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"License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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package electron
import (
// Timeout is the error returned if an operation does not complete on time.
// Methods named *Timeout in this package take time.Duration timeout parameter.
// If timeout > 0 and there is no result available before the timeout, they
// return a zero or nil value and Timeout as an error.
// If timeout == 0 they will return a result if one is immediately available or
// nil/zero and Timeout as an error if not.
// If timeout == Forever the function will return only when there is a result or
// some non-timeout error occurs.
var Timeout = fmt.Errorf("timeout")
// Forever can be used as a timeout parameter to indicate wait forever.
const Forever time.Duration = math.MaxInt64
// timedReceive receives on channel (which can be a chan of any type), waiting
// up to timeout.
// timeout==0 means do a non-blocking receive attempt. timeout < 0 means block
// forever. Other values mean block up to the timeout.
// Returns error Timeout on timeout, Closed on channel close.
func timedReceive(channel interface{}, timeout time.Duration) (interface{}, error) {
cases := []reflect.SelectCase{
reflect.SelectCase{Dir: reflect.SelectRecv, Chan: reflect.ValueOf(channel)},
if timeout == 0 { // Non-blocking
cases = append(cases, reflect.SelectCase{Dir: reflect.SelectDefault})
} else { // Block up to timeout
cases = append(cases,
reflect.SelectCase{Dir: reflect.SelectRecv, Chan: reflect.ValueOf(After(timeout))})
chosen, value, ok := reflect.Select(cases)
switch {
case chosen == 0 && ok:
return value.Interface(), nil
case chosen == 0 && !ok:
return nil, Closed
return nil, Timeout
// After is like time.After but returns a nil channel if timeout == Forever
// since selecting on a nil channel will never return.
func After(timeout time.Duration) <-chan time.Time {
if timeout == Forever {
return nil
} else {
return time.After(timeout)