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* or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
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* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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#include "./fwd.hpp"
#include "./internal/export.hpp"
#include "./link.hpp"
#include <proton/type_compat.h>
struct pn_link_t;
struct pn_session_t;
/// @file
/// @copybrief proton::receiver
namespace proton {
/// A channel for receiving messages.
PN_CPP_CLASS_EXTERN receiver : public link {
/// @cond INTERNAL
PN_CPP_EXTERN receiver(pn_link_t* r);
/// @endcond
/// Create an empty receiver.
receiver() {}
PN_CPP_EXTERN ~receiver();
/// Open the receiver.
PN_CPP_EXTERN void open();
/// @copydoc open
PN_CPP_EXTERN void open(const receiver_options &opts);
/// Get the source node.
PN_CPP_EXTERN class source source() const;
/// Get the target node.
PN_CPP_EXTERN class target target() const;
/// Increment the credit available to the sender. Credit granted
/// during a drain cycle is not communicated to the receiver until
/// the drain completes.
PN_CPP_EXTERN void add_credit(uint32_t);
/// **Unsettled API** - Commence a drain cycle. If there is
/// positive credit, a request is sent to the sender to
/// immediately use up all of the existing credit balance by
/// sending messages that are immediately available and releasing
/// any unused credit (see sender::return_credit). Throws
/// proton::error if a drain cycle is already in progress. An
/// on_receiver_drain_finish event will be generated when the
/// outstanding drained credit reaches zero.
PN_CPP_EXTERN void drain();
/// @cond INTERNAL
friend class internal::factory<receiver>;
friend class receiver_iterator;
/// @endcond
/// @cond INTERNAL
/// An iterator of receivers.
class receiver_iterator : public internal::iter_base<receiver, receiver_iterator> {
explicit receiver_iterator(receiver r, pn_session_t* s = 0) :
internal::iter_base<receiver, receiver_iterator>(r), session_(s) {}
/// Create an iterator of receivers.
explicit receiver_iterator() :
internal::iter_base<receiver, receiver_iterator>(0), session_(0) {}
/// Advance to the next receiver.
PN_CPP_EXTERN receiver_iterator operator++();
pn_session_t* session_;
friend class connection;
friend class session;
/// A range of receivers.
typedef internal::iter_range<receiver_iterator> receiver_range;
/// @endcond
} // proton