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README.txt for roller/custom directory
Define filesets, paths, and src elements in the files to add code to the Roller build:
custom-src-forms.xmlf - (fileset) classes to be included in Struts form generation
custom-src-pojos.xmlf - (fileset)classes to be included in Hibernate mapping generation
custom-src-beans.xmlf - (src) classes to be included in rollerbeans.jar compilation
custom-src-web.xmlf - (src) classes to be included in rollerweb.jar compilation
custom-web.xmlf - (fileset) file to be copied into Roller's web context
custom-dbscripts.xmlf - (path) SQL files to be added in
custom-jars.xmlf - (fileset) jars to add to base classpath and to build
Define tasks be be executed during build process:
custom-post-dbtest.xmlf - (tasks) to be run after DB startup in test-hibernate
custom-pre-dbtest.xmlf - (tasks) to be run just before DB shutdown in test-hibernate