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# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
# contributor license agreements. The ASF licenses this file to You
# under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not
# use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License. For additional information regarding
# copyright in this work, please see the NOTICE file in the top level
# directory of this distribution.
# To find unused strings, see <roller-trunk>/docs/examples/i18n/
# (Usage instructions given at the top of that script)
# When to use double-apostrophe for an apostrophe in resource strings? If they're being rendered
# via Struts s:text or JSTL fmt:message *with* parameters -- see
# -- Common terms used to reduce the number of strings that need translation.
generic.error.check.logs=Roller system error - Have administrator check Roller logs for more information.
generic.changes.saved=Changes saved
# ------------------------------------------------------------- BookmarkForm.jsp
bookmarkForm.add.title=Add New Bookmark
bookmarkForm.add.subtitle=Adding new bookmark in folder [{0}]
bookmarkForm.edit.title=Edit Bookmark
bookmarkForm.edit.subtitle=Editing bookmark in folder [{0}]
bookmarkForm.image=Image URL
bookmarkForm.rssUrl=Newsfeed URL
bookmarkForm.url=Bookmark URL
bookmarkForm.created=Bookmark "{0}" created
bookmarkForm.updated=Bookmark "{0}" updated
bookmarkForm.requiredFields=The {0} and {1} fields are required.
# errors from validation
Bookmark.error.nameNull=Name is a required field
Bookmark.error.nameSize=Name cannot be more than 255 characters
Bookmark.error.descriptionSize=Description cannot be more than 255 characters
Bookmark.error.urlNull=Bookmark URL is a required field
Bookmark.error.urlBad=The URL you entered is not valid
Bookmark.error.imageBad=The image URL you entered is not valid
Bookmark.error.feedUrlBad=The feed URL you entered is not valid
bookmarkForm.error.duplicateName=Bookmark with that name already exists in folder
# ----------------------------------------------------------- BookmarksForm.jsp
This is your blog''s main bookmarks folder. \
The bookmarks you keep here will appear in the blogroll section of your blog \
(assuming that you are using one of the default themes). You can create \
additional bookmark folders, but you will have to add corresponding bookmark display \
macros to your weblog''s templates if you wish to display their contents.
bookmarksForm.subtitle=Manage bookmarks in weblog <span>{0}</span>
bookmarksForm.addBookmark=Add Bookmark
bookmarksForm.addFolder=New Bookmark Folder
bookmarksForm.delete=Delete selected
bookmarksForm.delete.confirm=Delete selected bookmarks?
bookmarksForm.deleteFolder.confirm=Delete entire folder including all its bookmarks?
bookmarksForm.feedurl=Newsfeed URL
bookmarksForm.folder=Bookmark Folder
bookmarksForm.deleteFolder=Delete folder
bookmarksForm.viewFolder=Switch to Folder
bookmarksForm.edit.tip=Click to modify this bookmark
bookmarksForm.folder.edit.tip=Click to edit folder
bookmarksForm.move=Move selected to:
bookmarksForm.move.confirm=Move selected bookmarks?
bookmarksForm.selectAllLabel=Select all bookmarks
bookmarksForm.selectOneLabel=Select bookmark named {0}
bookmarksForm.visitLink.tip=Click to visit this site
bookmarksForm.error.move=Error performing move, parent to child moves not allowed
bookmarksForm.importBookmarks=Import bookmarks via OPML
bookmarksForm.noresults=There are currently no folders or bookmarks
# --------------------------------------------------------- Bookmarks import.jsp
bookmarksImport.title=Import OPML Bookmarks
bookmarksImport.subtitle=Import bookmarks in to weblog <span>{0}</span> via OPML
bookmarksImport.prompt=Upload a standard OPML file to your bookmark collection. \
The bookmarks will be imported into a new bookmark folder with the name \
imported-[timestamp]. You will then be able to edit them and move them to \
other bookmark folders if you wish.
bookmarksImport.imported=Imported OPML bookmarks into folder [{0}]
bookmarksImport.error=Error importing bookmarks: {0}
# ----------------------------------------------------------------- cacheInfo.jsp
cacheInfo.title=Cache Information
cacheInfo.subtitle=Monitor cache statistics
cacheInfo.prompt=This page offers instrumentation data about what is happening \
in the system caches.
# -------------------------------------------------------------------- Calendars
calendar.summary=Blog Archive Calendar
calendar.dateFormat=MMMM yyyy
# ------------------------------------------------------------- CategoryForm.jsp
categoryForm.edit.title=Edit Category
categoryForm.edit.subtitle=Editing category
categoryForm.add.title=Add Category
categoryForm.add.subtitle=Adding category
categoryForm.image=Image URL
categoryForm.created=Category "{0}" created
categoryForm.changesSaved=Category "{0}" updated
categoryForm.error.duplicateName=Category name "{0}" already in use, please choose another
categoryForm.removed=Category "{0}" deleted
categoryForm.requiredFields={0} is required.
# errors from validation
Category.error.nameNull=Name is a required field
Category.error.nameSize=Name cannot be more than 255 characters
Category.error.descriptionSize=Description cannot be more than 255 characters
Category.error.imageBad=The image URL you entered is not valid
categoriesForm.noresults=There are currently no categories
# ----------------------------------------------------------- CategoriesForm.jsp
categoriesForm.subtitle=Manage categories in weblog <span>{0}</span>
These are your top-level weblog categories. Roller requires at least one \
category to be defined. \
Categories are used to organize your weblog entries and your readers can \
choose to subscribe to separate newsfeeds for each of your categories.
categoriesForm.addCategory=Add Category
categoriesForm.move.confirm=Move selected categories?
categoriesForm.imageUrl=Image URL
# --------------------------------------------------------- CategoryDeleteOK.jsp
categoryDeleteOK.title=Delete Category
categoryDeleteOK.removeCategory=Delete Weblog Category
categoryDeleteOK.warningCatInUse=WARNING: This category is in use!
categoryDeleteOK.youMustMoveEntries=You must move the weblog entries in the \
category to another category, use the combo-box to select which category \
should receive the entries.</p>
categoryDeleteOK.moveToWhere=Move the contents to another category:
categoryDeleteOK.noEntriesInCat=There are no weblog entries in this category, \
OK to delete.
categoryDeleteOK.areYouSure=Are you sure you want to delete this weblog category?
# ----------------------------------------------------------------- comments.jsp
comments.disabled=Comments are closed for this entry.
comments.mathAuthenticatorQuestion=Please answer this simple math question
# not translated
comments.ldapAuthenticatorUserName=Please provide your Active Directory Username.
comments.ldapAuthenticatorPassword=Please provide your Active Directory Password.
# end not translated!
error.commentAuthFailed=The response {0} is not correct. Please try again.
error.commentPostFailedEmailAddress=The e-mail address is invalid.
error.commentPostFailedURL=The URL is invalid.
# -------------------------------------------------------- comment validators
comment.validator.excessLinksName=Excess Links Comment Validator
comment.validator.excessLinksMessage=Comment has more than {0} links
comment.validator.excessSizeName=Excess Size Comment Validator
comment.validator.excessSizeMessage=Comment has more than {0} characters
comment.validator.blacklistName=Blacklist Comment Validator
comment.validator.blacklistMessage=Comment contains blacklisted/ignored words
comment.validator.trackbackLinkbackName=Trackback Linkback Comment Validator
comment.validator.trackbackLinkbackMessage=Trackback from site/page that does not link to your weblog entry
comment.validator.akismetName=Akismet Comment Validator
comment.validator.akismetMessage=Akismet service ( says comment is spam
# ---------------------------------------------------------- Comment management
commentManagement.title=Comment Management
commentManagement.subtitle=Manage comments across all weblogs in system
commentManagement.entry.subtitle=Manage comments for entry titled <span>{0}</span> comments in weblog <span>{0}</span>
commentManagement.tip=You have comments. \
You can change approval, spam status and delete comments via the checkboxes below. \
If you make any changes, be sure to save them by clicking the \
<em>Save changes</em> at the bottom of the page.
commentManagement.globalTip=As a global administrator \
you can change spam status and delete comments via the checkboxes below. \
You cannot change pending and approved status here, so you won''t interfere \
with anybody''s comment approval workflow. If you make any changes, be sure to \
save them by clicking the <em>Save changes</em> at the bottom of the page.
commentManagement.nowShowing=Displaying <b>{0}</b> comments
commentManagement.noCommentsFound=No comments found
commentManagement.spam=Spam page
commentManagement.prev=Previous page
commentManagement.endDate=End date
commentManagement.startDate=Start date
commentManagement.bulkDeletePrompt1=Your query matched {0} comments,
commentManagement.bulkDeletePrompt2=delete them all?
commentManagement.confirmBulkDelete=Are you sure you want to delete all {0} selected by your query?
commentManagement.lookupError=Error looking up comments
commentManagement.deleteSuccess=Successfully deleted {0} comments
commentManagement.deleteError=Bulk delete failed due to unexpected error
commentManagement.pendingStatus=Pending status
commentManagement.onlyPending=Pending only
commentManagement.onlyApproved=Approved only
commentManagement.onlyDisapproved=Disapproved only
commentManagement.onlySpam=Spam only
commentManagement.update=Save changes
commentManagement.updateSuccess=Successfully updated comments
commentManagement.updateError=Error updating comments
commentManagement.searchString=Search string
commentManagement.sidebarTitle=Filter comments
commentManagement.sidebarDescription=Filter comments by search string, status, and/or date
commentManagement.commentBy=Posted by
commentManagement.commentByURL=Posted url
commentManagement.commentByBoth={0} (<a href="mailto:{1}">{2}</a>) from IP address {3}
commentManagement.commentByName={0} from IP address {1}
commentManagement.commentByIP=User from IP address {0}
commentManagement.postTime=Posted at
commentManagement.readmore=View Entire Comment
commentManagement.saveError=Error saving comment{0,date,MM/dd/yy hh:mm a}
# -------------------------------------------------------------- CommentServlet
commentServlet.commentAccepted=Your comment has been accepted.
commentServlet.commentMarkedAsSpam=Your comment was marked as spam and will not be displayed.
commentServlet.submittedToModerator=Your comment has been submitted to the moderator for approval.
commentServlet.previewCommentOnly=This is a comment preview only from the Roller system: comment failed validation for these reasons:
# --------------------------------------------------------------- Configuration
configForm.title=Roller Configuration
configForm.subtitle=Change site-wide configuration settings.
configForm.prompt=Changes you make here apply to the entire site. Note that \
these are <i>runtime</i> properties only. Please refer to the Roller documentation \
for information on overriding Roller''s <i>startup</i> properties (in the \ file).
configForm.siteSettings=Site Settings
configForm.siteName=Site Name (for main page and RSS feed)
configForm.shortName=Short name (shown in site banner)
configForm.siteDescription=Site Description (for main page and RSS feed)
configForm.frontpageWeblogHandle=Weblog to serve as frontpage blog
configForm.frontpageWeblogAggregated=Enable aggregated site-wide frontpage
configForm.siteAdminEmail=Site Administrator''s email address
configForm.absoluteUrl=Absolute URL to site (if required)
configForm.suspendPingProcessing=Suspend all ping processing?
configForm.allowUserWeblogCreation=Allow users to create new weblogs?
configForm.none=None specified
configForm.userSettings=User Settings
configForm.requireEmailActivation=Require new users to activate accounts via email
configForm.allowNewUsers=Allow New Users?
configForm.registrationUrl=Registration URL override (optional)
configForm.editorPages=Editor Pages
configForm.webServicesSettings=Web Services Settings
configForm.enableAtomPub=Enable Atom Publishing Protocol
configForm.AtomPubAuth=AtomPub authentication (basic, oauth, or wsse)
configForm.enableXmlRpc=Enable Blogger / MetaWeblog API
configForm.weblogSettings=Weblog Rendering Settings
configForm.pageMaxEntries=Max number of entries to allow per page
configForm.newsfeedMaxEntries=Number of entries to provide in newsfeeds
configForm.styledFeeds=Display styled newsfeeds for browsers
configForm.commentSettings=Comment and Trackback Settings
configForm.enableComments=Allow weblog comments?
configForm.ignoreSpamComments=Don''t save comments thought to be spam
configForm.enableTrackbacks=Allow weblog trackbacks?
configForm.ignoreSpamTrackbacks=Don''t save trackbacks thought to be spam
configForm.commentHtmlAllowed=Allow html in comments?
configForm.commentPlugins=Enabled/Disable comment formatting plugins
configForm.emailComments=Allow email notification of comments?
configForm.moderationRequired=Require comment moderation for all weblogs
configForm.enableTrackbackValidation=Enable verification of trackback links?
configForm.fileUploadSettings=File Upload Settings
configForm.enableFileUploads=Enable File Uploads?
configForm.allowedExtensions=Allowed Extensions
configForm.forbiddenExtensions=Forbidden Extensions
configForm.maxFileSize=Max File Size (MB)
configForm.maxDirSize=Max Directory Size (MB)
configForm.themeSettings=Theme Settings
configForm.newUserThemes=Themes Directory
configForm.allowCustomTheme=Allow Custom Themes?
configForm.webAnalytics=Web Analytics
configForm.defaultAnalyticsTrackingCode=Default tracking code
configForm.allowAnalyticsCodeOverride=Allow individual blogs to override?
# ---------------------------------------------------------------- Create weblog
createWebsite.title=Create Weblog
createWebsite.prompt=Use this form to create a new weblog for you or for \
you and a group of your friends. name is the title of your weblog, it will be \
displayed at the top of your weblog page, and in the title field of your \
weblog''s newsfeed. This field should not include HTML.
createWebsite.tip.description=The description of your weblog may be displayed \
at the top of your weblog (depending on the theme you choose), and it will be \
used in description or subtitle field of your newsfeed. This field should not \
include HTML.
createWebsite.tip.handle=The handle is a short one-word name for your \
weblog. It will be used in your URL, so please limit it to simple ASCII \
alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z and 0-9), and do not use HTML. email address or the email address of the person \
responsible for the weblog that you are creating.
createWebsite.tip.timezone=The timezone to be used for entry and display \
of this weblog.
createWebsite.tip.locale=The default locale to be used for the display of this \
weblog when the browser does not specify a locale.
createWebsite.tip.theme=The theme to be used to display this weblog. Later, \
you can easily switch to another theme or edit the themes templates to \
customize it to your liking.
createWebsite.emailAddress=Email Address
createWebsite.weblogUrl=URL Weblog
createWebsite.created=New weblog [{0}] has been successfully created.
createWebsite.oneBlogLimit=Sorry, only one weblog per user is allowed.
createWebsite.disabled=Sorry, the blog administrator has disabled creation of new blogs.
# errors from validation
CreateWeblog.error.handleNull=Handle is a required field
CreateWeblog.error.handleSize=Handle cannot be more than 255 characters
CreateWeblog.error.nameNull=Name is a required field
CreateWeblog.error.nameSize=Name cannot be more than 255 characters
CreateWeblog.error.descriptionSize=Description cannot be more than 255 characters
CreateWeblog.error.emailAddressNull=Email address is a required field
CreateWeblog.error.emailAddressSize=Email address cannot be more than 255 characters
CreateWeblog.error.emailAddressBad=The email address you entered is not properly formatted
CreateWeblog.error.localeNull=Locale is a required field
CreateWeblog.error.localeSize=Locale cannot be more than 8 characters
CreateWeblog.error.timeZoneNull=Time Zone is a required field
CreateWeblog.error.timeZoneSize=Time Zone cannot be more than 64 characters
createWeblog.error.invalidHandle=The handle you specified is not valid
createWeblog.error.handleExists=A weblog with that handle already exists
# --------------------------------------------------------------- Entry editors HTML Text Editor (Xinha)
# --------------------------------------------------------------- Comment emails
email.comment.anonymous=An anonymous user wrote
email.comment.respond=Respond to this comment at to comment management page's email address
email.comment.moderate.title=Pending Blog Comment
email.comment.commentApproved=Comment Approved
#---------------------------------------------------------------- Error messages
error.add.user.userNameInUse=Username already in use.
error.add.user.openIdInUse=Open ID already in use with another account.
error.add.user.missingUserName=You must specify a username.
error.add.user.badUserName=Invalid user name (must be alpha-numerics only).
error.add.user.missingPassword=You must specify a password.
error.upload.dirmax=You cannot exceed the maximum directory size of {0} MB.
error.upload.disabled=File Upload has been turned off
error.upload.file=No file selected
error.upload.filemax=File <b>{0}</b> larger than maximum <b>{1}</b> MB allowed
error.upload.forbiddenFile=File <b>{0}</b> content-type <b>{1}</b> not allowed
error.general=ERROR: Unexpected Exception [{0}] has been logged.
error.password.mismatch=Wrong username and password combination
error.unmatched.openid=Unknown or invalid OpenID URL
error.trackback=Error sending trackback. Possible cause: incorrect \
trackback URL. {0}
error.trackbackNotAllowed=Error sending trackback. The site administrator \
does not permit sending tracbacks to the URL you specified.
error.title.403=Access Denied
error.text.403=You do not have the privileges necessary to access the requested page.
error.title.404=Sorry! We couldn't find your document
error.text.404=The file that you requested could not be found on this server.
error.permissionDenied.title=Permission Denied
error.permissionDenied.prompt=Possible causes:
error.permissionDenied.reason0=You requested a weblog entry that you do not have \
permission to edit (perhaps one you've already submitted for review?).
error.permissionDenied.reason1=You tried to save an object from "stale" web page, \
left by an earlier login under a different user account.
error.permissionDenied.reason2=You logged in using incorrect capitalization of \
your username. To resolve this problem, logout and login again with your \
correct username.
error.permissionDenied.reason3=Your blog server's database connection is \
misconfigured. To resolve this problem, see your system administrator.
error.unexpected=Unexpected error. If this error occurs again, please contact the administrator.
# -------------------------------------------------------------------- error.jsp
errorPage.title=Unexpected Exception
errorPage.message=Roller has encountered and logged an unexpected exception.
# --------------------------------------------------------------- FolderForm.jsp
folderForm.add.title=Add Folder
folderForm.add.subtitle=Adding new bookmark folder
folderForm.edit.title=Edit Folder
folderForm.edit.subtitle=Editing bookmark folder [{0}]
folderForm.created=Folder created
folderForm.updated=Folder name updated
folderForm.error.duplicateName=The folder name {0} is already in use, please choose another name
# errors from validation
Folder.error.nameNull=Name is a required field
Folder.error.nameSize=Name cannot be more than 255 characters
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Footer
footer.productName=Powered by <a href="">Apache Roller Weblogger</a> Version {0} ({1})
# ------------------------------------------------------ index / setup page
index.heading=Welcome to Roller!
index.prompt=Follow these steps to finalize your Roller installation:
index.createUser=Create a user
index.createUserDone=DONE: this site has {0} user(s)
Before you can start to use Roller, you need to create a user so you \
can login, manage Roller and start blogging. Note that the first user \
you create will be given the <i>Global Admin</i> rights necessary to \
manage Roller, manage Roller users and designate other Global Admins.
index.createUserBy=Create your first user via the
index.createUserPage=New User Registration Page
index.createWeblog=Create a weblog
index.createWeblogDone=DONE: this site has {0} weblog(s)
Before you can start blogging, you need to create at least one weblog. \
Just so you know, you can create as many as you want. Each Roller user \
can have multiple weblogs and each Roller weblog can have multiple \
index.createWeblogBy=Create your first weblog via the
index.createWeblogPage=New Weblog Creation Page
index.setFrontpage=Designate a frontpage weblog
You must specify a weblog to serve as the front page weblog, you can do this \
via the <b>Server Admin->Configuration</b> page or the form that will appear \
below once you have created at least one weblog.
frontpageConfig.frontpageBlogName=Name of weblog to serve as frontpage blog
frontpageConfig.frontpageAggregated=Enable aggregated site-wide frontpage
frontpageConfig.values.saved=Properties successfully saved
frontpageConfig.values.error=Error saving properties
frontpageConfig.weblogs.error=Unexpected error accessing Weblogs
# --------------------------------------------------------------- Invite member
inviteMember.title=Invite New Member
inviteMember.subtitle=Invite a new user to join this weblog
inviteMember.prompt=Invite a user to join this weblog by selecting his or \
her email address below, picking a permission for them and clicking the send \
invitation button. If the user is not shown in the list below, type the first \
couple of letters of the username or email address view matches.
inviteMember.permissions=Permissions Invitation
inviteMember.error.userNotFound=User not found system
inviteMember.error.userAlreadyInvited=User already invited to this weblog
inviteMember.error.userAlreadyMember=User already a member of this weblog
inviteMember.userInvited=User successfully invited
inviteMember.notificationSubject=Roller: Invitation to join weblog "{0}" ({1})
inviteMember.notificationContent=You have been invited to join weblog "{0}" ({1}). \
Click the following link and login as user [{2}] to accept or decline this \
invitation <{3}>.
inviteMember.disabled=invitations disabled
# ------------------------------------------------------------------- Installer
installer.bannerTitleLeft=Apache Roller Weblogger
# database error
installer.error.connection.pageTitle=Database connection error
installer.cannotConnectToDatabase=Cannot connect to database
installer.whatHappened=What happened?
A database error occurred, probably because your database connection is \
misconfigured. You will have to fix this problem and then restart or redeploy \
Roller before you can proceed. Here''s what happened when Roller \
tried to establish a connection:
installer.whyDidThatHappen=Why did that happen?
installer.aboutTheException=In case the clues above are not enough to help you \
figure out what is going wrong, here are some more details. The root cause of \
the problem is an exception of type
To help you debug the problem, here is the stack trace for that exception:
# unknown error
installer.error.unknown.pageTitle=Unknown error
installer.unknownError=An unknown error has occurred
installer.whatHappenedUnknown=An unknown and unexpected error occured when \
Roller tried to check database status or bootstrap itself. Roller can''t \
determine what happened so you will have to look at your servers log files \
and diagnose the problem yourself. Follow the instructons on the Roller wiki \
and seek help from the <a href=\
""> \
Roller user mailing list</a>.
# create tables
installer.database.creation.pageTitle=Database table creation
installer.noDatabaseTablesFound=No database tables found
Roller is able to connect to your database of type [{0}], but found no tables.
installer.createTables=Would you like Roller to create the tables for you?
installer.yesCreateTables=Yes - create tables now
installer.tablesCreated=Tables created successfully
installer.tablesCreatedExplanation=Database tables were created successfully \
as you can see below.
installer.tryBootstrapping=Database tables are present and up-to-date. \
Click <a href="{0}">here</a> to complete the installation process and start \
using Roller.
installer.errorCreatingTables=Error creating tables
installer.errorCreatingTablesExplanation=Error creating tables, possibly due \
to an error in the database creation script or because you are using an \
unsupported database. You will have to fix this problem and then restart or \
redeploy Roller before you can proceed. Below are the success/error messages \
issued during the creation process:
# upgrade tables
installer.database.upgrade.pageTitle=Database table upgrade
installer.databaseUpgradeNeeded=Database tables need to be upgraded
Roller is able to connect to your database of type [{0}] and found tables, \
but the tables need to be upgraded.
installer.upgradeTables=Would you like Roller to upgrade the tables for you?
installer.yesUpgradeTables=Yes - upgrade tables now
installer.tablesUpgraded=Tables were upgraded successfully
Database tables were upgraded successfully as you can see below.
installer.errorUpgradingTables=Error upgrading tables
installer.errorUpgradingTablesExplanation=Error upgrading tables, possibly due \
to an error in the database creation script or because you are using an \
unsupported database. You will have to fix this problem and then restart or \
redeploy Roller before you can proceed. Below are the success/error messages \
issued during the upgrade process:
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Login
loginPage.title=Welcome to Roller
loginPage.prompt=Please enter your username and password to login.
loginPage.openIdPrompt=Please login via OpenID
loginPage.openIdHybridPrompt=Or, login with your username and password
loginPage.openID=OpenID username
loginPage.rememberMe=Remember Me (up to two weeks)
# -------------------------------------------------------------- Bookmark Macro
macro.bookmark.urlFeed=URL of site''s RSS feed
# --------------------------------------------------------- Search Results Macro
macro.searchresults.incategory=- All Categories -
error.searchProblem=There was a problem with your search.
# ----------------------------------------------------------------- Weblog Macro
# These are macros commonly used within themes
macro.weblog.datepattern=MMMMM dd, yyyy 'at' hh:mm aa z MMMM dd, yyyy
macro.weblog.datetime.toStringFormat=hh:mma MMM dd, yyyy
macro.weblog.preview=Comment Preview
macro.weblog.commentpermalink.title=comment permalink
# below used by some themes in Roller-extras
macro.weblog.daypermalink.title=Permanent link to this day's entries
macro.weblog.readMore=Read More
macro.weblog.readMoreLink=[<a class="readmore" href="{0}">Read More</a>]
macro.weblog.postedby=Posted by
macro.weblog.rememberinfo=Remember Information?
macro.weblog.yourcomment=Your Comment:
macro.weblog.htmlsyntax=HTML Syntax:
macro.weblog.htmldisabled=NOT allowed
macro.weblog.commentwarning=Please enter a comment.
macro.weblog.postcommentHeader=Post a Comment:
macro.weblog.postcomment=Post Comment
macro.weblog.searchalert=Please enter a search term to continue.
macro.weblog.searchhits=Entries found for "{0}": <strong>{1}</strong>
macro.weblog.searchgoogle=<em>You can also \
<a href="{0}%20site:{1}/{3}" \
class="google">try this same search</a> on Google.</em>
macro.weblog.notifyMeOfComments=Notify me by email of new comments
macro.weblog.noEntriesForCategory=No entries found for specified category
# -------------------------------------------------------------------- Main page
mainPage.searchWeblogs=Search for blogs
mainPage.loggedInAs=logged in as
mainPage.currentWebsite=editing weblog
mainPage.mainMenu=Main Menu
# ------------------------------------------------------------------ Maintenance
maintenance.title=Weblog Maintenance
maintenance.subtitle=Perfom weblog maintenance operations.
maintenance.prompt.index=Rebuild the search index for your Roller weblog.
maintenance.button.index=Rebuild Search Index
maintenance.prompt.flush=Flush the page cache for your Roller weblog.
maintenance.button.flush=Flush Cache
maintenance.message.indexed=Successfully scheduled search index rebuild for your \
Roller weblog
maintenance.message.indexed.failure=Error rebuilding search index - check system logs
maintenance.message.flushed=Successfully flushed the page cache of your \
Roller weblog
maintenance.prompt.reset=Reset the hit count for your Roller weblog.
maintenance.button.reset=Reset Hit Count
maintenance.message.reset=Successfully reset the hit count of your Roller weblog
# ----------------------------------------------------------- Media file management
mediaFileImageChooser.subtitle=Choose an image
mediaFileImageChooser.rootPageTip=Click to choose an image or click on a \
directory to enter it.
mediaFileImageChooser.dirPageTip=Click to choose an image or use the Switch to Folder \
drop-down to move to another directory.
# -- Media File Add
mediaFileAdd.title=Add new media file(s)
mediaFileAdd.pageTip=Use this page to upload up to five new media files. \
Form fields that you set below will be applied to all files uploaded.
mediaFileAdd.fileLocation=Choose file to upload
mediaFileAdd.tags=Tags (space separated)
mediaFileAdd.copyright=Copyright statement
mediaFileAdd.includeGallery=Include in Gallery?
mediaFileAdd.multipleNames=(Multiple names)
mediaFileAdd.errorUploading=Error uploading file {0}
#--- Media File Success
mediaFileAddSuccess.title=Media File Upload Complete
mediaFileSuccess.subtitle=Create a new weblog entry?
mediaFileSuccess.pageTip=Your upload was successful. If you would like to \
create a new weblog entry including your newly uploaded files then use the \
form below to select the file(s) to be included. For images, we will include \
them in your post as thumbnails. For other file types you can choose one to \
be attached to the new post as an enclosure (i.e. a podcast).
mediaFileSuccess.createPost=Create a weblog post using your new upload
mediaFileSuccess.addAnother=Upload another media file
mediaFileSuccess.createPostPrompt=Once you have selected the file(s) you want, \
click the button to create your new weblog entry.
mediaFileSuccess.noEnclosure=No enclosure
mediaFileSuccess.selectEnclosure=You can select one file (or none) to be \
included in the weblog entry as an RSS/Atom enclosure (i.e. as a podcast):
mediaFileSuccess.selectImages=Select the the images that you would like to \
include in your new weblog entry:
mediaFileSuccess.noThanks=<b>Not interested?</b> Here are some other options:
mediaFileSuccess.mediaFileView=Return to Media File View
# -- Media File Edit
mediaFileEdit.subtitle=Editing media file <span>{0}</span>
mediaFileEdit.pagetip=You may edit the information stored about this media \
file. Each file must have a name, but all other fields are optional.
mediaFileEdit.tags=Tags (space separated)
mediaFileEdit.copyright=Copyright statement
mediaFileEdit.fileInfo=File info
mediaFileEdit.fileTypeSize=<b>Type</b>: {0} <b>Size</b>: {1} bytes
mediaFileEdit.fileDimensions=<b>Image</b>: {0} X {1} pixels
mediaFileEdit.includeGallery=Include in Gallery?
mediaFileEdit.includeGalleryHelp=Check this box if you would like this media \
file included in the new media file RSS and Atom feeds for your weblog.
mediaFileEdit.updateFileContents=Update File Contents
mediaFileEdit.clickToView=Click to view in new window
mediaFileEdit.permalink=Link (URL)
mediaFileEdit.linkTitle=Link to Media File, opens in new window
mediaFileEdit.includesEnclosure=This weblog entry includes the following media file enclosure:
mediaFileEdit.popupTitle=Media File Editor
# -- Media File View
mediaFileView.title=Media Files
mediaFileView.subtitle=Media Files in weblog <span>{0}</span>
This page shows the media files that you have uploaded as well as files \
copied in when you chose to customize a theme. You can use folders \
to organize your files, and you do not have to worry about "breaking \
URLs" when you move or rename files.
mediaFileView.dirPageTip=This is a media file subfolder.
mediaFileView.viewFolder=View Folder
mediaFileView.sortBy=Sort by
mediaFileView.deleteSelected=Delete selected
mediaFileView.moveSelected=Move selected to:
mediaFileView.deleteFolder=Delete folder>>\=
mediaFileView.addDirectory=Add New Folder
mediaFileView.create=Create Media Files
mediaFileView.searchTitle=Search Results
mediaFileView.matchingResults=Found <b>{0}</b> matching results.
mediaFileView.noResults=No matching results found. Try widening your search.
mediaFileView.searchInfo=You searched for all media files matching the following criteria:
mediaFileView.filesNamed=Files named like <b>{0}</b>
mediaFileView.filesOfSize=Files of <b>size {0} {1} {2}</b>
mediaFileView.filesOfType=Files of type <b>{0}</b>
mediaFileView.filesTagged=Files with tags <b>{0}</b>
mediaFileView.noFiles=No files in this folder.
#--- Media File Sidebar
mediaFileSidebar.add=Add Media File
mediaFile.delete.confirm=Delete selected media files?
mediaFile.move.confirm=Move selected media files?
mediaFile.directoryCreate.success=New folder [{0}] successfully created.
mediaFile.directoryCreate.error.exists=New folder [{0}] already exists. Please choose another name.
mediaFile.includeInGallery.success=Media file(s) successfully included in gallery.
mediaFile.includeInGallery.error=Error including media file {0} in gallery.
mediaFile.delete.success=Media file(s) successfully deleted.
mediaFile.deleteFolder.success=Media folder successfully deleted.
mediaFile.deleteFolder.confirm=Delete entire folder including all its media files?
mediaFile.delete.error=Error deleting media file {0}.
mediaFile.move.success=Media file(s) successfully moved.
mediaFile.move.errors=Error moving media files.
mediaFile.update.success=Media file successfully updated.
# errors from validation
MediaFile.error.nameNull=Name is a required field
MediaFile.error.nameSize=Name cannot be more than 255 characters
MediaFile.error.descriptionSize=Description cannot be more than 255 characters
MediaFile.error.copyrightTextSize=Copyright text cannot be more than 1023 characters
MediaFile.error.duplicateName=The file name {0} is already in use, you will need to choose another enter one or more criteria for search.
MediaFile.error.view=Error viewing directory.
mediaFile.error.view.dirNameEmpty=Directory name is empty.
mediaFile.error.view.dirNameInvalid=Directory name is invalid.
mediaFileEdit.originalPath=Original Path (alternative full path to file)
# ----------------------------------------------------------- Member permissions
memberPermissions.title=Weblog Member Permissions
memberPermissions.subtitle=Manage permissions of users in weblog <span>{0}</span>
memberPermissions.description=You can change permissions of weblog members, \
or remove them from the weblog entirely using the controls in the table below \
and clicking Save to commit your changes. Note that you are not allowed to \
demote or remove yourself from the weblog.
memberPermissions.noSelfModifications=Only another admin may alter your role.
memberPermissions.oneAdminRequired=Blog must have at least one admin.
memberPermissions.membersRemoved=Removed {0} user(s)
memberPermissions.membersChanged=Changed permission for {0} user(s)
memberPermissions.confirmRemove=Are you sure you want to remove members from this \
memberPermissions.saveError=Error saving permissions
memberPermissions.inviteMember=Invite new member
memberPermissions.whyInvite=Invite somebody to help you write your weblog.
memberPermissions.permissionsHelpTitle=Permission Definitions
<b>Admin:</b> Full control including posting, user management, and weblog design.<br /> \
<b>Author:</b> Can post entries and moderate comments.<br /> \
<b>Limited:</b> No posting ability, can save draft entries and submit them for review.
# --------------------------------------------------------- New user registation
newUser.addNewUser=New User Registration
# --------------------------------------------------------------- Navigation Bar
navigationBar.newEntry=New Entry
# ----------------------------------------------------------------- OAuth pages
oauthKeys.title=OAuth Keys
oauthKeys.description=OAuth key and secret for your account <span>{0}</span>
oauthKeys.tip=You can authorize other sites and weblog client programs \
to access your account to create and edit weblog posts, but only if those \
sites and programs support OAuth.
oauthKeys.consumerKey=Consumer Key
oauthKeys.consumerSecret=Consumer Secret
oauthKeys.userKeys=User Specific Secret and Key
oauthKeys.userKeysTip=These keys are tied to your user account, use them to \
authorize weblog clients that need access your account.
oauthKeys.siteWideKeys=Site Wide Secret and Key
oauthKeys.siteWideKeysTip=Since you are a site admin, you have access to the \
site wide key and secret. You can provide them to other sites that need to \
access accounts on this site. Users will still have to authenticate access \
by logging in to Roller.
oauthKeys.urls=OAuth URLs
oauthKeys.urlsTip=These are the URLs that your weblog client will need to \
perform OAuth authorization against Roller.
oauthKeys.requestTokenURL=Request Token URL
oauthKeys.authorizationURL=Authorization URL
oauthKeys.accessTokenURL=Access Token URL
oauthAuthorize.title=OAuth Authorization
oauthAuthorize.description=Authorize OAuth access to user account <span>{0}</span>?
oauthAuthorize.tip=A web site is asking to have access your account. Press \
the button below to allow access or simply close this window to deny it.
# -------------------------------------------------------------- Page management
pagesForm.subtitle=Manage templates that define weblog <span>{0}</span>
pagesForm.tip=You can edit the templates that define the layout, colors and \
fonts of your weblog. You can also create new templates to define entirely \
new pages. This is for advanced users only, if you''re not comfortable \
with HTML, you might want to leave your templates alone. Please <b>backup</b> your templates!
pageForm.advancedSettings=Advanced Settings
pagesForm.addNewPage=Add a new template
pagesForm.deleteselected=Delete Selected
pagesForm.themesReminder=<b>Reminder:</b> You are currently using the {0} shared \
theme, so some template edits may not effect how your blog looks.
editPages.title.removeOK=Confirm remove of template
editPages.remove.notFound=Template id {0} was not found
editPages.remove.requiredTemplate=You cannot remove a required template
editPages.remove.error=Error removing template
pagesForm.error.alreadyExists=The template {0} already exists.
# -------------------------------------------------------------------- Page edit
pageForm.action=Edit Template
pageForm.subtitle=Edit template <span>{0}</span> in weblog <span>{1}</span>
pageForm.tip=You can edit this template to change what it generates. \
Refer the the Roller Template Guide for information about the objects \
and code you are allowed to use in a template. This is for advanced \
users only, if you''re not comfortable with HTML, you might want to leave \
your templates alone.
pageForm.tip.required=You can edit this template to change what it generates.\
Refer the the Roller Template Guide for information about the objects \
and code you are allowed to use in a template. This is for advanced \
users only, if you''re not comfortable with HTML, you might want to leave \
your templates alone. NOTE: this is a required weblog template, you cannot \
change the name, link or description.
pageForm.hidden.tip=Hidden pages cannot be accessed via a weblog URL
pageForm.navbar=Include in page menu
pageForm.navbar.tip=Include in menu produced by showPageMenu() macro
pageForm.newTemplateContent=<html><body></body></html> updated successfully.
pageForm.useAutoContentType=Automatically set content type
pageForm.useManualContentType=Use manually specified content-type
pageForm.notemplates=No templates defined. Select action ''weblog'' to create from \
scratch or a predefined theme from the Theme tab.
pageForm.templateLanguage=Template Language
pageRemove.subtitle=Confirm removal of page
pageRemoves.subtitle=Confirm removal of pages
pageRemove.youSure=Are you sure you want to remove this page?
pageRemoves.youSure=Are you sure you want to remove these pages?
pageRemoves.youSureWarning=<b>WARNING</b>: This may remove custom html/css design and is <b>NOT REVERSIBLE</b>. \
You might want to <b>backup your stylesheet</b> if you are not sure.
pageRemove.pageId=Page ID
pageRemove.pageName=Page Name
# errors from validation
Template.error.nameNull=Name is a required field
Template.error.nameSize=Name cannot be more than 255 characters
Template.error.linkSize=Link cannot be more than 255 characters
Template.error.descriptionSize=Description cannot be more than 255 characters
Template.error.actionNull=The Action is a required field
# ---------------------------------------------------- Ping Target Admin/Editing
commonPingTargets.subtitle=Ping target management
commonPingTargets.commonPingTargets=Weblog Ping Targets
commonPingTargets.explanation=These target sites are available to all weblogs \
for weblog update pings.
commonPingTargets.error.loading=Error loading common ping targets
commonPingTargets.error.saving=Error saving common ping targets
commonPingTargets.error.enabling=Error enabling ping target
commonPingTargets.error.disabling=Error disabling ping target
pings.title=Configure Automatic Weblog Pings
pings.subtitle=Setup automatic pings for weblog <span>{0}</span>
pings.explanation=Pings allow you to notify sites that your weblog has changed \
so that the sites can read your feed to retrieve updates. \
You can enable automatic pings for sites that you wish to notify whenever \
your weblog changes. You can also trigger pings manually \
to specific sites from this page. <strong>Note:</strong> Normally, you are \
expected to register your weblog with a site before starting \
to send that site pings.
pings.commonPingTargets=Common Ping Targets
pings.commonPingTargetsExplanation=These ping targets have been configured by the \
site administrator for use by all users. \
You can send pings to any of these well-known sites.
ping.successful=The ping was successful.
ping.transmittedButError=The ping was transmitted but the server \
responded with the following error message.
ping.transmissionFailed=The ping transmission failed. Check to make sure the \
ping target URL is correct.
ping.unknownHost=The hostname in the ping target URL is unknown.
ping.networkConnectionFailed=There were network connection problems reaching the \
ping target site.
ping.pingProcessingIsSuspended=Ping processing has been suspended temporarily by \
a site administrator.
pingTarget.addTarget=Add Ping Target
pingTarget.editTarget=Edit Ping Target
pingTargetEdit.subtitle=Edit ping target
pingTargetAdd.subtitle=Add ping target
pingTarget.pingUrl=Ping URL
pingTarget.autoEnabled=Auto Ping?
pingTarget.confirmRemoveTitle=Remove Ping Target Confirmation
pingTarget.confirmCommonRemove=Removing this target will also remove all user''s \
automatic ping configurations that use this target. Are you sure?
pingTarget.sendPingNow=Send Ping Now
pingTarget.updated=Ping target "{0}" updated
pingTarget.created=Ping target "{0}" created
pingTarget.deleted=Ping target "{0}" deleted
pingTarget.nameNotUnique=Target name already exists, please choose another.
pingTarget.nameMissing=Name is required
pingTarget.pingUrlMissing=Ping URL is required
pingTarget.malformedUrl=The URL is not properly formed.
pingTarget.unknownHost=The hostname in this URL doesn''t seem to exist.
pingTarget.notFound=Ping target id {0} was not found
# --------------------------------------------------------------- Planet Roller
planetConfig.title=Planet Configuration
planetConfig.subtitle=Configure Roller''s built-in newsfeed aggregator.
planetConfig.prompt=Set the title, description, email address and site URL \
to be included in newsfeeds produced by the aggregator. You can also setup a \
proxy if one is required required by your network.
ConfigForm.siteSettings=Planet Settings
ConfigForm.title=Planet title\t
ConfigForm.description=Planet description\t\t
ConfigForm.adminName=Name of Planet administrator \t\t
ConfigForm.adminEmail=Email of Planet administrator
ConfigForm.absoluteUrl=Absolute URL to Planet page
ConfigForm.proxyHost=Proxy host for feed fetcher
ConfigForm.proxyPort=Proxy port for feed fetcher
ConfigForm.message.saveSucceeded=Saved Planet configuration
ConfigForm.error.saveFailed=Error saving Planet configuration
# ----------------------------------------------------- PlanetSubscriptions.jsp
Manage newsfeed subscriptions in group [<b>{0}</b>].
planetSubscriptions.prompt.add=To add a new subscription simply enter a \
newsfeed URL then click the Save button.
Managing the main list of newsfeed subscriptions.
planetSubscriptions.prompt.addMain=Use this page to add \
subscriptions to the list of newsfeeds that are to be included on the main \
Planet aggregator page. To add a new subscription simply enter a \
newsfeed URL then click the Save button.
planetSubscriptions.existingTitle=Existing Subscriptions
planetSubscriptions.column.feedUrl=Feed URL
planetSubscription.feedUrl=Newsfeed URL
planetSubscription.success.deleted=Subscription successfully deleted
planetSubscription.foundExisting=Found existing subscription [{0}], adding it instead
planetSubscription.success.saved=Saved subscription
planetSubscription.error=Must specify newfeed URL
planetSubscription.error.feedUrl=Newsfeed URL is required
planetSubscriptions.error.duringSave=Duplicate subscription? - {0}
planetSubscription.error.deleting=Error deleting object
# ------------------------------------------------------------ PlanetGroups.jsp
planetGroups.pagetitle=Custom Planet Groups
planetGroups.subtitle=Add custom aggregation groups, each available as a newsfeed.
planetGroups.prompt.add=To create a group, \
just enter a display name and a unique handle to be used in the newsfeed URL \
then click Save.
planetGroups.prompt.edit=You are editing a custom aggregation group. Make \
your changes and then click Save. Or, use click Delete to remove it.
planetGroups.existingTitle=Existing Custom Aggregation Groups
planetGroups.existingPrompt=Select an existing custom aggregation group to edit.
planetGroups.tip.title=Title of group
planetGroups.tip.handle=Handle of this group
planetGroups.edit.tip=Edit this group
planetGroups.subscriptions.tip=Edit the subscriptions in this Custom Group
planetGroups.success.saved=Saved group
planetGroups.error.saved=Error saving planet group - duplicate?
planetGroups.error.title=Title is required
planetGroups.error.handle=Handle is required
planetGroups.error.nameReserved=Can''t use handle ''all''
# ------------------------------------------------------------------ Statistics
statCount.weblogCommentCountType=Weblog comment count
statCount.weblogEntryCommentCountType=Weblog entry comment count
statCount.weblogDayHits=Today''s hit count
# ------------------------------------------------------------------ Stylesheet Editor
stylesheetEdit.subtitle=Edit weblog custom stylesheet
stylesheetEdit.tip=This form allows you to edit the stylesheet for your theme.
stylesheetEdit.revertTip=If you run into any problems you don''t know how to \
fix you can start over at any time by clicking the restore button. Please <b>backup</b> your stylesheet!
stylesheetEdit.revertTip1=<font color="red">If you have not customized your stylesheet here, \
please use the <em>Shared Theme</em> default by clicking the delete stylesheet button. \
This will ensure you are using the latest version and any changes will be picked up.</font>
stylesheetEdit.revert=Restore Stylesheet
stylesheetEdit.delete=Delete Stylesheet
stylesheetEdit.create.success=Custom stylesheet created successfully. updated successfully.
stylesheetEdit.revert.success=Stylesheet reverted successfully.
stylesheetEdit.default.success=Stylesheet deleted successfully. Your theme is now using the Shared Theme default.
The theme you''re using does not define a customizable stylesheet in its descriptor. You can choose another shared theme, or for \
custom themes, create the stylesheet on the templates tab instead.
stylesheetEdit.canRecreateStylesheetOverride=Note: clicking the stylesheet tab again will \
recreate a custom override stylesheet from the theme default.
stylesheetEdit.confirmDelete=Are you sure you want to delete your stylesheet?
stylesheetEdit.confirmRevert=Are you sure you want to revert your stylesheet to the theme default?
# ------------------------------------------------------------------ Tabbed Menu
tabbedmenu.weblog=Create &amp; Edit
tabbedmenu.weblog.newEntry=New Entry
tabbedmenu.weblog.mediaFiles=Media Files
tabbedmenu.admin=Server Admin
tabbedmenu.admin.userAdmin=User Admin
tabbedmenu.admin.pingTargets=Ping Targets
tabbedmenu.admin.cacheInfo=Cache Info
tabbedmenu.planet=Planet Admin
tabbedmenu.admin.planetGroups=Custom Groups
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Search
searchPager.home=Main page
searchPager.prev=Previous page
searchSummary.text=Showing {0} - {1} of total {2} search results
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Theme
themeEditor.title=Weblog Theme
themeEditor.subtitle=Select theme for weblog <span>{0}</span>
themeEditor.sharedTheme=Shared Theme
themeEditor.sharedThemeDescription=This option is for users who don''t \
want to fuss with designing their weblog on their own and prefer the \
easier option of using a predefined theme.
themeEditor.customTheme=Custom Theme
themeEditor.customThemeDescription=This option is for the creative \
bloggers who want to be able to create a blog design of their own. \
Beware though, managing a blog design of your own takes a bit of effort.
themeEditor.yourCurrentTheme=Your current theme is
themeEditor.yourCustomStylesheet=using <em style="color:red">custom</em> override stylesheet.
themeEditor.yourThemeStyleSheet=using the <em>Shared Theme</em> default stylesheet.
themeEditor.selectTheme=Select a new shared theme for your blog
themeEditor.preview=Preview Theme Theme
themeEditor.previewDescription=Prior to changing your theme, the preview option below \
can be used to see how your blog''s main front page would look with the new theme.
themeEditor.importWarning=WARNING: Updating your custom theme may overwrite some of your existing templates.
themeEditor.importRequired=Since this is the first time you are going to try a \
custom theme you must first copy templates from an existing theme.
themeEditor.importAndOverwriteTemplates=Also import a theme into my already existing custom templates, overwriting any with the same name.
themeEditor.importAndOverwriteTemplates.tooltip=This blog already has custom templates defined on the Templates tab. \
Select this option to import a shared theme's templates, overwriting any of your existing templates that have the same name as the shared theme's \
templates. Leave this unchecked to just switch to custom with your present templates.
themeEditor.setTheme.success=Theme set to {0}
themeEditor.setCustomTheme.success=Shared theme {0} imported into custom templates
themeEditor.setCustomTheme.instructions=Use the Stylesheet and Templates tabs above to edit your custom theme.
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Uploads
uploadFiles.uploadedFiles=Uploaded file(s):
uploadFiles.error.badPath=The path [{0}] is invalid. Paths may not contain "/", "\\", or ".."
uploadFiles.error.upload=Upload failed for [{0}]
# ---------------------------------------------------------------- User settings
userSettings.screenname=Screen Name
userSettings.fullname=Full Name
userSettings.passwordConfirm=Password (Confirm)
userSettings.openIdUrl=OpenID URL
userSettings.tip.username=Usernames can''t be changed.
# ----------------------------------------------------------------- Your profile (profile.jsp)
yourProfile.title=Your Profile
# ------------------------------------------------------------------- User admin
userAdmin.title.searchUser=User Administration
userAdmin.subtitle.searchUser=Select user to administer
userAdmin.prompt.searchUser=Find user by typing first letters of username \
or password. Select user and click edit button to edit the user''s profile \
and the user''s weblogs.
userAdmin.title.editUser=Edit user profile
userAdmin.subtitle.editUser=Editing profile of user <span>{0}</span>
userAdmin.title.createNewUser=Create new user
userAdmin.subtitle.createNewUser=Creating user
userAdmin.addInstructions=All fields are required.
userAdmin.title=User Administration
userAdmin.subtitle.userCreation=New user creation
userAdmin.prompt.orYouCan=Or you can
userAdmin.prompt.createANewUser=create a new user
userAdmin.userWeblogs=User''s Weblogs
userAdmin.userMemberOf=User is a member of the following weblog(s)
userAdmin.userHasNoWeblogs=User is a member of no weblogs.
userAdmin.newEntry=New Entry
userAdmin.editEntries=Edit Entries
userAdmin.noPasswordForOpenID=Leave password field(s) blank if providing an OpenID.
userAdmin.tip.screenName=User''s screen name (with no HTML).
userAdmin.tip.fullName=User''s full name (with no HTML).
userAdmin.tip.userName=A short one-word username for the user account. \
Please limit it to simple ASCII alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z and 0-9), \
and do not use HTML.
userAdmin.tip.openIdUrl=Open ID identifier (in the form of a URL).
userAdmin.tip.password=User''s password. Fill in only to change it to what you enter. email address needed for automated notification.
userAdmin.tip.enabled=Disabled users are unable to login to Roller.
userAdmin.tip.userAdmin=Check to give user Global Admin rights on this Roller instance.
userAdmin.tip.locale=User''s preferred locale.
userAdmin.tip.timeZone=User''s preferred timezone.
userAdmin.userSaved=User profile saved
userAdmin.cantChangeOwnRole=Cannot change your own role
userAdmin.error.userNotFound=Specified user not found
# --------------------------------------------------------------- User register
userRegister.prompt=Welcome! Before you can get started, you need to create a \
new user account. Please complete this form and click the button at the end \
to request your new account. <b>All fields are required</b>.
Register.disabled=The administrator of this site has disabled user registrations \
at this time. Please contact the system administrators if you think this is \
userRegister.heading.identification=How would you like to be identified?
userRegister.tip.identification=Enter your name(s) so you can be identified on \
this site and your email address so we can reach you for account activation.
userRegister.tip.userName=A short one-word username to uniquely identify \
yourself on the site. Please limit it to simple alphanumeric characters (a-z, \
A-Z and 0-9) and do not use HTML. You will <b>not</b> be able to change this \
later, but that''s OK because this string will not be publicly displayed.
userRegister.tip.screenName=Your desired screen name (with no HTML). This is \
is what will be displayed in your weblog and on weblog entries that you write.
userRegister.tip.fullName=Your full name (with no HTML), first and last. Some \
weblog themes will display this instead of (or in addition to) your screenname. enter valid email address, the site administrator \
may disable your account if he/she cannot reach you via email.
userRegister.heading.authentication=How will you be authenticated?
userRegister.tip.openid.disabled=Enter a password to be used when you login \
and confirm that password by entering it a second time.
userRegister.tip.openid.hybrid=You can choose to login via username/password or \
<a href=\"\">OpenID</a>. If you choose the latter, leave \
the password fields blank.
userRegister.tip.openid.only=This site uses only OpenID for logins, so please \
specify your OpenID identifier below. For more information about OpenID see \
<a href=\"\"></a>.
userRegister.tip.password=Your password. Fill in only if you wish to change it.
userRegister.tip.passwordConfirm=Confirm your password.
userRegister.tip.openIdUrl=Your OpenID identifier (in the form of a URL).
userRegister.heading.locale=What are your locale and timezone settings?
userRegister.tip.localeAndTimeZone=We have attempted to guess your preferred \
locale and timezone settings below. Please set them correctly as they will be \
used in the weblog entries you create.
userRegister.tip.timeZone=Your preferred timezone.
userRegister.tip.locale=Your preferred locale.
userRegister.heading.ready=Ready to roll?
userRegister.tip.ready=When you are, click the button below. Up
userRegister.success.ready=Yes, form appears to be complete. Click the button below.
userRegister.error.mismatchedPasswords=Your passwords do not match!
userRegister.error.missingOpenID=Open ID URL must be provided.
userRegister.error.missingOpenIDOrPassword=Either an Open ID URL or a password must be provided.
userRegister.error.bothOpenIDAndPassword=Please supply just a password or an OpenID (not both).
# errors from validation
Register.error.screenNameNull=Screen Name is a required field
Register.error.screenNameSize=Screen Name cannot be more than 255 characters
Register.error.fullNameNull=Full name is a required field
Register.error.fullNameSize=Full name cannot be more than 255 characters
Register.error.emailAddressNull=Email address is a required field
Register.error.emailAddressSize=Email address cannot be more than 255 characters
Register.error.emailAddressBad=The email address you entered is not properly formatted
Register.error.localeNull=Locale is a required field
Register.error.localeSize=Locale cannot be more than 20 characters
Register.error.timeZoneNull=Time Zone is a required field
Register.error.timeZoneSize=Time Zone cannot be more than 20 characters
# ------------------------------------------------------------------ Weblog edit
weblogEdit.title.newEntry=New Entry
weblogEdit.subtitle.newEntry=Create a new entry in weblog <span>{0}</span>
weblogEdit.title.editEntry=Edit Entry
weblogEdit.subtitle.editEntry=Editing weblog entry in weblog <span>{0}</span>
Roller: new post pending review in weblog "{0}" ({1})
weblogEntry.pendingEntryContent=User [{0}] has submitted a new weblog entry \
for your review. Please review this post and either publish it or save it as a \
draft so that user [{1}] may edit it again.\
Link to edit the pending post:\
weblogEntry.notFound=Cannot find requested weblog entry
weblogEdit.summary=Summary (optional)
weblogEdit.summary.tooltip=If provided, replaces above content on weblog home page \
with this summary and a link to the full blog entry.
weblogEdit.entryRemoved=Entry "{0}" deleted
weblogEdit.draftEntries=Recent Drafts
weblogEdit.deleteEntry=Delete Entry
weblogEdit.insertMediaFile=Insert Media File
weblogEdit.fullPreviewMode=Full Preview
weblogEdit.pendingEntries=Pending Entries
weblogEdit.publishedEntries=Recent Entries to Weblog
weblogEdit.pubTime=Pub&nbsp;Time&nbsp; as Draft
weblogEdit.scheduledEntries=Scheduled Entries
weblogEdit.submitForReview=Submit for Review
weblogEdit.draftSaved=Draft saved
weblogEdit.publishedEntry=Blog entry published!
weblogEdit.scheduledEntry=Blog entry scheduled for publication on {0}
weblogEdit.submittedForReview=Entry submitted for review
weblogEdit.unsaved=Not saved
weblogEdit.updateTime=Last updated
weblogEdit.allowComments=Allow comments
weblogEdit.unlimitedCommentDays=unlimited days
weblogEdit.days3=3 days
weblogEdit.days7=7 days
weblogEdit.days14=14 days
weblogEdit.days30=30 days
weblogEdit.days60=60 days
weblogEdit.days90=90 days
weblogEdit.pluginsToApply=Plugins To Apply
weblogEdit.miscSettings=Advanced Settings
weblogEdit.rightToLeft=Text reads right-to-left
weblogEdit.pinnedToMain=Pinned to main
weblogEdit.pinnedToMain.tooltip=Pin blog entry to top of front page weblog \
(if theme supports it). Option provided only for global admins.
weblogEdit.searchDescription=Search Description
weblogEdit.searchDescription.tooltip=Short description of blog entry that gets \
placed in HTML header (if coded by your blog template) for SEO.
weblogEdit.sendTrackback=Send Trackback
weblogEdit.trackbackUrl=Trackback URL
weblogEdit.trackbackSuccess=Trackback succeeded.
weblogEdit.trackbackFailure=Trackback failed, remote server said "{0}"
weblogEdit.trackbackErrorTransport=Trackback failed, could not reach trackback URL. Are you sure you put in the right URL?
weblogEdit.trackbackErrorResponse=Trackback failed, error in sending. Response was {0} - {1}
weblogEdit.trackbackErrorParsing=Trackback failed, URL indicated success but response message was improperly formatted. Response was: {0}
weblogEdit.trackbackError404=Trackback failed, could not reach trackback URL. Are you sure you put in the right URL?
weblogEdit.hasComments=<a href="{0}">Comments [{1}]</a>
weblogEdit.enclosureURL=Enclosure URL
weblogEdit.enclosureURL.tooltip=Podcast or other multimedia URL to embed within the RSS & Atom feeds for this blog entry.
weblogEdit.mediaCastFailedFetchingInfo=Unable to reach the enclosure. Check the hostname in the URL.
weblogEdit.mediaCastUrlMalformed=The enclosure URL was malformed.
weblogEdit.mediaCastResponseError=The enclosure server returned an error. Do you have the right URL?
weblogEdit.mediaCastLacksContentTypeOrLength=Unable to use enclosure URL. Server provided no content type or no length.
weblogEdit.mediaCastErrorRemoving=Error removing MediaCast from weblog entry
# errors from validation
Entry.error.titleNull=Title is a required field
Entry.error.titleSize=Title cannot be more than 255 characters
Entry.error.localeNull=Locale is a required field
Entry.error.categoryNull=Category is required field
Entry.error.textNull=Content is a required field
# -------------------------------------------------------- Weblog entries Pager
weblogEntriesPager.latest.home=Main page
weblogEntriesPager.latest.prev=Previous page
# argument ${0} is truncated title of weblog entry{0}
# argument ${0} is date of next day page of day ({0}) page of day ({0}) day ({0}) day ({0}) d, yyyy
# argument ${0} is date of next month page of month ({0})
weblogEntriesPager.month.prev=Previous page of month ({0})
weblogEntriesPager.month.nextCollection=Next month ({0})
weblogEntriesPager.month.prevCollection=Previous month ({0})
weblogEntriesPager.month.dateFormat=MMM yyyy
# ---------------------------------------------------------- Weblog Entry Remove
weblogEntryRemove.removeWeblogEntry=Delete Weblog Entry
weblogEntryRemove.areYouSure=Are you sure you want to delete this Weblog Entry?
weblogEntryRemove.entryTitle=Entry Title
weblogEntryRemove.entryId=Entry ID
# --------------------------------------------------- Weblog Entry Export/Import
weblogEntryQuery.title=Blog Entries
weblogEntryQuery.subtitle=Find and edit entries in weblog <span>{0}</span>
weblogEntryQuery.tip=You can select an entry from the list below to edit \
or use the Filter entries control to look for entries in a specific category, \
date range or status.
weblogEntryQuery.sidebarTitle=Filter entries
Filter weblog entries by category, date, and/or status.
weblogEntryQuery.noneFound=No entries found that match filter criteria.
weblogEntryQuery.label.startDate=Start Date
weblogEntryQuery.label.endDate=End Date
weblogEntryQuery.label.text=Search string
weblogEntryQuery.label.allEntries=All Entries
weblogEntryQuery.label.draftOnly=Draft Only
weblogEntryQuery.label.publishedOnly=Published Only
weblogEntryQuery.label.pendingOnly=Pending Only
weblogEntryQuery.label.scheduledOnly=Scheduled Only
weblogEntryQuery.label.sortby=Sort by
weblogEntryQuery.label.pubTime=Publish time
weblogEntryQuery.label.updateTime=Update time
weblogEntryQuery.nowShowing=Displaying {0} weblog entries
weblogEntryQuery.prev=Previous page page{0,date,MM/dd/yy hh:mm a}
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Website
websiteSettings.title=Weblog Settings
websiteSettings.subtitle=Manage settings for weblog <span>{0}</span>
websiteSettings.tip=Change weblog title, description, comment and spam prevention settings.
# --- General settings
websiteSettings.generalSettings=General Settings
websiteSettings.about=About your blog
websiteSettings.emailAddress=Email address of weblog owner
websiteSettings.editor=Weblog editor page to be used
websiteSettings.entryDisplayCount=Number of entries to display on weblog is active (and should be included in community listings)
websiteSettings.error.entryDisplayCount=You have chosen a value too high for ''number of entries to display''
# --- i18n settings
websiteSettings.languageSettings=Internationalization Settings
websiteSettings.enableMultiLang=I publish my weblog in multiple languages
websiteSettings.showAllLangs=Show my weblog entries from all languages on my homepage
# --- Comments
websiteSettings.allowComments=Allow comments for your weblog?
websiteSettings.moderateComments=Moderate comments before posting
websiteSettings.emailComments=Email notification of posted comments
websiteSettings.commentsOffForInactiveWeblog=Turned comments off for inactive weblog
# --- Default comments settings
websiteSettings.defaultCommentSettings=Default comment settings
websiteSettings.defaultAllowComments=By default, allow comments for new entries
websiteSettings.defaultCommentDays=Default time to allow comments for new entries
websiteSettings.applyCommentDefaults=Apply comment defaults to existing entries (this time only)?
# --- Weblog API
websiteSettings.bloggerApi=Weblog Client API
websiteSettings.enableBloggerApi=Enable weblog client support?
websiteSettings.bloggerApiCategory=Category for posts received via clients
# --- Formatting
# --- Spam prevention
websiteSettings.spamPrevention=Spam Prevention
websiteSettings.ignoreUrls=List of words and regex expressions listed one per \
line to be added to the blacklist used to check comments, trackbacks and referrers.
websiteSettings.acceptedBlacklist=Accepted {0} string and {1} regex blacklist rules
websiteSettings.error.processingBlacklist=Error processing blacklist: {0}
# --- web analytics
websiteSettings.analyticsTrackingCode=Tracking code
# --- Buttons
websiteSettings.savedChanges=Saved changes to weblog settings
websiteSettings.button.update=Update Weblog Settings
# --- Remove weblog
websiteSettings.button.remove=Remove Weblog
websiteSettings.removeWebsiteHeading=Remove Weblog?
websiteSettings.removeWebsite=You are the last contributor to this weblog, \
would you like to remove it?
<b>WARNING</b>: removing a weblog will remove everything: all of the weblog \
entries,<br />comments, blogroll and settings. <b>Weblog removal is \
websiteRemove.title=Confirm Weblog Remove
websiteRemove.subtitle=Weblog removal is <b>NOT REVERSIBLE</b>
websiteRemove.youSure=Are you sure you want to remove weblog [{0}]?
websiteRemove.websiteId=Weblog ID
websiteRemove.websiteName=Weblog Name
websiteRemove.success=Successfully removed weblog [{0}]
websiteRemove.error=Error removing weblog [{0}]
websiteSettings.label1=Default Entry Formatters
websiteSettings.label2=(applied in the listed order)
# errors from validation
WeblogConfig.error.nameNull=Name is a required field
WeblogConfig.error.nameSize=Name cannot be more than 255 characters
WeblogConfig.error.descriptionSize=Description cannot be more than 255 characters
WeblogConfig.error.analyticsCodeSize=Analytics tracking key(s) cannot be more than 1200 characters
# ------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome.jsp
welcome.title=Welcome to Roller
welcome.accountCreated=Your new user account has been created.
welcome.clickHere=Click here
welcome.toLoginAndPost=to login.
welcome.user.account.activated=Your user account is activated.
welcome.user.account.not.activated=In order to login to the system, you have to \
activate your user account by clicking the link that is sent to you via e-mail.
# ---------------------------------------------------------------- Your Weblogs
yourWebsites.title=Main Menu
yourWebsites.prompt.noBlog=You''ve got a user account, but no weblog. \
Would you like to
yourWebsites.createOne=create one?
yourWebsites.prompt.hasBlog=Select a weblog to edit, manage, or configure.
yourWebsites.confirmResignation=Are you sure you wish to resign from weblog [{0}]?
yourWebsites.createWeblog=Create new weblog
Feel like you''ve got more to say? Maybe another weblog is what you need.
yourWebsites.editProfile=Edit user profile
yourWebsites.editProfile.desc=Change user info, locale, timezone.
yourWebsites.oauthKeys=OAuth Credentials
yourWebsites.oauthKeys.desc=Enable other sites and programs to access your \
account remotely.
yourWebsites.globalAdmin=Server administration
yourWebsites.globalAdmin.desc=Make site-wide administration changes.
yourWebsites.planetAdmin=Planet administration
Manage the planet aggregator. Add feeds, organize groups, set configs.
yourWebsites.invitations=Weblog Invitations
yourWebsites.invitationsPrompt=You have one or more invitations to accept or \
yourWebsites.youAreInvited=You are invited to join weblog [{0}] -
yourWebsites.declined=You have declined an invitation to join weblog [{0}]
yourWebsites.resigned=You have resigned from weblog [{0}]
yourWebsites.permNotFound=Sorry, that invitation was just revoked.
yourWebsites.todaysHits=Today''s hits
# ---------------------------------------------------------------- Activating User Account with E-mail
createUser.add.success=User created
error.activate.user.missingActivationCode=Activation code is missing.
Invalid activation code. You must have already activated your account. \
If not, please contact your Roller administrator for assistance.
user.account.activation.mail.subject=Roller: Activation Code for your user account
<html><body style=\"background: white; color: black; font-size: 12px\"> \
<p>To activate your new Roller user account with username [{1}], please click the link below:</p> \
<p><a href=\"{2}\">{2}</a></p></body></html>