SQOOP-1977: Sqoop2: Pre-commit hook does not work for Python 2.6 environment
SQOOP-1995: Sqoop2: Allow nulls only if the column for that field has IsNullable to be true
SQOOP-1996: Sqoop2: Change getNullable to isNullable
SQOOP-2018: GenericJDBCConnector SqlTypes INTEGER should be set 4 bytes
SQOOP-2021: Sqoop2: Generic JDBC Connector extractor uses wrong nulls
SQOOP-2022: Sqoop2: SqoopIDFUtils uses bit size instead of byteSize to check for INT/LONG/FLOAT/Double
SQOOP-2023: GenericJDBCConnector Handling unsigned Ints is broken
SQOOP-2027: Sqoop2: SqoopIDFUtils handling of decimal need to be fixed
SQOOP-2029: Sqoop2: Get jobs by connector
SQOOP-2030: Should we allow creating a job with both from and to to id been the same
SQOOP-2032: Command line exception message says class not found
SQOOP-2034: Sqoop2: Clean up docstring and names in repository API
SQOOP-2041: Sqoop2: Escape identifier names
SQOOP-2043: Sqoop2: Server errors don't look informative enough in the client
SQOOP-2054: Sqoop2: Client cannot understand server exceptions
SQOOP-2077: Sqoop2: Enclose missing/extra lines in output of HdfsAsserts.assertMapreduceOutput
SQOOP-2078: Sqoop2: Add ParametrizedUtils.toArrayOfArrays utils method
SQOOP-2081: Sqoop2: Provide ability to dump content of testing table to log
SQOOP-2086: Sqoop2: Use named constraints
SQOOP-2087: Sqoop2: Named constraints should be quoted
SQOOP-2088: Sqoop2: Rename constants for named constraints to match convention
SQOOP-2099: Sqoop2: Postgresql's detectRepositoryVersion uses wrong casing
SQOOP-2100: Sqoop2: Connectors documentation is malformed
SQOOP-2109: Sqoop2: Shell module is including test dependencies when building binary artifact
SQOOP-2116: Sqoop2: RequestContext should use user short name
SQOOP-1678: Sqoop2: [HDFS Connector] Configurable null values
SQOOP-1727: Sqoop2: Log server initialization errors to log4j
SQOOP-1767: Sqoop2: commands in 5 minute demo docs are out-of-sync
SQOOP-1869: Sqoop2: Expand schema matching to support two schemaless connectors
SQOOP-1944: Sqoop2: No (or wrong) log message when Derby server startup/shutdown unexpectedly
SQOOP-1966: Turn off maven's source distribution profile by default
SQOOP-1968: Optimize schema operation in getMatchingData of NameMatcher
SQOOP-1969: Support getColumnSize method for Schema class
SQOOP-2006: bad smell: NPE check in SQOOP-1995 is not obvious
SQOOP-1763: Sqoop2: Role Based Access Control
SQOOP-1926: Sqoop2: Add annotations for visibilty and compatibility guarantees
SQOOP-1350: Sqoop2: Support all supported data types in the CSV Intermediate Data Format implementation
SQOOP-1525: Kerberos support on Sqoop 2
SQOOP-2033: Technical Guide of the Sqoop Server
Release 1.99.4
SQOOP-777 Sqoop2: Implement intermediate data format representation policy
SQOOP-1232 Sqoop2: Provide tooling infrastructure for Sqoop2
SQOOP-1367 Sqoop2: From/To
SQOOP-773 Sqoop2: Batch execution support for client commands
SQOOP-1144 Sqoop2: Add fixVersion to PreCommit branch detection
SQOOP-1189 Sqoop2: Ensure that clone methods will correctly copy over all values from all parents
SQOOP-1196 Sqoop2: Add support for arbitrary compression codecs
SQOOP-1211 Sqoop2: Derby repo: Sync maximal length of versions
SQOOP-1225 Sqoop 2 documentation for connector development
SQOOP-1290 Sqoop2: Kill Tomcat in case that Sqoop Server fails to load
SQOOP-1509 Sqoop2: Sqoop2 Rest API refactoring
SQOOP-1547 Sqoop2: Connector API stabilization
SQOOP-1557 Sqoop2: SQ_CONFIGURABLE ( for entities who own configs)
SQOOP-1566 Sqoop2: Fix the upgrade logic for SQOOP-1498
SQOOP-1585 Sqoop2: Prefix mapreduce classes with MR ( no functionality change)
SQOOP-1586 Sqoop2: Rename leftovers from the SQOOP2 merge of 1367
SQOOP-1597 Sqoop2: Refactor DerbySchemaQuery into one for create/ update/ and then CRUD operarations
SQOOP-1620 Sqoop2: FileSystem should be configurable in HDFS connector
SQOOP-1208 Sqoop2: job ID column is too small
SQOOP-1218 Sqoop2: Upgrade Hadoop 2 to GA release 2.2.0
SQOOP-1233 Sqoop2: Remove unnecessary explicit call to MessageFormat
SQOOP-1247 Sqoop2: Distribution module is missing dependency on Tomcat module
SQOOP-1258 Sqoop2: FrameworkMetadataUpgrade can't handle new inputs
SQOOP-1264 Sqoop2: Remove unnecessary cd command calls from
SQOOP-1285 Sqoop2: ToolRunner is not exiting with proper exit value on error
SQOOP-1288 Add mengwei to commiter list in our root pom.xml file
SQOOP-1291 Sqoop2: Binary package do not have top level commands executable
SQOOP-1296 Sqoop2: Revert SQOOP-1233
SQOOP-1308 Sqoop2: Database export with the Generic-JDBC-Connector loses rows
SQOOP-1320 Sqoop2: Log entire SQLExceptions chain in GenericJdbcExecutor
SQOOP-1331 Sqoop2: Add method "findConnectors" to repository API
SQOOP-1338 Sqoop2: Exclude intellij idea project files from git
SQOOP-1339 Synchronize .gitignore files
SQOOP-1354 Sqoop2: wrong maven-site-plugin version
SQOOP-1383 Sqoop2: MSSQL Export not working
SQOOP-1424 Sqoop2: Simplify SqoopCommand in shell package
SQOOP-1425 Sqoop2: Improve ClassUtils to enable use of primitive types and subclasses
SQOOP-1426 Sqoop2: ThrowableBean should correct reconstruct SqoopException
SQOOP-1436 Sqoop2: Support custom form name via the Form Annotation
SQOOP-1537 Sqoop2: File TestJobManager is missing proper license header
SQOOP-1578 Sqoop2: getJars should take from and to configurations
SQOOP-1581 Sqoop2: LoaderContext has the wrong Schema
SQOOP-1594 Sqoop2: DestroyerContext has the wrong Schema
SQOOP-1605 Sqoop2: Misc From/to cleanups
SQOOP-1619 Sqoop2: Enforce Unique constraint for name on configurable table
SQOOP-1623 Sqoop2: Derive the correct Client version for sqoop
SQOOP-1625 Repository upgrade issue
SQOOP-1629 Sqoop2: Add unique constraint on the Config table for name and type
SQOOP-1636 Sqoop2: Add unique constraint to the SQI_INPUT name per type per config
SQOOP-1639 Sqoop2: CLOB data type wrong type
SQOOP-1641 DOC: Sqoop 5 minute demo.rst update to reflect latest in code
SQOOP-1655 SQOOP2 DOC: Document getSchema() and its use in the connector dev guide
SQOOP-1660 DOC: Connector SDK docs + validation to be updated
SQOOP-1661 Sqoop2: Intermediate data format text null handling
SQOOP-1662 Sqoop2: allowNullValueInPartitionColumn should be partitionColumnNull
SQOOP-1664 Sqoop2: Remove the unused SqoopFileOutputFormat class
SQOOP-1665 Sqoop2: Misc Cleanup / rename lingering connection to link
SQOOP-1668 Sqoop2: Update existing job meets NPE ( regression from SQOOP 1510)
SQOOP-1669 Sqoop2: JDBC connector does not understand iso8610 representation using " " as separator
SQOOP-1671 Fix incorrect merge from SQOOP-1645
SQOOP-1673 DOC: Update Upgrade.rst to reflect the latest in the code
SQOOP-1674 DOC: index.rst updates for Sqoop
SQOOP-1675 Sqoop2: Update Upgrade.rst to to address Rb comments
SQOOP-1676 Sqoop2: clientAPI.rst changes to reflect latest code
SQOOP-1677 DOC: CommandLineClient.rst update to reflect latest in code
SQOOP-1679 Sqoop2: Fix inconsistent naming in shell for entity driver in sqoop2
SQOOP-1694 Sqoop2: Fix broken Hadoop100 build
SQOOP-1696 Sqoop2: TestMapReduce.testOutputFormat is failing on Hadoop 1 profile
SQOOP-1697 Sqoop2: HDFS Connector TestLoader.verifyOutput have invalid default value for Hadoop 1
SQOOP-1718 Sqoop2: CommandLineClient doc error
SQOOP-1721 Sqoop2: common jars missing for MR job
SQOOP-1723 Sqoop2: findJobsByConnector fails
SQOOP-1724 Sqoop2: Support old config types for backward compatibility in connector data upgrade
SQOOP-1725 Sqoop2: Connector upgrade in 1.99.4 fails with delete configs
SQOOP-1728 Sqoop2: Force HDFS connector as a configurable fixes
SQOOP-1729 Sqoop2: The existing genericJDBC connector code upgrade logic is incomplete.
SQOOP-1731 Sqoop2: Generic JDBC upgrade from 1.99.3 to 1.99.4
SQOOP-1736 Sqoop2: Driver missing during upgrade
SQOOP-1740 Sqoop2:The should say driver.autoupgrade
SQOOP-1742 Sqoop2: Add type to connectors during upgrade
SQOOP-1219 Sqoop2: Bump up Tomcat version to 6.0.37
SQOOP-1220 Sqoop2: Improve default file to work out of the box on both Hadoop 1 and 2
SQOOP-1234 Sqoop2: Clean up comments in MSubmission class
SQOOP-1235 Sqoop2: Repository should be immutable by default
SQOOP-1236 Sqoop2: Classpath generated by Submission engine should contain only unique elements
SQOOP-1266 Sqoop2: Introduce top level commands
SQOOP-927 Sqoop2: Integration: Mapreduce specific tests should be running on MiniCluster
SQOOP-1254 Sqoop2: Tool: Upgrade tool
SQOOP-1255 Sqoop2: Tool: Dump repository content to a repository independent format
SQOOP-1262 Sqoop2: Tool: Create user guide entry for the Tooling infrastructure
SQOOP-1376 Sqoop2: From/To: Refactor connector interface
SQOOP-1377 Sqoop2: From/To: Improve client/server communication
SQOOP-1379 Sqoop2: From/To: Disable tests
SQOOP-1380 Sqoop2: From/To: Refactor models
SQOOP-1381 Sqoop2: From/To: Refactor submission/execution engine
SQOOP-1444 Sqoop2: Validations: Remove all references to the original Validation infastructure
SQOOP-1469 Sqoop2: Validations: Rename constants in Status class
SQOOP-1499 Sqoop2: Refactor MJob to hold fromConfig, ToConfig and DriverConfig ( mandatory to create a job)
SQOOP-1500 Sqoop2: Rename Forms to Config, Create FromConfig and ToConfig
SQOOP-1501 Sqoop2: Refactor MConnector
SQOOP-1503 Sqoop2: Refactor MFramework (rename to MDriver) and add MDriverConfig
SQOOP-1504 Sqoop2: Refactor MConnection (rename to MLink)
SQOOP-1505 Sqoop2: Rename the repository schema objects to adhere to the model objects
SQOOP-1510 Sqoop2: Refactor JobRequestHandler for submit/abort job and SubmissionHandler for get operation only
SQOOP-1512 Refactor ConnectionRequestHandler and add ConfigurableRequestHandler
SQOOP-1513 Sqoop2: Refactor LinkRequestHandler
SQOOP-1514 Refactor FrameworkRequestHandler to DriverRequestHandler
SQOOP-1515 Sqoop2: VersionRequestHandler - fixes
SQOOP-1517 Test CommandLineClient to accomodate the JSON API refactoring
SQOOP-1518 Sqoop2: Update the Rest API documentation
SQOOP-1542 Sqoop2: From/To: MConnector should handle null forms
SQOOP-1550 Sqoop2: Remove the indirection in MDriverConfig, let it extend the MConfig instead of has-a MConfig
SQOOP-1551 Sqoop2: Repository Upgrader api - Extensibility
SQOOP-1554 Sqoop2: Add NullConfigurationClass/ EmptyConfigurationClass to support use cases that do not have a particular type of config
SQOOP-1575 Sqoop2: Validations: Migrate HDFS connector to new validators
SQOOP-1576 Sqoop2: Validations: Migrate Repository upgrade to the new validator infrastructure
SQOOP-1628 Sqoop2: Ensure Connector/Driver/Version only support GET method
SQOOP-1637 Sqoop2: Validations: Update documentation with the new Validator infrastructure
SQOOP-1645 Sqoop2: Update label text and (optional) required info for the generic jdbc connector config properties
SQOOP-1653 Sqoop2: Link and connector handler minor fixes
SQOOP-1686 Sqoop2: Fix the JSON names for config and config values
SQOOP-1687 Sqoop2: Single resource in JSON should not be a list
SQOOP-1688 Sqoop2: Fix the Validation Response JSON for configs
Release 1.99.3
SQOOP-659: Design metadata upgrade procedure
SQOOP-924: Sqoop2: Devguide: Describe wire protocol
SQOOP-945: Sqoop2: Integration: Auxiliary methods that will support export functionality
SQOOP-994: Sqoop2: Upgrade: Add calling validation to the upgrade method
SQOOP-996: Sqoop2: Upgrade: Create upgrade tests
SQOOP-997: Sqoop2: Upgrade: Provide ability to disable the automatic upgrade
SQOOP-998: Sqoop2: Upgrade: Add framework upgrader
SQOOP-1009: Sqoop2: Integration: Create Teradata provider
SQOOP-1014: Sqoop2: Splitter: Add Bit/Boolean based implementation
SQOOP-1015: Sqoop2: Splitter: Add Datetime based implementation
SQOOP-1016: Sqoop2: Splitter: Add text char implementation
SQOOP-1022: Metadata upgrade fails with NPE getConnector method
SQOOP-1023: STMT_DELETE_FORMS_FOR_CONNECTOR query in DerbySchemaSquery looks for incorrect column
SQOOP-1024: GenericJdbcConnectorUpgrader must ignore inputs which may not exist in old version
SQOOP-1025: Sqoop metadata upgrade must set job id in the new job being created
SQOOP-1077: Sqoop2: Integration: Create Netezza provider
SQOOP-1087: Sqoop2: Integration: Abstract common functionality into src module
SQOOP-1091: Sqoop2: Submission history API - provide SqoopClient programming API
SQOOP-1092: Sqoop2: Submission history API - provide client shell function `show submission`
SQOOP-1101: Sqoop2: Basic schema: Provide implementation of the proposed data types
SQOOP-1102: Sqoop2: Basic schema: Generate the schema on import in Generic JDBC Connector
SQOOP-1103: Sqoop2: Basic schema: Provide facility transfer Schema from server to client
SQOOP-1114: Sqoop2: Integration: Add tests for various Generic JDBC Connector splitters
SQOOP-1115: Sqoop2: Integration: Provide helper methods for synchronous job submission
SQOOP-1200: Sqoop2 1.99.3 Pom files version change on release branch
SQOOP-1201: Sqoop2: Update docs to reflect correct version on the release branch
SQOOP-515: Sqoop2: Datatype support
SQOOP-827: Sqoop2: MMapInput is null while retrieving from DB if pass empty map on write
SQOOP-897: Sqoop2: Remove script and use catalina's common.loader instead
SQOOP-958: Sqoop2: fix version tests in Mac OS X
SQOOP-974: Sqoop2: Add staging table support to generic jdbc export job
SQOOP-982: Sqoop2: Allow user to pass custom parameters to
SQOOP-989: Sqoop2: overrides value of JAVA_OPTS
SQOOP-993: Sqoop2: Metadata upgrade
SQOOP-995: Sqoop2: Add cloning ability to model classes
SQOOP-1002: Sqoop2: Mapreduce local mode detection is not working correctly on Hadoop 2.x
SQOOP-1003: Sqoop2: execution error
SQOOP-1005: Sqoop2: Update year in the notice file to 2013
SQOOP-1019: Sqoop2: Client side caching input forms
SQOOP-1036: Sqoop2: JobClient.getCounters can return NULL
SQOOP-1039: Sqoop2: show version with no args should show something
SQOOP-1040: Sqoop2: NPE in TableDisplayer
SQOOP-1041: Sqoop2: Framework upgrade in JdbcRepository returns the outdated value
SQOOP-1046: Sqoop2: Importing single row using decimal splitter will not import anything
SQOOP-1048: Sqoop2: NPE when importing NULL value
SQOOP-1049: Sqoop2: Record not imported if partition column value is NULL
SQOOP-1062: Misspell in "isVerboose()" method, it should be "isVerbose()"
SQOOP-1069: Sqoop2: Incorrect error message from FrameworkValidator
SQOOP-1070: Shell scripts should not rely on $PATH if $JAVA_HOME is set
SQOOP-1080: Sqoop2: Investigate Jenkins test failures
SQOOP-1081: destroy() method of ConnectorManager has not been implemented yet.
SQOOP-1082: Implement pre-commit testing with Jenkins
SQOOP-1088: Sqoop2: Submission history API
SQOOP-1089: Sqoop2: Accept Language header default
SQOOP-1095: Sqoop2: PreCommit Hook have incorrect branch name
SQOOP-1100: Sqoop2: Missing setBoolean() method for MutableContext interface
SQOOP-1104: Sqoop2: Allow versioned patches in the PreCommit hook
SQOOP-1105: Sqoop2: Remove our implementation of StringUtils
SQOOP-1112: Sqoop2: Date splitter might return splits omitting some boundaries
SQOOP-1113: Sqoop2: Text splitter will fail on interval "Breezy Badger"" to "Warty Warthog""
SQOOP-1121: Sqoop2: Serialize schema and make them available in the MR job.
SQOOP-1123: Sqoop2: Add eclipse project metadata folder excluded from maven
SQOOP-1128: Sqoop2: SqoopException being nested into another SqoopException in Repository
SQOOP-1130: Sqoop2: Sqoop MapReduce Job Failed when max and min boundary are both null
SQOOP-1131: New test added in SQOOP-1121 is using unsupported API in Hadoop 100
SQOOP-1136: Sqoop2: MBooleanInput forget to copy persistenceId when do clone()
SQOOP-1139: Sqoop2: indentation is inconsistent with rest of the codebase
SQOOP-1145: Sqoop2: Use JSON object for serializing MAP input type
SQOOP-1147: Sqoop2: show framework function does not behave as expected
SQOOP-1154: Sqoop2: Text partitioner might miss or include edge values
SQOOP-1169: Sqoop2: org.apache.sqoop.repository.schema.immutable should default to false
SQOOP-1178: Sqoop2: get connections for connector columns out of order
SQOOP-1180: Sqoop2: Metadata upgrade is calling validators with Model classes instead of configuration objects
SQOOP-1205: Sqoop2: Provide upgrade guide for end users
SQOOP-1210: Exporting data with malformed records causes sqoop2 jobs to hang until killed or they timeout
SQOOP-675: Sqoop2: Substitute submission command with top level commands start, stop and status
SQOOP-921: Sqoop2: Create standalone shell package
SQOOP-943: Sqoop2: Repository wide configuration of immutable disk structures
SQOOP-971: Sqoop2: Component reconfigurability
SQOOP-973: Sqoop2: Merge host, port and app to single server URL in Sqoop shell
SQOOP-983: Sqoop2: Document client synchronous mode
SQOOP-984: Sqoop2: Improve user experience on synchronous job submission
SQOOP-985: Sqoop2: Introduce synchronous job submission to Client API
SQOOP-990: Sqoop2: Allow users to override Sqoop2's default http port and admin port
SQOOP-1012: Sqoop2: Generic JDBC Connector should have one static instance of validator
SQOOP-1017: Sqoop2: Split FrameworkManager into two classes
SQOOP-1028: Remove poll timeout parameter from Sqoop shell synchronous submission
SQOOP-1042: Sqoop2: Name constraints in Derby repository
SQOOP-1043: Sqoop2: Improve error messages in Derby repository
SQOOP-1044: Sqoop2: Improve logging in metadata upgrade methods
SQOOP-1059: Sqoop2: Remove ad hoc modle cloning methods in common module
SQOOP-1060: Sqoop2: Increase maximal size of custom query in Generic JDBC Connector
SQOOP-1065: Sqoop2: Remove special lock object in FrameworkManager
SQOOP-1067: Sqoop2: Tests should not use /tmp/ directory for storing data
SQOOP-1073: Sqoop2: Introduce schema for transferred data
SQOOP-1075: Sqoop2: Persist Framework metadata version in repository
SQOOP-1111: Sqoop2: Implement version detection and structure updates into Derby repository
SQOOP-1141: Sqoop2: Provide ability to enable/disable connections and jobs
SQOOP-1142: Sqoop2: Provide creater and last edited by to metadata structures
SQOOP-1143: Sqoop2: Provide server audit log for operations upon metadata structures
SQOOP-1182: Expose compression options for Sqoop2 import
SQOOP-1183: Sqoop2: Add getConnector(String) to the client API
SQOOP-1184: Sqoop2: Improve error messages during metadata upgrade
SQOOP-663: Sqoop2: Introduce connector SDK
SQOOP-1013: Sqoop2: Provide splitters for additional data types to Generic JDBC Connector
SQOOP-1076: Sqoop2: Introduce Boolean model type
SQOOP-1155: Sqoop 2 documentation for connector development
SQOOP-672: Unify logger usage across entire code base
SQOOP-744: Sqoop2: Supply log4j configuration for generated mapreduce job
SQOOP-745: Sqoop2: Change "submit" client command to "submission"
SQOOP-1001: Sqoop2: Document methods for overriding server port
SQOOP-1109: Sqoop2: Add new committers to root pom.xml file
SQOOP-1110: Sqoop2: Precommit: Add routine to detect if patch touch test
Release 1.99.2
SQOOP-831: Unit test for common module
SQOOP-861: Sqoop2: Integration: Create basic integration infrastructure
SQOOP-882: Sqoop2 integration: Auxiliary classes for various database support
SQOOP-896: Sqoop2: Remove PrefixContext dependency in Execution engine
SQOOP-908: Sqoop2 integration: Create MySQL and PostgreSQL database providers
SQOOP-909: Sqoop2 integration: Create Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database providers
SQOOP-925: Sqoop2: Devguide: Describe client API for embedding Sqoop client in applications
SQOOP-930: Sqoop2: Devguide: Building and setting up developer environment
SQOOP-939: Sqoop2: devguide: Document how to open project in Eclipse
SQOOP-946: Sqoop2: Integration: Enhance the POC test case
SQOOP-953: Sqoop2: Integration: Schema support
SQOOP-987: Exclude mockito jars from being copied into the sqoop2 distribution
SQOOP-746: Sqoop2: Mapreduce job should have running with speculative execution disabled
SQOOP-783: Sqoop2: Merge HdfsSequenceExportExtractor and HdfsTextExportExtractor to one Extractor
SQOOP-799: Sqoop2: Change SqoopConnector interface to abstract class
SQOOP-802: Sqoop2: Convert main "Manager" classes to singletons.
SQOOP-811: Client shell variable substitution for recent commands
SQOOP-812: Sqoop2: Serialization of Configuration objects to and from json is not working properly
SQOOP-813: Sqoop2: LoaderExecutor might get into deadlock when exception is raised outside Loader itself
SQOOP-815: Sqoop2: Get version for client requires working connection to server
SQOOP-822: Sqoop2: Git repository revision is not fetched
SQOOP-835: Sqoop2: Do not recreate each compilation
SQOOP-843: Sqoop2: Generic JDBC connector is committing transaction on export with autoCommit on
SQOOP-844: Sqoop2: HdfsExportPartitioner is not always respecting maximal number of partitions
SQOOP-845: Sqoop2: Improve Generic JDBC validator
SQOOP-850: Sqoop2: Move server initialization from server module to core
SQOOP-851: Sqoop2: NullPointerException in Mapreduce Submission engine initialization
SQOOP-852: Sqoop2: Mapreduce submission engine is not closing opened JobClient object
SQOOP-858: Sqoop2: Add validation messages on form level
SQOOP-865: Sqoop2: Client request cache is incorrectly setting the framework validations
SQOOP-867: Sqoop2 client shows wrong msg
SQOOP-868: Mismatched msg in sqoop2 client
SQOOP-871: Connector-level job-specific prop gives wrong help msg
SQOOP-872: sqoop2 client 'show framework' command isn't resolving the show.prompt_framework_opts prop
SQOOP-873: Sqoop2 build should ignore Intellij files
SQOOP-874: Sqoop2: Provide log4j configuration for client
SQOOP-875: Sqoop2: ClassUtils.instantiate class should not be logging on ERROR level
SQOOP-879: Sqoop2: NPE when deleting job object that do not have associated any submissions
SQOOP-880: Sqoop2: NPE when stopping job that was never executed
SQOOP-881: Sqoop2: Change default port from 8080
SQOOP-884: Sqoop2: Disable interactive client commands in batch mode
SQOOP-887: Sqoop2: Move string constants from FormDisplayer to resource file
SQOOP-888: Sqoop2: Move out checking of special condition token to Validator in Generic JDBC Manager
SQOOP-889: Sqoop2: Move tomcat related properties from dist/pom.xml to root pom.xml
SQOOP-892: Sqoop2: Validate acceptable number of mappers and reducers
SQOOP-893: Fix job submission progress percentage
SQOOP-894: Sqoop2: Increase counter and group size in derby repository
SQOOP-905: Sqoop 2: Job submission shows wrong date format in client console
SQOOP-941: Sqoop2: Do not send sensitive values from server to client
SQOOP-942: Sqoop2: Refactore code repetition in SqoopRequests objects
SQOOP-952: Sqoop2: Create job function requires uppercased type name
SQOOP-966: Sqoop2: Remove placeholder class IgnoredForm
SQOOP-980: Sqoop2: Show connection and job command hung
SQOOP-647: Provide facility to cache server responses on client side
SQOOP-660: Improve user experience in displaying connection/job metadata
SQOOP-678: Sqoop2: Add counters handling to map reduce submission engine
SQOOP-682: Sqoop2: Use templating in job.etl classes
SQOOP-723: Add possibility to have synchronous submissions in Sqoop 2
SQOOP-750: Sqoop2: Introduce show option client command
SQOOP-803: Sqoop2: Add gpg profile to pom file so that we can easily deploy artifacts to mvn repository
SQOOP-806: Sqoop2: Put "creation" and "lastUpdate" date to Connection and Job objects
SQOOP-807: Sqoop2: Verify whether job object can be safely removed prior removing
SQOOP-814: Sqoop2: Start using configuration objects in Generic JDBC Connector
SQOOP-826: Sqoop2: Add log4j test configuration to all maven modules
SQOOP-833: add *.eml "ant eclipse" (IntelliJ import) generated file, to .gitignore
SQOOP-841: Sqoop2: Remove final keyword from manager classes
SQOOP-842: Sqoop2: Put partition to template in Extractor as well
SQOOP-863: Sqoop2: Introduce ProgressThread into Extractor and Loader
SQOOP-864: Sqoop2: Introduce ETL context objects
SQOOP-866: Sqoop2: Introduce framework validations
SQOOP-876: Expose the xid and cid when show status of job in sqoop2 client
SQOOP-877: Sqoop2: Increase field size of output.outputDirectory property value from 25 to 50
SQOOP-899: Sqoop2: Properly document REST endpoints in the server handler classes
SQOOP-900: Sqoop2: Introduce human readable coding style for queries stored in DerbySchemaQuery
SQOOP-919: Sqoop2: Improve Form API for simple java handling
SQOOP-920: Sqoop2: Print out warnings in client shell for objects created with status ACCEPTABLE
SQOOP-922: Sqoop2: Shell commands are throwing exceptions when invalid function is specified
SQOOP-947: Sqoop2: Introduce the concept of "sensitivity" input to all supported metadata structures
SQOOP-967: Sqoop2: Introduce dummy configuration key to easily identify Sqoop2 job
SQOOP-972: Sqoop2: Load server URL from environment in shell
SQOOP-975: Sqoop2: Port conflict problems in tomcat
SQOOP-986: Sqoop2: Add detection of local mode to mapreduce submission engine
SQOOP-643: Sqoop2: Implement simple listings for connector and job objects
SQOOP-664: Send user name as HTTP header in client to server communication
SQOOP-785: Sqoop2: Add splitter implementation for NUMERIC/DECIMAL type
SQOOP-895: Sqoop2: Do not serialize framework and connector configurations into mapreduce configuration object
SQOOP-903: Sqoop2: Add schema support to Generic JDBC Connector
SQOOP-918: Sqoop2: Introduce client API and change Sqoop shell to use it
SQOOP-805: Sqoop2: Document show option function in CommandClientGuide
SQOOP-809: Sqoop2: Remove old deprecated comments from distribution pom file
Release 1.99.1
SQOOP-680: Re enable unit tests for map reduce execution engine
SQOOP-698: Document installation procedure for Sqoop 2
SQOOP-699: Create content for User guide for Sqoop 2
SQOOP-700: Provide examples to Sqoop 2 user guide
SQOOP-701: Create content for Sqoop 2 Developer guide
SQOOP-703: Move sqoop 2 documentation to top level directory in binary artefact
SQOOP-708: Create documentation for Sqoop 2 client
SQOOP-713: Introduce maven profiles for different Hadoop versions
SQOOP-714: Make map reduce related code to be compatible with Hadoop 1
SQOOP-715: Add support for Hadoop 1 to script in Sqoop 2
SQOOP-742: Put 5 minutes demo on index page in Sqoop 2 documentation
SQOOP-753: Sqoop2: Update top level README file
SQOOP-755: Sqoop2: Provide license file with license information for all artifacts included in binary release
SQOOP-756: Sqoop2: Exclude junit jar from our binary artifact
SQOOP-757: Sqoop2: Disable maven reports project wise
SQOOP-758: Sqoop2: Generate documentation in package goal
SQOOP-786: Sqoop2: Include jars from WAR archive in LICENSE.txt file
SQOOP-787: Sqoop2: Provide CHANGELOG.txt file
SQOOP-800: Sqoop2: Update NOTICE file
SQOOP-511: Need to set persistent id for connector if in repository already
SQOOP-537: TestMPersistableEntity does not contain license header
SQOOP-596: Implement connection resource end-to-end
SQOOP-608: Implement job resource from end to end
SQOOP-631: Sqoop2 client is not working on Mac OS X
SQOOP-632: Sqoop 2 client help text contains link to old incubator page
SQOOP-644: Remove DISCLAMER.txt file from branch sqoop2
SQOOP-651: adding .gitattributes to prevent CRLF and LF mismatches for source and text files
SQOOP-655: Generic JDBC connector for export
SQOOP-671: Mapreduce counters are not used in generated mapreduce jobs
SQOOP-673: Mapreduce submission manager should not call update() on finished submissions
SQOOP-674: Sqoop2: Exceptions in special map reduce threads can cause mapreduce job to freeze
SQOOP-686: Empty job name will result in NPE during job submission
SQOOP-688: Add netbeans files to gitignore and rat
SQOOP-690: Fix threading issues in SqoopOutputFormatLoadExecutor
SQOOP-692: Move execution specific error codes from CoreError to it's own error codes class
SQOOP-693: Intermediate data format support for export
SQOOP-695: Change default host on client to "localhost"
SQOOP-696: Client command submission status will finish gracefully when executed for non existing job
SQOOP-702: Refactor OutputLoadExecutor
SQOOP-705: Framework-defined text/sequence partitioner/extractor for HDFS
SQOOP-707: Update developer list in Sqoop 2 pom file
SQOOP-710: Remove dependency on unreleased commons-cli 1.3 from Sqoop 2 client
SQOOP-727: We should use more strict regular expressions in script
SQOOP-728: Increase varchar limits for external link and exceptions in Derby repository
SQOOP-729: SubmissionDisplayer should display Stack Trace only in Verbose mode
SQOOP-738: Sqoop is not importing all data in Sqoop 2
SQOOP-759: Sqoop2: Loading client resource file is failing on ResourceBundle not found exception
SQOOP-760: Sqoop2: Fix invalid \h escape sequence in client resource file
SQOOP-761: HDFSTextExportExtractor loses lines around partition boundaries
SQOOP-764: Sqoop2: Fix typo in client resource file "prompt.conn_id"
SQOOP-765: Sqoop2: JDBC repository is incorrectly checking if job exists in update handler
SQOOP-766: Sqoop2: Fix client resources
SQOOP-768: Sqoop2: Compilation on hadoop profile 100 will fail
SQOOP-770: Sqoop2: executable scripts in binary distribution tarball are not executable
SQOOP-771: Sqoop2: Improve
SQOOP-772: OutOfMemory from document generation
SQOOP-774: Sqoop2: exception is thrown when creating a connection object if connectionString starts with an empty space
SQOOP-775: Sqoop2: script is silently ignoring unknown arguments
SQOOP-778: Remove empty SqoopUserGuide and SqoopDeveloperGuide
SQOOP-779: Sqoop2: NPE when JobConnectorContext has a null value
SQOOP-780: Sqoop2: GENERIC_JDBC_CONNECTOR_0011:The type is not supported - 2
SQOOP-781: Sqoop2: Improve logging in GenericJdbcImportInitializer
SQOOP-782: Update comment to reflect that TestHdfsExtract works fine.
SQOOP-784: Sqoop2: Creating job for connection with id > 1 will results in NullPointerException
SQOOP-788: Sqoop2: Import sometimes duplicate some data
SQOOP-789: Fix Hadoop-1 build
SQOOP-790: Remove flakiness from TestSqoopOutputformatLoadExecutor
SQOOP-306: Move to a maven build
SQOOP-347: Pull versions into properties in the pom.xml
SQOOP-507: Update dist/pom.xml so that maven doesn't download tomcat every time
SQOOP-525: Enable dist package build by default
SQOOP-534: Add ability to find out if MPersistableEntity do already have persistent ID
SQOOP-545: Add IntelliJ IDEA files to RAT exclude
SQOOP-567: Support connection validation in JDBC repository
SQOOP-568: Configuration reload period should be configurable in PropertiesConfigurationProvider
SQOOP-573: Do not change working directory for client
SQOOP-581: Client should be sending used locale back to sqoop server to retrieve locale aware data
SQOOP-590: Switch Sqoop 2 to Apache Tomcat 6 For Better Integration With Apache Bigtop
SQOOP-612: Provide unit tests for derby metadata repository
SQOOP-618: Remove most important FindBugs warnings and errors in Sqoop 2
SQOOP-619: Display user persistent id of newly created connection and job objects
SQOOP-620: Introduce name to connection and job objects
SQOOP-625: Enforce checking advertised maximal size for MStringInput
SQOOP-629: Provide better exception handling during server-client communication
SQOOP-630: Check if connection/job is in use before deleting as deleting used entity might result in FK violations
SQOOP-642: Provide resource reading for both interactive and batch mode processing
SQOOP-645: Separate job engine to separate maven module
SQOOP-646: Provide support for "set" metadata in Sqoop 2
SQOOP-648: Move all string message in client to resource file for easy translation
SQOOP-662: Introduce pluggable configuration objects
SQOOP-667: We should persist in repository all properties of MSubmission metadata class
SQOOP-676: Add lastUpdateDate to MSubmission
SQOOP-677: Destroyer needs to be called from OutputCommitter
SQOOP-679: Wrap exception to MSubmission metadata object
SQOOP-681: Split configuration in Generic JDBC connector between job and connection
SQOOP-684: Encode type of the job into executed map reduce job
SQOOP-694: Introduce client "verbose" mode
SQOOP-704: Exclude patches from RAT checks in Sqoop2
SQOOP-719: Improve user experience with script in Sqoop 2
SQOOP-722: Improve Sqoop 2 packaging
SQOOP-734: Change ConnectorBean to send JSON objects rather than sets of arrays
SQOOP-735: Introduce output format option to Sqoop 2 import
SQOOP-737: Give user option to set number of extractors and loaders
SQOOP-762: Sqoop2: Improve logging in mapreduce execution engine
SQOOP-776: Sqoop2: show connection command shows password in plain text
SQOOP-531: Define connector execution lifecycle
SQOOP-532: Define intefaces for connector-defined execution classes
SQOOP-533: Intermediate data format support for import
SQOOP-588: MapReduce infrastructure for executing ETL framework
SQOOP-589: Framework-defined text/sequence loaders for HDFS
SQOOP-605: Generic JDBC connector for import
SQOOP-610: Job submission engine for import
SQOOP-613: Add support for integer type to metadata model
SQOOP-614: Provide client side ability to clone connection or job object
SQOOP-623: Add support for loading Map inputs in Sqoop2
SQOOP-624: Add test coverage plugin to root pom file
SQOOP-627: Convert forms structures on connector level to configuration classes
SQOOP-656: End to end submission engine
SQOOP-658: Solve hadoop dependency distribution/loading on server side
SQOOP-666: Introduce execution engine
SQOOP-712: Add support of Hadoop 1.x to Sqoop 2
SQOOP-716: Create server notification REST callback to get information if job has update
SQOOP-739: Connectors in Sqoop 2 should be versionable
SQOOP-740: Provide export submission engine implementation for Sqoop 2
SQOOP-491: Create configuration directory with documented configuration files under Sqoop2.
SQOOP-492: Implement a documentation system for Sqoop2
SQOOP-493: Distribution build for Sqoop2 should contain sources
SQOOP-494: Create client infrastructure to allow interactive selection of options of a command.
SQOOP-495: Support for parameter substitution in the client shell.
SQOOP-496: Refine the interface for Connector and Repository to support connection metadata
SQOOP-497: Enhance repository interface to support Connection CRUD
SQOOP-501: Infrastructure to support input of sensitive information like passwords in the client shell
SQOOP-502: Implement show connector command end-to-end
SQOOP-512: Intermediate data representation
SQOOP-514: Layout changes for Sqoop 2 distribution
SQOOP-544: Split job metadata for different job types (import, export)
SQOOP-576: Implement command "show framework" end to end
SQOOP-577: Design storage in derby repository for connect and job metadata
SQOOP-584: Create facility to validate user supplied connection and job forms
SQOOP-697: Put together documentation for Sqoop 2
SQOOP-733: Remove unnecessary version repetition in Sqoop 2 pom files
SQOOP-747: Sqoop 1.99.1 release preparation