Apache Sling Testing PaxExam

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Apache Sling Testing PaxExam

This module is part of the Apache Sling project.


This module provides test support for use with Pax Exam to test with real Sling instances – no limitations or issues due to incomplete and faulty mock implementations.

See Testing PaxExam's documentation page for details and how to use.


  • Run integration tests in a tailored Sling instance in the same module (with the build artifact under test)
  • Use different versions in build (e.g. minimal) and tests (e.g. latest)
  • Overriding of versions
  • Adjusting of provided Options (ModifiableCompositeOptions)
  • Build bundles with test content and OSGi DS services on-the-fly (no need for extra modules)
  • Start Docker containers via Testcontainers