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Qpid JCA Resource Adapter
Apache Geronimo 2.x Installation and Configuration Instructions
The Qpid Resource Adapter is a JCA 1.5 compliant resource adapter that allows
for JEE integration between EE applications and AMQP 0.10 message brokers.
The adapter provides both outbound and inbound connectivity and
exposes a variety of options to fine tune your messaging applications.
Currently the adapter only supports C++ based brokers and has only been tested with Apache Qpid C++ broker.
The following document explains how to configure the resource adapter for deployment in Geronimo 2.x
Configuration and Deployment
The Apache Geronimo 2.x application server requires the use of an RA deployment plan to deploy and configure
a resource adapter. A sample deployment plan has been provided as geronimo-ra.xml which is included in the
META-INF directory of the qpid-ra-<version>.rar file. If you need to modify this file, simply extract
the RAR file, edit the geronimo-ra.xml file and recompress the file.
Please refer to the general README.txt file for a description of each configuration property
the adapter supports for resource adapter, managedconnectionfatory and activationspec level configuration.