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Apache Sling Slingshot Sample Application
This bundle provides a sample application for Apache Sling.
Slingshot provides a basic gallery application presenting categorized items.
Users can leave comments and rate individual items.
Brief quickstart guide - more detailed description below:
Launch a Sling installation (Sling 8 or later), deploy the Slingshot bundle
and go to http://localhost:8080/slingshot.html. Login with slingshot1/slingshot1
or slingshot2/slingshot2.
Getting Started
This component uses a Maven 3 ( build
environment. It requires a Java 7 JDK (or higher) and Maven (
3.0.5 or later. We recommend to use the latest Maven version.
If you have Maven 3 installed, you can compile and
package the jar using the following command:
mvn package
See the Maven 3 documentation for other build features.
Launching Sling
The Sling Container can be launched by running the following command in the
launchpad/builder/target directory:
java -jar<version>-standalone.jar
so if the current version is 7, the command should be:
java -jar
Deploy the Demo
Once Sling is running you can access its Web Console from
The default user name and password are: admin/admin.
Install and start the built bundle from the OSGi->Bundles page.
When deployed the application can be accessed from:
The latest source code for this component is available in the
Subversion ( source repository of
the Apache Software Foundation. If you have Subversion installed,
you can checkout the latest source using the following command:
svn checkout
See the Subversion documentation for other source control features.