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<section xmlns="" version="5.0" xml:id="Java-Broker-Concepts-Virtualhost-Nodes">
<title>Virtualhost Nodes</title>
<para>A <emphasis>virtualhost node</emphasis> is a container for the virtualhost. It has exactly
one virtualhost.</para>
<para>A <emphasis>virtualhost node</emphasis> is backed by storage. This storage is used to record
the durable entities that exist beneath the virtualhost node (the virtualhost, queues, exchanges
<para>When HA is in use, it is the virtualhost nodes of many Brokers that come together to form
the group. The virtualhost nodes together elect a master. When the high availability feature is
in use, the virtualhost node has <link linkend="Java-Broker-Concepts-RemoteReplicationNodes">remote replications nodes</link>. There is a remote replication node corresponding to each
remote virtualhost node that form part of the group.</para>