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Apache Sling Website

This repository contains the content of the website, which moved in September 2017 from the Apache CMS to this JBake-generated site.

How to build and stage the site locally

Clone this repository, run the below Maven command, open http://localhost:8820/ and enjoy.

mvn clean package -Prun-site

This allows you to experiment with your changes before eventually publishing them.

How to publish the website

Clone this repository and run the below commands or equivalent:

# Build the site and review your changes
mvn clean package

# deploy the site
mvn clean package -Ppublish-site -Dmsg="<describe your changes>"

The ASF's gitpubsub mechanism then synchronizes that content to , usually within a few seconds.

Variables in page content

Adding expandVariables=true to a page's front matter enables simple variables replacement, see the pageVariables map in templates code for which variables are supported or to add more variables. A pattern like ${sling_tagline} in page content is replaced by the sling_tagline variable if it exists, otherwise a MISSING_PAGE_VARIABLE marker is output.

Please use a sling. prefix for new site-related variables in, to differentiate from JBake built-in variables.


Here's a rough list of things that need to be done after the 2017 migration to gitpubsub.

We'll use jira tickets for more specific things, this is more an overview.

JBake and other technotes

Useful scripts and commands

To find broken links use

wget --spider -r -nd -nv -l 5 http://localhost:8820/ 2>&1 | grep -B1 'broken link'