Bump nunjucks from 3.2.3 to 3.2.4

Bumps [nunjucks](https://github.com/mozilla/nunjucks) from 3.2.3 to 3.2.4.
- [Release notes](https://github.com/mozilla/nunjucks/releases)
- [Changelog](https://github.com/mozilla/nunjucks/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md)
- [Commits](https://github.com/mozilla/nunjucks/compare/v3.2.3...v3.2.4)

- dependency-name: nunjucks
  dependency-type: indirect

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Built with the Eleventy static site generator.


Install Node.js, if you don't have it already.

Then, use npm (which is included with Node.js) to install dependencies.

npm ci

Run Local Server

For development, run the following command to start a local server.

npm start

Then, open a browser with the following URL: http://localhost:8080

Changes to files will be detected automatically, and your browser will refresh too.

Build Locally

The build the website locally, run this command.

npm run build

Build output will be in _site directory.

Generally, building the website shouldn't be necessary because the CI server builds and deploys automatically.


Deployment happens automatically. Commit changes to the master branch, and the site will be built and deployed by the CI server.