Allow building Apache Pulsar on JDK15+ - upgrade Maven Assembly Plugin (#8360)

Currently Pulsar does not build on JDK15

update Maven Assembly plugin
move maven-git-commit-id plugin execution only inside Pulsar Common (in order to speed up the build)
upgrading the Maven Assembly Plugin resulted in a different output for the "binaries", I had to update license files
forced version of Jersey to 2.31 in "Presto" distribution (otherwise the license check failed, because it does not handle different versions between main pulsar binaries and presto distribution inside lib/presto/lib, and this makes sense to me)
Verifying this change
This change is already covered by existing tests

* Allow to build Pulsar on JDK14+
- update Apache Maven Assembly Plugin
- use explicit import for Record class (prevent clash with java.lang.Record)

* revert Apache pom update

* fix

* Fix presto distribution - due to maven assembly plugin upgrade

* fix licenses

* Fix kafka clients


Co-authored-by: Enrico Olivelli <>
Co-authored-by: Enrico Olivelli <>
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