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Version 0.7:
* PROTON-452: Exposed Messenger interrupt method.
* PROTON-454: Add route method to Messenger.
* PROTON-455: Add rewrite method to Messenger.
* PROTON-456: Add password property to Messenger.
Version 0.6:
* PROTON-427: Removed the flag argument from Messenger.settle.
version 0.5:
* Duck typed the Array class to work with Qpid::Proton::Data.
* Duck typed the Hash class to work with Qpid::Proton::Data.
* Fixed broken Rspec tests due to changes in under Proton C.
- Messenger.receive can accept a negative maximum
- When testing bad subscribe attempts, tests now use a random string.
* Fixed encoding decimal128 values.
* Added properties field to Qpid::Proton::Message.
* Hashes are now automatically encoded into Data objects.
* Fixed encoding Time objects.
* Added instructions field to Qpid::Proton::Message.
* Added annotations field to Qpid::Proton::Message.
* Fixed encoding Symbol objects.
* Added body field to Qpid::Proton::Message.
version 0.4:
* No language-specific features developed in this release.
version 0.3:
* No language-specific features developed in this release.
* Dropped the Rakefile in favor of packaging with a gemspec.
* Removed the qpid_proton/version.rb file as unused.
version 0.2:
* First implementation of the stable APIs on top of swig.
* Wrote the Rspec tests to test the new APIs.
* Added SimpleCov support to monitor Rspec test coverage.