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Apache Sling Testing Pax Exam

Test support for use with Pax Exam.

  • Sling's Karaf Features as Options for Pax Exam (without Karaf)
  • TestSupport with common helper methods and Options

Provided features:

  • run integration tests in a Sling instance in the same module (with the build artifact under test)
  • use different versions in build (e.g. minimal) and tests (e.g. latest)
  • overriding of versions

Getting Started

Configure the build artifact (bundle) to use in integration testing in pom.xml:


Create a test class (extend TestSupport to use helper methods and Options) and provide a Configuration (Option[]) for Pax Exam:

public Option[] configuration() {
    return new Option[]{
        baseConfiguration(), // from TestSupport
        // build artifact
        testBundle("bundle.filename"), // from TestSupport
        // testing

protected Option launchpad() {
    final String workingDirectory = workingDirectory(); // from TestSupport
    final int httpPort = findFreePort(); // from TestSupport
    return composite(
        slingLaunchpadOakTar(workingDirectory, httpPort), // from SlingOptions
        slingExtensionModels(), // from SlingOptions (for illustration)
        slingScriptingThymeleaf() // from SlingOptions (for illustration)

Overriding (or adding) versions:

SlingOptions.versionResolver.setVersion(SLING_GROUP_ID, "", "1.1.0");