SMX4-620: Introduction for NMR guide (Thanks to Marcelo Jabali)

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 h2. Using the NMR
-//TODO: Add some info about the NMR
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+h3. What's the NMR?
+The Normalized Message Router (NMR) is a general-purpose message bus used for communication between bundles in the OSGi container.
+It's modeled after the Normalized Message Router (NMR) defined in the Java Business Integration (JBI) specification ([]).
+It can be used to transport XML messages as well as other message body types, optionally augumented with headers and attachments.
+h3. Learn more
+* TODO: configuration files and options
+* NMR components
+** [Camel NMR|nmr-camel]
+* [Event Listeneners|nmr-event-listeners]
+* TODO: auditing
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     <li id="nmr">
-        <a href="/users-guide/nmr/index.html">Using the NMR</a>
+        <a href="${uri("/users-guide/nmr/index.html")}">Using the NMR   </a>
-            <li id="camel-nmr"><a href="/users-guide/nmr/nmr-camel.html">Camel NMR</a></li>
-            <li id="nmr-event-listeners"><a href="/users-guide/nmr/nmr-event-listeners.html">Event Listeners</a></li>
+            <li id="camel-nmr"><a href="${uri("/users-guide/nmr/nmr-camel.html")}">Camel NMR</a></li>
+            <li id="nmr-event-listeners"><a href="${uri("/users-guide/nmr/nmr-event-listeners.html")}">Event Listeners</a></li>
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