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-- You may obtain a copy of the License at
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-- Running local tests in eclipse.
-- Script is used to clear old data prior to running local tests
-- Copy this file to app/src/test/resources/dbscripts/junit-cleartables-mysql.sql
-- Any changes here should also be in docs/testing/junit-cleartables-mysql.sql.
delete mt from weblog w, roller_mediafile mf, roller_mediafiletag mt where = mf.weblogid and mt.mediafile_id = and w.creator like 'junit_%';
delete mf from weblog w, roller_mediafile mf where = mf.weblogid and w.creator like 'junit_%';
delete md from weblog w, roller_mediafiledir md where = md.websiteid and w.creator like 'junit_%';
delete from roller_mediafile WHERE creator like 'junit_%';
delete from roller_mediafiledir;
delete r from weblog w, referer r WHERE = r.websiteid and w.creator like 'junit_%';
delete from weblog WHERE creator like 'junit_%';
delete b from weblog w, bookmark_folder f, bookmark b where = b.folderid and = f.websiteid and w.creator like 'junit_%';
delete from bookmark_folder WHERE websiteid like 'junit_%';
delete from userrole WHERE username like 'junit_%';
delete from roller_permission WHERE username like 'junit_%';
delete from roller_user WHERE username like 'junit_%';
delete from roller_userattribute WHERE username like 'junit_%';
delete from roller_oauthconsumer WHERE username like 'junit_%';
delete from roller_oauthaccessor WHERE username like 'junit_%';
delete from roller_tasklock WHERE name = 'TestTask';