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namespace DotPulsar.IntegrationTests.Fixtures;
using Abstraction;
using Services;
using System;
using System.Net.Http;
using System.Net.Http.Headers;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Xunit.Abstractions;
using Xunit.Sdk;
public class TokenClusterFixture : PulsarServiceBase
private readonly IMessageSink _messageSink;
public TokenClusterFixture(IMessageSink messageSink) : base(messageSink)
_messageSink = messageSink;
public IPulsarService PulsarService => this;
public override async Task InitializeAsync()
await TakeDownPulsar(); // clean-up if anything was left running from previous run
await ProcessAsyncHelper.ExecuteShellCommand("docker-compose", "-f docker-compose-standalone-token-tests.yml up -d")
var waitTries = 10;
using var handler = new HttpClientHandler { AllowAutoRedirect = true };
using var client = new HttpClient(handler);
var token = await GetAuthToken(false);
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization = new AuthenticationHeaderValue("Bearer", token);
while (waitTries > 0)
await client.GetAsync($"{PulsarService.GetWebServiceUri()}/metrics/").ConfigureAwait(false);
catch(Exception e)
_messageSink.OnMessage(new DiagnosticMessage("Error trying to fetch metrics: {0}", e));
await Task.Delay(5000).ConfigureAwait(false);
throw new Exception("Unable to confirm Pulsar has initialized");
protected override async Task OnDispose()
=> await TakeDownPulsar();
public override Uri GetBrokerUri() => new("pulsar://localhost:54547");
public override Uri GetWebServiceUri() => new("http://localhost:54548");
private Task TakeDownPulsar()
=> ProcessAsyncHelper.ExecuteShellCommand("docker-compose", "-f docker-compose-standalone-token-tests.yml down")
.LogFailure(s => MessageSink.OnMessage(new DiagnosticMessage("Error bringing down container: {0}", s)));
public static async Task<string> GetAuthToken(bool includeExpiry)
var arguments = "exec pulsar-tokens bin/pulsar tokens create --secret-key file:///appdata/my-secret.key --subject test-user";
if (includeExpiry)
arguments += " --expiry-time 10s";
var result = await ProcessAsyncHelper.ExecuteShellCommand("docker",
if (!result.Completed)
throw new InvalidOperationException($"Getting token from container failed{Environment.NewLine}{result.Output}");
return result.Output;