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Apache SkyWalking Cloud on Kubernetes

A bridge project between Apache SkyWalking and Kubernetes.

SWCK is a platform for the SkyWalking user that provisions, upgrades, maintains SkyWalking relevant components, and makes them work natively on Kubernetes.


  • Java Agent Injector: Inject the java agent into the application pod natively.
    • Inject the java agent into the application pod.
    • Leverage a global configuration to simplify the agent and injector setup.
    • Use the annotation to customize specific workloads.
    • Synchronize injecting status to JavaAgent CR for monitoring purposes.
  • Operator: Provision and maintain SkyWalking backend components.
  • Custom Metrics Adapter: Provides custom metrics coming from SkyWalking OAP cluster for autoscaling by Kubernetes HPA

Quick Start

  • Go to the download page to download the latest release binary, skywalking-swck-<SWCK_VERSION>-bin.tgz. Unarchive the package to a folder named skywalking-swck-<SWCK_VERSION>-bin

Java Agent Injector

  • Install the Operator
  • Label the namespace with swck-injection=enabled
$ kubectl label namespace default(your namespace) swck-injection=enabled
  • Add label swck-java-agent-injected: "true" to the workloads

For more details, please read Java agent injector


  • To install the operator in an existing cluster, ensure you have cert-manager installed.
  • Apply the manifests for the Controller and CRDs in release/config:
kubectl apply -f skywalking-swck-<SWCK_VERSION>-bin/config/operator-bundle.yaml

For more details, please refer to deploy operator

Custom Metrics Adapter

  • Deploy the OAP server by referring to Operator Quick Start.
  • Apply the manifests for an adapter in release/adapter/config:
kubectl apply -f skywalking-swck-<SWCK_VERSION>-bin/config/adapter-bundle.yaml

For more details, please read Custom metrics adapter


For developers who want to contribute to this project, see Contribution Guide. What's more, we have a guide about how to add new CRDs and Controllers, see How to add new CRD and Controller in SWCK.


Apache 2.0 License.