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  1. data-generator/
  2. oap/
  3. ui/
  4. .env
  5. docker-compose.yml

Docker Images

This folder contains Dockerfiles that are used to build our OAP Docker images and UI Docker image. If you want to use the Docker images, please check the user guide for OAP and the user guide for UI.


You can use Makefile located at the root folder to build a docker image with the current codebase.

make docker

It not only contains the process of building a docker image but also includes all the required steps, for instance, init workspace, build artifact from scratch. It builds two images, OAP, and UI.

docker image ls | grep skywalking
skywalking/ui                                   latest              a14db4e1d70d        6 minutes ago       800MB
skywalking/oap                                  latest              2a6084450b44        6 minutes ago       862MB

Building variables

There are some environment variables to control image building.


The Docker build context path, under this path, there should be the distribution tar ball.



The distribution tar ball name, for example, apache-skywalking-apm-bin.tar.gz.


The SkyWalking CLI version to be included in the OAP image, it must be an official Apache release version.


The hub of docker image. The default value is skywalking.


The tag of docker image. The default value is latest.

Running containers with docker-compose

We can start up backend cluster by docker-compose

docker compose up

docker/.env file contains the default elasticsearch tag (ES_TAG).