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"License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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package electron
import (
// AMQP client/server pair
type pair struct {
t testing.TB
client Session
server Connection
capacity int
prefetch bool
rchan chan Receiver
schan chan Sender
auth connectionSettings
func newPair(t testing.TB, cli, srv Connection) *pair {
cs, _ := cli.Session()
p := &pair{
t: t,
client: cs,
server: srv,
capacity: 100,
rchan: make(chan Receiver),
schan: make(chan Sender)}
go func() {
for i := range p.server.Incoming() {
switch i := i.(type) {
case *IncomingReceiver:
if p.capacity > 0 {
p.rchan <- i.Accept().(Receiver)
case *IncomingSender:
p.schan <- i.Accept().(Sender)
return p
// AMQP pair linked by in-memory pipe
func newPipe(t testing.TB, clientOpts, serverOpts []ConnectionOption) *pair {
cli, srv := net.Pipe()
opts := []ConnectionOption{Server(), ContainerId("server")}
sc, _ := NewConnection(srv, append(opts, serverOpts...)...)
opts = []ConnectionOption{ContainerId("client")}
cc, _ := NewConnection(cli, append(opts, clientOpts...)...)
return newPair(t, cc, sc)
// AMQP pair linked by TCP socket
func newSocketPair(t testing.TB, clientOpts, serverOpts []ConnectionOption) *pair {
l, err := net.Listen("tcp4", ":0") // For systems with ipv6 disabled
test.FatalIfN(1, t, err)
var srv Connection
var srvErr error
var wg sync.WaitGroup
go func() {
defer wg.Done()
srv, srvErr = NewContainer("server").Accept(l, serverOpts...)
addr := l.Addr()
cli, err := NewContainer("client").Dial(addr.Network(), addr.String(), clientOpts...)
test.FatalIfN(1, t, err)
test.FatalIfN(1, t, srvErr)
return newPair(t, cli, srv)
func (p *pair) close() { p.client.Connection().Close(nil); p.server.Close(nil) }
// Return a client sender and server receiver
func (p *pair) sender(opts ...LinkOption) (Sender, Receiver) {
snd, err := p.client.Sender(opts...)
test.FatalIfN(1, p.t, err)
rcv := <-p.rchan
return snd, rcv
// Return a client receiver and server sender
func (p *pair) receiver(opts ...LinkOption) (Receiver, Sender) {
rcv, err := p.client.Receiver(opts...)
test.FatalIfN(1, p.t, err)
snd := <-p.schan
return rcv, snd