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package electron
import (
// Container is an AMQP container, it represents a single AMQP "application"
// which can have multiple client or server connections.
// Each Container in a distributed AMQP application must have a unique
// container-id which is applied to its connections.
// Create with NewContainer()
type Container interface {
// Id is a unique identifier for the container in your distributed application.
Id() string
// Connection creates a connection associated with this container.
Connection(conn net.Conn, opts ...ConnectionOption) (Connection, error)
// Dial is shorthand for
// conn, err := net.Dial(); c, err := Connection(conn, opts...)
// See net.Dial() for the meaning of the network, address arguments.
Dial(network string, address string, opts ...ConnectionOption) (Connection, error)
// Accept is shorthand for:
// conn, err := l.Accept(); c, err := Connection(conn, append(opts, Server()...)
Accept(l net.Listener, opts ...ConnectionOption) (Connection, error)
// String returns Id()
String() string
type container struct {
id string
tagCounter uint64
func (cont *container) nextTag() string {
return strconv.FormatUint(atomic.AddUint64(&cont.tagCounter, 1), 32)
// NewContainer creates a new container. The id must be unique in your
// distributed application, all connections created by the container
// will have this container-id.
// If id == "" a random UUID will be generated for the id.
func NewContainer(id string) Container {
if id == "" {
id = proton.UUID4().String()
cont := &container{id: id}
return cont
func (cont *container) Id() string { return }
func (cont *container) String() string { return cont.Id() }
func (cont *container) nextLinkName() string {
return + "@" + cont.nextTag()
func (cont *container) Connection(conn net.Conn, opts ...ConnectionOption) (Connection, error) {
return NewConnection(conn, append(opts, Parent(cont))...)
func (cont *container) Dial(network, address string, opts ...ConnectionOption) (c Connection, err error) {
conn, err := net.Dial(network, address)
if err == nil {
c, err = cont.Connection(conn, opts...)
func (cont *container) Accept(l net.Listener, opts ...ConnectionOption) (c Connection, err error) {
conn, err := l.Accept()
if err == nil {
c, err = cont.Connection(conn, append([]ConnectionOption{Server()}, opts...)...)