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* or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
* distributed with this work for additional information
* regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
* to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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* software distributed under the License is distributed on an
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* specific language governing permissions and limitations
* under the License.
* XSECSafeBuffer := a class for storing expanding amounts of information.
* Author(s): Berin Lautenbach
* $Id$
#include <xsec/framework/XSECDefs.hpp>
#include <xercesc/util/XMLString.hpp>
class TXFMBase;
* \addtogroup internal
* @{
#define DEFAULT_SAFE_BUFFER_SIZE 1024 // Default size for a safe Buffer
*\brief Manage buffers of arbitrary size
* The safeBuffer class is used internally in the library
* to manage buffers of bytes or UTF-16 characters.
* It's a fairly innefficient class, as buffers are continually
* being wrapped, coppied and enlarged, but given the nature of the
* library, a single class that manipulates buffers of variable
* size was felt to be preferable,
* The safeBuffer is not exposed through interface classes that
* might be used by external functions. In these cases, a
* pointer to a XMLCh * buffer is used by preference.
class XSEC_EXPORT safeBuffer {
// For checking we are operating on the buffer correctly
enum bufferType {
safeBuffer(const safeBuffer & other);
safeBuffer(XMLSize_t initialSize);
safeBuffer(const char * inStr, XMLSize_t initialSize = DEFAULT_SAFE_BUFFER_SIZE);
static void init(void);
// "IN" functions - these read in information to the buffer
void sbStrcpyIn(const char * inStr);
void sbStrcpyIn(const safeBuffer & inStr);
void sbStrncpyIn(const char * inStr, XMLSize_t n);
void sbStrncpyIn(const safeBuffer & inStr, XMLSize_t n);
void sbStrcatIn(const char * inStr);
void sbStrcatIn(const safeBuffer & inStr);
void sbStrncatIn(const char * inStr, XMLSize_t n);
void sbStrinsIn(const char * inStr, XMLSize_t offset);
void sbMemcpyIn(const void * inBuf, XMLSize_t n);
void sbMemcpyIn(XMLSize_t offset, const void * inBuf, XMLSize_t n);
void sbMemcpyOut(void * outBuf, XMLSize_t n) const;
void sbMemshift(XMLSize_t toOffset, XMLSize_t fromOffset, XMLSize_t len);
// Comparison functions
int sbStrncmp(const char * inStr, XMLSize_t n) const;
int sbOffsetStrcmp(const char * inStr, XMLSize_t offset) const;
int sbStrcmp(const char * inStr) const;
int sbStrcmp(const safeBuffer & inStr) const;
XMLSSize_t sbStrstr(const char * inStr) const;
XMLSSize_t sbOffsetStrstr(const char * inStr, XMLSize_t offset) const;
// XMLCh and char common functions
void sbStrlwr(void); // Lowercase the string
// Operators
unsigned char & operator[](XMLSize_t n);
safeBuffer & operator= (const safeBuffer & cpy);
safeBuffer & operator= (const XMLCh * inStr);
safeBuffer & operator << (TXFMBase * t);
// Get functions
XMLSize_t sbStrlen(void) const;
XMLSize_t sbRawBufferSize(void) const;
// raw buffer manipulation
const unsigned char * rawBuffer() const;
const char * rawCharBuffer() const;
const XMLCh * rawXMLChBuffer() const;
void resize(XMLSize_t sz); // NOTE : Only grows
void setBufferType(bufferType bt); // Use with care
// Unicode (UTF-16 manipulation)
const XMLCh * sbStrToXMLCh(void) const; // Note does not affect internal buffer
void sbTranscodeIn(const XMLCh * inStr); // Create a local string from UTF-16
void sbTranscodeIn(const char * inStr); // Create a UTF-16 string from local
void sbXMLChIn(const XMLCh * in); // Buffer holds XMLCh *
void sbXMLChAppendCh(const XMLCh c); // Append a Unicode character to the buffer
void sbXMLChCat(const XMLCh *str); // Append a UTF-16 string to the buffer
void sbXMLChCat(const char * str); // Append a (transcoded) local string to the buffer
void sbXMLChCat8(const char * str); // Append a (transcoded) UTF-8 string to the buffer
// Sensitive data functions
void isSensitive(void);
void cleanseBuffer(void);
// Internal function that is used to get a string size and
// then re-allocate if necessary
void checkAndExpand(XMLSize_t size);
void checkBufferType(bufferType bt) const;
unsigned char * buffer;
XMLSize_t bufferSize;
mutable XMLCh * mp_XMLCh;
bufferType m_bufferType;
// For XMLCh manipulation
static size_t size_XMLCh;
// For sensitive data
bool m_isSensitive;
/** @} */