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h1. Optional features
Everything discussed in the quickstart guide so far is installed out-of-the-box in Apache ServiceMix, but we also have a lot of optional features that can be installed in the container when necessary.
h2. List of features
The list of features is available with the {{features:list}} command. The overview shows you whether or not the feature is currently installed, the version and the name of the feature.
The full list contains a lot of different features: optional Camel components, features for adding OBR or wrapper support to Serviceix, a web console, ... Again, you can use things like {{|}} and {{grep}} to find the things in the list that you're interested in.
karaf@root> features:list | grep camel
h2. Example: Web console
To get the web console installed in ServiceMix, install the feature from your console
karaf@root> features:install webconsole
Afterwards, you can verify that the feature is marked installed in the overview. You'll notice that the {{webconsole-base}} feature has also been installed as a requirement for the {{webconsole}} feature itself.
karaf@root> features:list | grep webconsole
You will now be able to point your browser to http://localhost:8181/system/console and login with user {{smx}} and password {{smx}} to access the web console. From the webconsole, you can also start and stop bundles, install optional features again, ...