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Defines the Roller Weblog Editor/Admin UI menu and roles allowed to use each
menu. See also, admin-menu.xml, which defines the Global Admin menu.
Each menu or menu item is governed by four attrbibutes:
1) roles: these are the global roles the are allowed to view item
- admin: the Roller site-wide admin role
- editor: the normal Roller user role
Default is roles="admin,editor"
Use "any" to indicate that role is not required to view ite
2) perms: these are the website specific permissions required to view item
- editor: author and allowed to manage current website
- author: allowed to edit any part of the current website, except users
- limited: allowed only to post drafts in current website
Default is perms="admin,author"
Use "any" to indicate that website perms are not required to view item
3) enable property: if true, show this menu
4) disable property: if true, don't show this menu
<menu name="tabbedmenu.weblog" perms="admin,author,limited">
<menu-item forward="weblogCreate" name="tabbedmenu.weblog.newEntry"
perms="admin,author,limited" />
<menu-item forward="weblogEntryManagement" name="tabbedmenu.weblog.archives"
perms="admin,author,limited" />
<menu-item forward="commentManagement" name="tabbedmenu.admin.commentManagement"
subforwards="commentQuery" />
<menu-item forward="categories" name="tabbedmenu.weblog.categories" />
<menu-item forward="bookmarks" name="tabbedmenu.bookmarks.allFolders"
subforwards="importBookmarks" />
<menu-item forward="uploadFiles" name="" />
<menu-item forward="referers" name="tabbedmenu.weblog.referers" />
<menu name="" perms="admin">
<menu-item forward="editWebsite" name=""
perms="admin" />
<menu-item forward="editTheme" name=""
perms="admin" />
<menu-item forward="editPages" name=""
perms="admin" />
<menu-item forward="memberPermissions" enabledProperty="groupblogging.enabled"
perms="admin" />
<menu-item forward="pingSetup" name="tabbedmenu.weblog.pingSetup"
perms="admin" />
<menu-item forward="customPingTargets" name="tabbedmenu.weblog.customPingTargets"
perms="admin" />
<menu-item forward="maintenance" name=""
perms="admin" />