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package org.apache.samza.system.hdfs.writer
import org.apache.hadoop.fs.{FileSystem, Path}
import org.apache.hadoop.fs.permission.FsPermission
import org.apache.samza.config.Config
import org.apache.samza.system.hdfs.HdfsConfig
import org.apache.samza.system.hdfs.HdfsConfig._
* Configurable path and file name manager for HdfsWriters. Buckets in the format:
* BASE_PATH is configurable in the job properties file, and defaults to: /user/USERNAME/samza-output
* JOB_NAME is the job name as configured in the properties file/run args
* DATE_FORMAT is configurable in the job properties file, and defaults to: YEAR_MONTH_DAY-HOUR
* FILENAME is a unique per-task and per-file name
class JobNameDateTimeBucketer(systemName: String, config: HdfsConfig) extends Bucketer {
val basePath = config.getBaseOutputDir(systemName)
val dateFormatter = config.getDatePathFormatter(systemName)
val fileBase = config.getFileUniqifier(systemName)
var partIndex: Int = 0
var currentDateTime = ""
* Test each write to see if we need to cut a new output file based on
* time bucketing, regardless of hitting configured file size limits etc.
override def shouldChangeBucket: Boolean = {
currentDateTime != dateFormatter.format(new java.util.Date)
* Given the current FileSystem, returns the next full HDFS path + filename to write to.
override def getNextWritePath(dfs: FileSystem): Path = {
val dateTime = dateFormatter.format(new java.util.Date)
val base = new Path(Seq(basePath, dateTime).mkString("/"))
if (dateTime != currentDateTime) {
currentDateTime = dateTime
FileSystem.mkdirs(dfs, base, FsPermission.getDirDefault)
new Path(base, nextPartFile)
protected def nextPartFile: String = {
partIndex += 1
if (partIndex > 99999) partIndex = 1
fileBase + "%05d".format(partIndex)