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Documentation for the Qpid components can be accessed on our website at:
Some initial helper info can be found below.
==== Building the code and running the tests ====
Here are some example Maven build commands that you may find useful.
Clean previous builds output and install all modules to local repository without
running any of the unit or system tests.
mvn clean install -DskipTests
Clean previous builds output and installs all modules to the local repository
after running all the tests using the Java BDB 0-10 profile
mvn clean install -Pjava-bdb.0-10
Perform a subset of the QA (int or sys tests) on the packaged release artifacts
mvn verify -Dtest=TestNamePattern* -DfailIfNoTests=false
Execute the unit tests and then produce the code coverage report
mvn test jacoco:report
For more details on how to build see:
==== Running client examples =====
Use maven to build the modules, and additionally copy the dependencies alongside their output:
mvn clean package dependency:copy-dependencies -DskipTests
Now you can then run the examples as follows:
java -cp "client/example/target/classes/:client/example/target/dependency/*" org.apache.qpid.example.Drain
java -cp "amqp-1-0-client-jms/example/target/classes/:amqp-1-0-client-jms/example/target/dependency/*" org.apache.qpid.amqp_1_0.jms.example.Hello