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title: Contributing
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# Contributing to the Documentation
## Getting the Source
## Editing the Source
The documentation is written in a combination of mark-up languages. Most of the pages are written
using Comfluence mark-up or Markdown. The pages can be editied in any text editor.
Pages are grouped into books using the `toc.ssp` file in the enclosing folder. This file contains
an HTML formated list defining the TOC for a book.
## Building
You can build the documentation as follows:
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mvn install
If you want to edit the files in your text editor and be able to immediately see the site re-rendered in a browser then use
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mvn jetty:run
You can now surf the site and see changes immediately.
If you are on OS X then we highly recommend [TextMate]( as a great editor which supports Textile and Markdown