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# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
# or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
# distributed with this work for additional information
# regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
# to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
# "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
# with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
# software distributed under the License is distributed on an
# KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the
# specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
from __future__ import absolute_import
from proton import Url
from . import common
class UrlTest(common.Test):
def assertEqual(self, a, b):
assert a == b, "%s != %s" % (a, b)
def assertNotEqual(self, a, b):
assert a != b, "%s == %s" % (a, b)
def assertUrl(self, u, scheme, username, password, host, port, path):
self.assertEqual((u.scheme, u.username, u.password,, u.port, u.path),
(scheme, username, password, host, port, path))
def testUrl(self):
url = Url('amqp://me:secret@myhost:1234/foobar')
self.assertEqual(str(url), "amqp://me:secret@myhost:1234/foobar")
self.assertUrl(url, 'amqp', 'me', 'secret', 'myhost', 1234, 'foobar')
self.assertEqual(str(url), "amqp://me:secret@myhost:1234/foobar")
def testIpV6Url(self):
url = Url('amqp://me:secret@[::1]:1234/foobar')
self.assertEqual(str(url), "amqp://me:secret@[::1]:1234/foobar")
self.assertUrl(url, 'amqp', 'me', 'secret', '::1', 1234, 'foobar')
self.assertEqual(str(url), "amqp://me:secret@[::1]:1234/foobar")
def testDefaults(self):
# Check that we allow None for scheme, port
url = Url(username='me', password='secret', host='myhost', path='foobar', defaults=False)
self.assertEqual(str(url), "//me:secret@myhost/foobar")
self.assertUrl(url, None, 'me', 'secret', 'myhost', None, 'foobar')
# Empty string vs. None for path
self.assertEqual(Url("myhost/").path, "")
assert Url("myhost", defaults=False).path is None
# Expanding abbreviated url strings.
for s, u in [
("", "amqp://"),
("foo", "amqp://foo:amqp"),
(":1234", "amqp://"),
("/path", "amqp://"),
("user@host/topic://test", "amqp://user@host:amqp/topic://test"),
("user@host:3456", "amqp://user@host:3456"),
("user:pass@host/topic://test", "amqp://user:pass@host:amqp/topic://test")
self.assertEqual(str(Url(s)), u)
def assertPort(self, port, portint, portstr):
self.assertEqual((port, port), (portint, portstr))
self.assertEqual((int(port), str(port)), (portint, portstr))
def testPort(self):
self.assertPort(Url.Port('amqp'), 5672, 'amqp')
self.assertPort(Url.Port(5672), 5672, '5672')
self.assertPort(Url.Port(5671), 5671, '5671')
self.assertEqual(Url.Port(5671) + 1, 5672) # Treat as int
self.assertEqual(str(Url.Port(5672)), '5672')
self.assertPort(Url.Port(Url.Port('amqp')), 5672, 'amqp')
self.assertPort(Url.Port(Url.Port(5672)), 5672, '5672')
assert False, "Expected ValueError"
except ValueError:
self.assertEqual(str(Url("host:amqp", defaults=False)), "//host:amqp")
self.assertEqual(Url("host:amqp", defaults=False).port, 5672)
def testArgs(self):
u = Url("amqp://u:p@host:amqp/path", scheme='foo', host='bar', port=1234, path='garden', defaults=False)
self.assertUrl(u, 'foo', 'u', 'p', 'bar', 1234, 'garden')
u = Url(defaults=False)
self.assertUrl(u, None, None, None, None, None, None)
def assertRaises(self, exception, function, *args, **kwargs):
function(*args, **kwargs)
assert False, "Expected exception %s" % exception.__name__
except exception:
def testMissing(self):
self.assertUrl(Url(defaults=False), None, None, None, None, None, None)
self.assertUrl(Url('amqp://', defaults=False), 'amqp', None, None, None, None, None)
self.assertUrl(Url('username@', defaults=False), None, 'username', None, None, None, None)
self.assertUrl(Url(':pass@', defaults=False), None, '', 'pass', None, None, None)
self.assertUrl(Url('host', defaults=False), None, None, None, 'host', None, None)
self.assertUrl(Url(':1234', defaults=False), None, None, None, None, 1234, None)
self.assertUrl(Url('/path', defaults=False), None, None, None, None, None, 'path')
for s, full in [
('amqp://', 'amqp://'),
('username@', '//username@'),
(':pass@', '//:pass@'),
(':1234', '//:1234'),
('/path', '/path')
self.assertEqual(str(Url(s, defaults=False)), full)
for s, full in [
('amqp://', 'amqp://'),
('username@', 'amqp://username@'),
(':pass@', 'amqp://:pass@'),
(':1234', 'amqp://'),
('/path', 'amqp://'),
('foo/path', 'amqp://foo:amqp/path'),
(':1234/path', 'amqp://')
self.assertEqual(str(Url(s)), full)
def testAmqps(self):
# Scheme defaults
# Correct port for amqps vs. amqps
self.assertPort(Url.Port('amqps'), 5671, 'amqps')
self.assertEqual(str(Url("host:amqps", defaults=False)), "//host:amqps")
self.assertEqual(Url("host:amqps", defaults=False).port, 5671)
def testEqual(self):
self.assertEqual(Url("foo/path"), 'amqp://foo:amqp/path')
self.assertEqual('amqp://foo:amqp/path', Url("foo/path"))
self.assertEqual(Url("foo/path"), Url("foo/path"))
self.assertNotEqual(Url("foo/path"), 'xamqp://foo:amqp/path')
self.assertNotEqual('xamqp://foo:amqp/path', Url("foo/path"))
self.assertNotEqual(Url("foo/path"), Url("bar/path"))