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 - [Pygments](http://pygments.org/) - syntax highlighting for HTML and PDF
 - [Prince XML](http://www.princexml.com/) - converts HTML into PDF for the manual 
-## Building SNAPSHOT dependencies ##
-This project depends on a few SNAPSHOT dependencies.  Before you start working on the docs, you need to checkout and build these two projects locally:
-- [http://github.com/jstrachan/maven-scala-plugin](http://github.com/jstrachan/maven-scala-plugin)
-- [http://github.com/scalate/scalate](http://github.com/scalate/scalate)
 ## Building the documentation project ##
 There are two ways of building the documentation project:
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   - a pdf file (in `target/sitegen/manual.pdf`)
   - a static website, generated using the same templates (in `target/sitegen`)
+## Publishing the documentation to the website ##
+If you're an Apache ServiceMix committer, you can publish a new copy of the documentation pages with this command:
+`mvn clean install scm-publish:publish-scm`  
 ## Known issues ##
 - The war file currently can't be deployed on ServiceMix