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* TXFMSHA1 := Class that performs a hash or HMAC transform
* $Id: TXFMSHA1.hpp 1817135 2017-12-04 22:24:05Z scantor $
// XSEC Includes
#include <xsec/transformers/TXFMBase.hpp>
#include <xsec/enc/XSECCryptoProvider.hpp>
* \brief Transformer to handle create a hash or HMAC from a chain
* @ingroup internal
class XSEC_EXPORT TXFMHash : public TXFMBase {
XSECCryptoHash* mp_h; // To hold the hash
unsigned char* md_value; // Final output
unsigned int md_len; // Length of digest
unsigned int toOutput; // Amount still to output
TXFMHash(XERCES_CPP_NAMESPACE_QUALIFIER DOMDocument *doc, XSECCryptoHash::HashType type, const XSECCryptoKey * key = NULL);
virtual ~TXFMHash();
// Methods to get tranform output type and input requirement
virtual TXFMBase::ioType getInputType() const;
virtual TXFMBase::ioType getOutputType() const;
virtual nodeType getNodeType() const;
// Methods to set input data
virtual void setInput(TXFMBase * inputT);
// Methods to get output data
virtual unsigned int readBytes(XMLByte * const toFill, const unsigned int maxToFill);