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* or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
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* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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* under the License.
#include "proton/internal/object.hpp"
#include <vector>
struct pn_handler_t;
namespace proton {
class event;
class proton_event;
/// Handler base class, subclass and over-ride event handling member functions.
/// @see proton::proton_event for meaning of events.
class proton_handler
virtual ~proton_handler();
///@name Over-ride these member functions to handle events
virtual void on_reactor_init(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_reactor_quiesced(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_reactor_final(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_timer_task(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_connection_init(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_connection_bound(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_connection_unbound(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_connection_local_open(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_connection_local_close(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_connection_remote_open(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_connection_remote_close(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_connection_final(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_session_init(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_session_local_open(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_session_local_close(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_session_remote_open(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_session_remote_close(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_session_final(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_link_init(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_link_local_open(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_link_local_close(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_link_local_detach(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_link_remote_open(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_link_remote_close(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_link_remote_detach(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_link_flow(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_link_final(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_delivery(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_transport(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_transport_error(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_transport_head_closed(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_transport_tail_closed(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_transport_closed(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_selectable_init(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_selectable_updated(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_selectable_readable(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_selectable_writable(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_selectable_expired(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_selectable_error(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_selectable_final(proton_event &e);
virtual void on_unhandled(proton_event &e);