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<%@ include file="/WEB-INF/jsps/taglibs-struts2.jsp" %>
<p class="subtitle"><s:text name="configForm.subtitle" /></p>
<p><s:text name="configForm.prompt" /></p>
<s:form action="globalConfig!save">
<s:hidden name="salt" />
<table class="formtableNoDesc">
<s:iterator var="dg" value="globalConfigDef.displayGroups">
<td colspan="3"><h2><s:text name="%{#dg.key}" /></h2></td>
<s:iterator var="pd" value="#dg.propertyDefs">
<td class="label"><s:text name="%{#pd.key}" /></td>
<%-- special condition for comment plugins --%>
<s:if test=" == 'users.comments.plugins'">
<td class="field"><s:checkboxlist theme="roller" list="pluginsList"
name="commentPlugins" listKey="id" listValue="name" /></td>
<%-- special condition for front page blog --%>
<s:elseif test=" == 'site.frontpage.weblog.handle'">
<td class="field">
<select name='<s:property value=""/>'>
<option value=''>
<s:text name="configForm.none" />
</option> <s:iterator var="weblog" value="weblogs">
<option value='<s:property value="#weblog.handle"/>'
<s:if test='properties[].value == #weblog.handle'>selected='true'</s:if> >
<s:property value=""/>
<%-- "string" type means use a simple textbox --%>
<s:elseif test="#pd.type == 'string'">
<td class="field"><input type="text" name='<s:property value=""/>'
value='<s:property value="properties[].value"/>' size="35" /></td>
<%-- "text" type means use a full textarea --%>
<s:elseif test="#pd.type == 'text'">
<td class="field">
<textarea name='<s:property value=""/>'
rows="<s:property value="#pd.rows"/>"
cols="<s:property value="#pd.cols"/>"><s:property value="properties[].value"/>
<%-- "boolean" type means use a checkbox --%>
<s:elseif test="#pd.type == 'boolean'">
<s:if test="properties[].value == 'true'">
<td class="field"><input type="checkbox"
name='<s:property value=""/>' CHECKED></td>
<td class="field"><input type="checkbox"
name='<s:property value=""/>'></td>
<%-- if it's something we don't understand then use textbox --%>
<td class="field"><input type="text"
name='<s:property value=""/>' size="50" /></td>
<td class="description"><%-- <s:text name="" /> --%></td>
<td colspan="2">&nbsp;</td>
<div class="control">
<input class="buttonBox" type="submit" value="<s:text name=""/>"/>