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<project name="Apache REEF" xmlns=""
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<name>Apache REEF</name>
<alt>Apache REEF</alt>
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<item name="Apache REEF" href="index.html"/>
<item name="Apache REEF GitHub" href=""/>
<item name="Apache" href=""/>
<menu name="Apache REEF">
<item name="Overview" href="index.html"/>
<item name="FAQ" href="faq.html"/>
<item name="License" href="license.html"/>
<item name="Downloads &amp; APIs" href="downloads.html"/>
<item name="Privacy Policy" href="privacy-policy.html"/>
<menu name="Documentation">
<item name="Introduction to REEF" href="introduction.html"/>
<item name="REEF Tutorial" href=""/>
<item name="Talks" href="talks.html"/>
<item name="Glossary" href="glossary.html"/>
<item name="Tang" href="tang.html"/>
<item name="Wake" href="wake.html"/>
<menu name="Contribution">
<item name="Contributing" href=""/>
<item name="Committer Guide" href=""/>
<item name="Coding Guidelines" href=""/>
<menu name="Community">
<item name="Team" href="team.html"/>
<item name="Mailing List" href="mailing-list.html"/>
<item name="Issue Tracker" href=""/>
<item name="Powered By" href=""/>
<menu name="ASF">
<item name="Apache Software Foundation" href=""/>
<item name="How Apache Works" href=""/>
<item name="Apache License" href=""/>
<item name="Sponsorship" href=""/>
<item name="Thanks" href=""/>
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<a href="">Apache Software Foundation</a>.
All Rights Reserved.
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of The Apache Software Foundation. All other marks mentioned may be trademarks or registered
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