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{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.278+0000", "entityId": 23714, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Tosca 's intoxicating ardor", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.279+0000", "entityId": 50958, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "choppy ending", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.279+0000", "entityId": 151503, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "obvious , preposterous , the movie will likely set the cause of woman warriors back decades .", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.279+0000", "entityId": 80495, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "'s exactly what these two people need to find each other", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.279+0000", "entityId": 141571, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "plumbing arrangements and mind games", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.279+0000", "entityId": 18131, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "trove", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.279+0000", "entityId": 9541, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "failed jokes , twitchy acting ,", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.279+0000", "entityId": 120057, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "you feel guilty about ignoring what the filmmakers clearly believe", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.279+0000", "entityId": 143714, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "It follows the Blair Witch formula for an hour , in which we 're told something creepy and vague is in the works ,", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.279+0000", "entityId": 49278, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a single character worth rooting for -LRB- or worth rooting against , for that matter -RRB-", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.279+0000", "entityId": 147919, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is engage an audience", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.279+0000", "entityId": 114295, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The script is too mainstream", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.279+0000", "entityId": 78523, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to sustain laughs", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.280+0000", "entityId": 114962, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Kids five and up will be delighted with the fast , funny , and even touching story .", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.280+0000", "entityId": 139304, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "'m the One That I Want ,", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.280+0000", "entityId": 25680, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "how difficult", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.280+0000", "entityId": 44654, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "that , in many other hands would be completely forgettable", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.280+0000", "entityId": 126901, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "already littered with celluloid garbage", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.280+0000", "entityId": 147169, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "saw the film", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.280+0000", "entityId": 70573, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "well-meaning and", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.280+0000", "entityId": 83199, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a good time for both children and parents", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.280+0000", "entityId": 2649, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "for a preemptive strike", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.281+0000", "entityId": 33596, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Beautifully shot against the frozen winter landscapes of Grenoble and Geneva , the film unfolds with all the mounting tension of an expert thriller , until the tragedy beneath it all gradually reveals itself .", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.281+0000", "entityId": 148376, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "sticks , really ,", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.281+0000", "entityId": 148025, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The Uncertainty Principle , as verbally pretentious as the title may be , has its handful of redeeming features , as long as you discount its ability to bore .", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.281+0000", "entityId": 132934, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the cinematic equivalent of high humidity", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.281+0000", "entityId": 101977, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "its stupidities wind up sticking in one 's mind a lot more than the cool bits .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.281+0000", "entityId": 154656, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "rowdy participants", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.281+0000", "entityId": 12295, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "'s about as convincing as any other Arnie musclefest ,", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.281+0000", "entityId": 72361, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "than I 'd expected it to be", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.281+0000", "entityId": 32521, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": ", can prevent its tragic waste of life", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.281+0000", "entityId": 121098, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "forced fuzziness", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.281+0000", "entityId": 122127, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is just what you get", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 136170, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "IMAX trip", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 140439, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "love for the movies of the 1960s", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 120053, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "biased", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 93382, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "jury", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 46872, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Occasionally funny , sometimes inspiring ,", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 85877, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "hail", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 1443, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "sleeping dogs", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 125356, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "this IMAX offering", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 148140, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "second great war", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 134581, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "acted by Diane Lane and Richard Gere .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 61033, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "famous prima donna Floria Tosca", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 147932, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "are n't very bright", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 73864, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "in the market or a costly divorce", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 107297, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the level of exaggerated , stylized humor throughout", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 127722, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "also a -- dare I say it twice -- delightfully charming -- and totally American", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 140223, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": ", aesthetically and sexually", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 16549, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "You can practically hear George Orwell turning over .", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 48504, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to the colorful but flat drawings", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 85512, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "presents events partly from the perspective of Aurelie and Christelle , and", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 97675, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is bad , but certainly not without merit as entertainment .", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 36242, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is revealing", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.282+0000", "entityId": 111525, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "for cheap porn", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 155901, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "This movie ... does n't deserve the energy it takes to describe how bad it is .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 49029, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "unseen material resides", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 120994, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "better described as a ghost story gone badly awry .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 28618, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Strong filmmaking requires a clear sense of purpose , and in that oh-so-important category , The Four Feathers comes up short .", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 96105, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "an enthusiastic audience", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 69051, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "'s ...", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 138556, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "approaching even a vague reason to sit through it all", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 36644, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "watch , giggle and get an adrenaline boost without feeling like you 've completely lowered your entertainment standards", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 89300, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "their marks", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 80847, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Brosnan James Bond", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 98408, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "may leave the theater with more questions than answers", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 121185, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "director D.J. Caruso 's grimy visual veneer and Kilmer 's absorbing performance", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 66800, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "If we 're to slap protagonist Genevieve LePlouff because she 's French", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 129465, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a muscle", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 55357, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "It 's sweet", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 142101, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "grand whimper", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 46117, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Almost peerlessly unsettling .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 84857, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "more substance", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 129596, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "fits the bill perfectly", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 138189, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is , in a word , brilliant as the conflicted Daniel .", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 152801, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "disgracefully written dialogue", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 101299, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "tov to a film about a family 's joyous life acting on the Yiddish stage", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 46231, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "firmly", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 139565, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of the escort service", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 47796, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "mission", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.283+0000", "entityId": 127044, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "tired , unimaginative and derivative variation", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 142051, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "carried the giant camera around Australia", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 21080, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of the ideal casting of the masterful British actor Ian Holm", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 53622, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the girls-behaving-badly film has fallen", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 55336, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "seventy-minute running time", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 13417, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Chris Rock , ' ` Anthony Hopkins ' and ` terrorists '", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 111155, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "done all", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 2996, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the viewer", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 149208, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "As happily glib and vicious as its characters", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 104561, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "may also", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 139120, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The soul-searching deliberateness", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 49554, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The most brilliant work", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 25898, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Rudy", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 9443, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Michael Stewart", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 59767, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "apology", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 86923, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "exhilarating new", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 124331, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of control", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 17909, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Comedian runs out of steam after a half hour .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 26176, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Slim travel incognito", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 9260, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Einstein", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 71544, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The lead actors share no chemistry or engaging charisma .", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 3776, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "its emotions", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 32513, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "war 's madness remembered that we , today , can prevent its tragic waste of life", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 4594, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "ultimately silly", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 34761, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "American and", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.284+0000", "entityId": 58537, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "whose legacy had begun to bronze", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 6698, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the big-bug movie", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 114583, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the stunts", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 73168, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "real transformation", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 65815, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "not always fairly", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 19084, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the intelligence of gay audiences has been grossly underestimated , and a meaty plot and well-developed characters have been sacrificed for skin and flash that barely fizzle", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 98181, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "an encounter with the rich and the powerful who have nothing", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 43931, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "curiosity piece", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 131189, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "equally miserable film", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 43603, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "this human condition", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 151187, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "cue", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 44367, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "maybe for the last 15 minutes , which are as maudlin as any after-school special you can imagine", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 68624, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Enigma is well-made", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 12163, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "thought out", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 137726, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "waited three years with breathless anticipation for a new Hal Hartley movie to pore over", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 89306, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "keep on watching", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 150307, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of 2-day old Coke", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 91558, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "With We Were Soldiers , Hollywood makes a valiant attempt to tell a story about the Vietnam War before the pathology set in .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 53870, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "woefully", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 92604, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the thematic ironies are too obvious and", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 140393, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Seagal ,", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 781, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Wilde", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 34299, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Hugely entertaining from start to finish , featuring a fall from grace that still leaves shockwaves , it will gratify anyone who has ever suspected Hollywood of being overrun by corrupt and hedonistic weasels .", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 1485, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "as a relic from a bygone era , and its convolutions ... feel silly rather than plausible", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 49152, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the price of making them", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.285+0000", "entityId": 92505, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "modern day", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 28007, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "too many chefs", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 118713, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "has made a film so unabashedly hopeful that it actually makes the heart soar", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 35475, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "his touch", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 19135, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a crowd-pleaser", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 122520, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "tracking shots", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 41792, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of colonics", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 107939, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "censure", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 64761, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "comfy", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 89416, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "it was put on the screen , just for them", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 131142, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "it 's a wacky and inspired little film that works effortlessly at delivering genuine , acerbic laughs .", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 55043, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "motivate", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 35507, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "fleet-footed", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 17071, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "in the conception than it does in the execution", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 70218, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "under its own thinness", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 63735, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "subliminally", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 131615, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "deathly slow to any teen", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 44139, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "pull it back", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 141426, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "marvelously twisted shapes history", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 116447, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "you did", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 68862, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "it 's not .", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 69651, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Patchy", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 132712, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "for an hour and a half", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 25022, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "conventional -- lots of boring talking heads , etc. --", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 136544, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "on its eccentric characters", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 149459, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a fast-moving and cheerfully simplistic", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.286+0000", "entityId": 56086, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is not an easy film", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.287+0000", "entityId": 30147, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "came at the expense of seeing justice served ,", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.287+0000", "entityId": 88871, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "hats", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.287+0000", "entityId": 153290, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of automatic gunfire", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.287+0000", "entityId": 47076, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "during K-19", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.287+0000", "entityId": 24286, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "impact", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.287+0000", "entityId": 151786, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "weaves us into a complex web", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.287+0000", "entityId": 128765, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "lampoons the moviemaking process itself , while shining a not particularly flattering spotlight on America 's skin-deep notions of pulchritude .", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.287+0000", "entityId": 108922, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a longtime admirer", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.287+0000", "entityId": 116776, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "unusual , thoughtful bio-drama", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.287+0000", "entityId": 69947, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "monotony", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.287+0000", "entityId": 91298, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "designed strictly", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.287+0000", "entityId": 14476, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "this Halloween", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 66337, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "commands attention .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 84356, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "self-conscious debut", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 121413, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "with a twist", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 83075, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Shreve 's graceful dual narrative gets clunky on the screen , and", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 114601, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": ", after-school special", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 78515, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "his hair", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 48206, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "A case in point : Doug Pray 's Scratch .", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 16128, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "depends a lot on how interesting and likable you find them .", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 33090, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "you should avoid this like the dreaded King Brown snake .", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 33386, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "more dimensional", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 135025, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the works of an artist", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 59686, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "uncompelling the movie", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 35383, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "all excited about a chocolate eclair", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 130702, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Rife with nutty cliches and far too much dialogue", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 58234, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "more fragile", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 147568, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The hard-to-predict and absolutely essential chemistry between the down-to-earth Bullock and the nonchalant Grant proves to be sensational , and everything meshes in this elegant entertainment .", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 56742, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "intelligent high school", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 79071, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "well told .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 76930, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Witherspoon 's -RRB-", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 146416, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "if Allen , at 66 , has stopped challenging himself", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 94436, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "J. Barry", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 22282, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "manages to embody the worst excesses of nouvelle vague without any of its sense of fun or energy .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 99450, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "- been-told-a", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.288+0000", "entityId": 119798, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "salacious", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 119834, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "like you ate a Reeses without the peanut butter", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 130278, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "for adventurous Indian filmmakers toward a crossover", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 144123, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "lack of spontaneity in its execution and a dearth of real poignancy", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 4562, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "handed with his message at times", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 111968, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is n't exactly", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 99747, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "suffocate the illumination created by the two daughters", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 89585, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the movie gods", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 132061, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a bit too much like an infomercial for Ram Dass 's latest book aimed at the boomer", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 101496, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of bad guys", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 106771, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is an uncompromising film .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 56042, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "rather choppy", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 148918, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "I like all four of the lead actors a lot and they manage to squeeze a few laughs out of the material , but they 're treading water at best in this forgettable effort .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 78568, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "every painful nuance , unexpected flashes of dark comedy and", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 152206, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of the working poor", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 47819, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "added", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 113854, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "dawdle", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 99859, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the filmmaking in Invincible", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 21441, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is the score ,", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 137595, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of many young people", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 10508, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "lowbrow", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 144349, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "are both excellent , in the kind of low-key way that allows us to forget that they are actually movie folk", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 97106, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "with The Salton Sea", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 7797, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Hollywood counterparts", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 21684, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The art direction", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 132114, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "British actor", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.289+0000", "entityId": 132367, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the sexuality is muted", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 102365, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the peculiar American style of justice that plays out here", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 33018, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to generate the belly laughs of lowbrow comedy without sacrificing its high-minded appeal", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 92132, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "another kind of Chinese", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 28396, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "every scene", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 41350, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "alas , no", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 148808, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to anyone willing to succumb", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 25730, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of the environments", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 135465, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": ", flat dialogue", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 8242, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "wit and empathy", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 153646, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "displays something more important : respect for its flawed , crazy people", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 131167, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the kind of movie you see because the theater", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 13596, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "resembles Sly Stallone in a hot sake half-sleep", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 154365, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "it still comes from Spielberg , who has never made anything that was n't at least watchable", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 70509, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Hitchens '", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 44641, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to inject some real vitality and even art into a pulpy concept that , in many other hands would be completely forgettable", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 36849, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "kiddie", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 100616, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to pass up , and for the blacklight crowd , way cheaper -LRB- and better -RRB- than Pink Floyd tickets .", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 146748, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "approximation", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 86367, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to take time revealing them", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 75868, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "stand them", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 149588, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "measured work", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 40052, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "high-profile", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 99802, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "'s Lovely and Amazing , from her own screenplay , jumps to the head of the class of women 's films that manage to avoid the ghetto of sentimental chick-flicks by treating female follies with a satirical style .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 153922, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "'s overweight and out of shape", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 6758, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "likes", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.290+0000", "entityId": 144316, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "... once again strands his superb performers in the same old story .", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 62238, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "performing", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 144728, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "as variable as the cinematography", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 79402, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "in its observation of just how much more grueling and time-consuming the illusion of work is than actual work", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 14451, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "its lyrical variations", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 29556, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "watch them on the Animal Planet", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 63553, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Bartleby 's pain", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 33945, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "surfing", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 33559, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is made fresh by an intelligent screenplay and gripping performances in this low-budget , video-shot , debut indie effort .", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 95581, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "A poignant comedy", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 20581, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "more interested in asking questions than in answering them", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 37302, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "format", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 45404, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a grumble in your stomach", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 27258, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "walking around a foreign city", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 74508, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a fair share", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 118538, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "in which the script and characters hold sway", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 128208, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "doodled", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 60585, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "remarkable and memorable film", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 19926, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "has never made a more sheerly beautiful film than this unexpectedly moving meditation on love , history , memory , resistance and artistic transcendence .", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 103319, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is intriguing , provocative stuff", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 61702, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a still evolving story", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 121419, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of work , with premise and dialogue", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 150255, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a trashy", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 118701, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of his back", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 45809, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "splashy and entertainingly nasty", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 17632, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "redefinition", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 128299, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "I have a confession to make", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 92641, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a distinct rarity", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.291+0000", "entityId": 100147, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "analgesic balm", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 16645, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "120", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 120129, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "1950s sci-fi movies", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 126995, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "consistently intelligent", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 135740, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "cultural and moral issues", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 118247, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "another film that praises female self-sacrifice", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 63102, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "maybe I can channel one of my greatest pictures , Drunken Master", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 43933, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "about ten minutes", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 95258, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of little moments", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 71734, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "sardonic", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 124568, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the only bit of glee", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 140095, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "tries and become expert fighters after a few weeks", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 47669, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "fears she 'll become her mother before she gets to fulfill her dreams", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 87249, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Polanski is saying what he has long wanted to say , confronting the roots of his own preoccupations and obsessions , and", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 105125, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Dumb and Dumber", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 11995, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": ", is a little too in love with its own cuteness", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 143751, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the complicated history", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 112768, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "but emotionally", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 129923, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "by Michael Caine 's performance", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 149259, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "laudable in themselves", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.292+0000", "entityId": 109521, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "barely gets by on its artistic merits", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 9154, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "good actors", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 107431, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "meatier", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 89117, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the old boy 's characters", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 6278, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "basic", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 100624, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the blacklight crowd , way cheaper -LRB- and better -RRB-", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 35694, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The last three narcissists left on earth", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 71195, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "As a vehicle to savour Binoche 's skill", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 66716, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": ", -LRB- Franco -RRB- has all of Dean 's mannerisms and self-indulgence , but none of his sweetness and vulnerability .", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 62015, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "established by Warner Bros. giant Chuck Jones , who died a matter of weeks before the movie 's release", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 150426, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "crafting something promising from a mediocre screenplay is not one of them", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 89378, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "'s all quite tasteful to look at", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 10228, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "at soccer hooliganism", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 25481, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "its best", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 18473, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "better satiric target", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 63032, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "superficial characters", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 4315, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "running", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 136242, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": ", it is almost a good movie", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 28177, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "'ve somehow", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 80335, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "that uses its pulpy core conceit to probe questions of attraction and interdependence and how the heart accomodates practical", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 89209, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "in a heady whirl of New Age-inspired good intentions", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 47006, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "stunning animation", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 68209, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "luvvies", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 20805, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Collateral Damage is trash , but it earns extra points by acting as if it were n't", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 48829, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Swims in mediocrity , sticking its head up for a breath of fresh air now and then .", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 138962, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "briefly enliven the film", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.293+0000", "entityId": 137958, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is cloyingly hagiographic in its portrait of Cuban leader Fidel Castro", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 75191, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the finished product", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 61022, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "does n't disappoint .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 60564, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Young Everlyn Sampi ,", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 41875, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "movie star charisma", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 54668, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "its humour", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 110409, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "after eating a corn dog and an extra-large cotton candy", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 101439, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "There 's no doubting that this is a highly ambitious and personal project for Egoyan , but it 's also one that , next to his best work , feels clumsy and convoluted", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 125388, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "anxieties", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 62891, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Thoroughly engrossing and ultimately tragic", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 144005, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "flawed , dazzling series", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 23839, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The 1960s rebellion was misdirected :", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 16086, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The huskies are beautiful , the border collie is funny", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 67003, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "reluctant witnesses", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 51559, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "has never looked uglier", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 33749, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "own idiosyncratic strain", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 43659, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of Black", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 39883, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "suspense , revenge , and romance", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 72585, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a decomposition of healthy eccentric inspiration and ambition", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 4013, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "scientific", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 55042, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "heartwarmingly", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 81539, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "charismatic and", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 37255, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "splashed across the immense IMAX screen", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 99581, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Dense and enigmatic", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 30194, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "acting that borders on hammy at times", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 60405, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": ", Mad Love looks better than it feels .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 62769, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "scored and powered", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.294+0000", "entityId": 36569, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is still quite good-natured and not a bad way to spend an hour or two", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 138482, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Liyan 's backyard", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 121311, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "way Adam Sandler 's", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 39559, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "now it is a copy of a copy of a copy", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 35386, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "excited", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 72735, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of wills between Bacon and Theron", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 75220, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a white American zealously spreading a Puritanical brand of Christianity to South Seas islanders", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 253, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "does", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 93390, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "brother Gordy", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 154063, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "but what gives Human Nature its unique feel is Kaufman 's script", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 131973, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "keep your eyes open", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 30815, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Talkiness is n't necessarily bad , but the dialogue frequently misses the mark", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 97386, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "tundra", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 65279, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "and more entertaining , too", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 140965, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "let the subtitles fool you", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 151737, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a gentle , unforced intimacy", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 52657, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "son 's", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 102613, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "This franchise", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 92096, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the zest", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 78059, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "that Chabrol spins", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 136059, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "turns into an engrossing thriller almost in spite of itself", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 113847, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Louiso lets the movie dawdle in classic disaffected-indie-film mode ,", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 86680, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "A battle between bug-eye theatre and dead-eye", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 111062, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "on a high note", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 106681, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Archibald", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 68694, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "as you 'd hoped", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 16224, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a level", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 47702, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "unsuspecting lawmen", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 115411, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of one of the greatest natural sportsmen of modern times", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 70321, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "You do n't need to be a hip-hop fan to appreciate Scratch , and that 's the mark of a documentary that works", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 98085, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "their resemblance", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.295+0000", "entityId": 38999, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "all men", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 45877, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "unlikable , uninteresting , unfunny", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 22842, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Highly uneven", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 140099, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "fighters", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 123631, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "power to deform families , then tear them apart", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 5955, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a thoughtful what-if for the heart as well as the mind", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 102688, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Lucy Liu", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 130080, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "sloppy script", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 77698, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "What Time Is It There ?", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 50205, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "makes the film seem like something to endure instead of enjoy", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 73669, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "nearly enough", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 49112, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "unusually crafty and intelligent for Hollywood horror", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 133951, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "their environs", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 131581, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "see the joy the characters take in this creed", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 94018, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "agonizing bore", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 49438, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Indian - , Russian", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 42998, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "television ,", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 135596, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "sit in neutral , hoping for a stiff wind to blow it uphill or something", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 111300, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "movie concern", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 85819, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of why men leave their families", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 95062, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "banged", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 116708, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "most remarkable -LRB- and frustrating -RRB- thing", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 107730, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "song-and-dance-man Pasach ` ke Burstein and", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 90289, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to discover that Tian 's meticulous talent has not withered during his enforced hiatus", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 74949, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a complete mess", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 121690, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the movie has enough vitality to justify the notion of creating a screen adaptation of Evans ' saga of Hollywood excess .", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 81838, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a charm", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 75095, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "you will", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 94633, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The ending does n't work ... but most of the movie works so well I 'm almost recommending it , anyway -- maybe not to everybody , but certainly to people with a curiosity about how a movie can go very right , and then step wrong .", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 31758, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Just about the surest bet for an all-around good time at the movies this summer", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 99690, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Clayburgh and Tambor are charming performers ; neither of them deserves Eric Schaeffer", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.296+0000", "entityId": 68100, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "close to the ground", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 51465, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "this clever and very satisfying picture is more accurately Chabrolian .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 24922, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "lightness", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 45549, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "put on an intoxicating show .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 83257, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is one reason it 's so lackluster .", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 13827, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "gentle and", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 76252, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "clashing cultures and a clashing mother\\/daughter relationship", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 127160, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "employ their quirky and fearless ability", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 25863, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a skateboard film as social anthropology", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 9653, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Notwithstanding my problem with the movie 's final half hour , I 'm going to recommend SECRETARY , based on the wonderful acting clinic put on by Spader and Gyllenhaal , and", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 41106, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "compellingly tap into a spiritual aspect of their characters ' suffering", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 140908, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "turn the legendary wit 's classic mistaken identity farce into brutally labored and unfunny hokum", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 68911, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "accept the characters and the film , flaws and all", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 118462, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "love , racial tension", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 116767, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "for corniness and cliche", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 6936, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "are flat", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 114698, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "skipping straight", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 127091, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "any other", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 98304, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the ticket cost", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 74475, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "While puerile men dominate the story , the women shine .", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 119752, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "hour-and-a-half-long commercial", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 27530, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of a documentary", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 14502, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "First Contact", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 8651, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "what is", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 52285, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a lesson", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 52672, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "come to think of it ,", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 37588, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "will have you at the edge of your seat for long stretches", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 150529, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "I did n't care .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 70047, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "delivering a series of abrasive , stylized sequences that burn themselves upon the viewer 's memory", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 8871, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "hand", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.297+0000", "entityId": 108444, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "A soap-opera quality twist", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 50164, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "near-miss .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 116784, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "rich subject", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 83854, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of saying girls find adolescence difficult to wade through", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 25005, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "this tragedy", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 57581, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "thinking some of this worn-out , pandering palaver is actually funny", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 14587, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the subject matter may still be too close to recent national events", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 120263, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "- character-who-shall - remain-nameless", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 29645, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Unbreakable", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 47876, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "in storytelling usually found in anime like this", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 103455, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the innocence and idealism", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 25763, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "A modestly comic , modestly action-oriented World War II adventure that , in terms of authenticity , is one of those films that requires the enemy to never shoot straight .", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 58665, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "and documentary feel", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 18237, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the tale of her passionate , tumultuous affair with Musset unfolds as Sand 's masculine persona , with its love of life and beauty , takes form .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 51871, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "allows his cast the benefit of being able to give full performances ...", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 134373, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "unexpected blast", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 141200, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "most intriguing movie experiences", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 23198, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "we 're - doing-it-for - the-cash ' sequel", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 47439, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to work", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 73749, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Not only is entry number twenty the worst of the Brosnan bunch", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 66627, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "-LRB- and literally -RRB- tosses around sex toys and offers half-hearted paeans to empowerment that are repeatedly undercut by the brutality of the jokes , most at women 's expense .", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 3557, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the kind of production", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 988, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "as whatever terror the heroes of horror movies try to avoid", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 43990, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of impressive talent", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 52243, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "icily", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 94582, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "aptitude", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 105221, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is a sincerely crafted picture that deserves to emerge from the traffic jam of holiday movies", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 59141, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "maintain a sense of urgency and suspense", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 19597, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "lax and limp", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 75630, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "gestures", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 141051, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the point of emotional and moral departure for protagonist Alice", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 56877, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Any movie that makes hard work", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.298+0000", "entityId": 38610, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "in the era of video", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 83784, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "that fails on so many levels", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 11619, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "brilliant and macabre", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 54314, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "ranges from bad", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 48592, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Philip", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 10533, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "poignant", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 45400, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a smile on your face and", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 12111, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "A sexy , peculiar and always entertaining costume drama set in Renaissance Spain , and the fact that it 's based on true events somehow makes it all the more compelling .", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 106044, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "venture", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 147734, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is offensive , puerile and unimaginatively foul-mouthed if it was at least funny", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 151147, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "very simple", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 6117, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "does so many of the little things right that it 's difficult not to cuss him out severely for bungling the big stuff .", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 69210, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "giddy and", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 153414, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "slain rappers", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 9421, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "must", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 60535, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to the awfulness of the movie", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 136478, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "hitting your head on the theater seat", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 45316, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "anthology", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 75939, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Friday night diversion", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 148161, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the filmmakers ' paws", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 76730, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "with a slow , deliberate gait", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 150070, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the intended , er , spirit of the piece", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 47837, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "convincing impersonation", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 42810, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "wild , endearing , masterful documentary", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 39553, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Star Trek was kind of terrific once ,", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 91055, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Iben Hjelje", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 73455, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Its metaphors", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 58401, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "journey back", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 2189, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "their version", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.299+0000", "entityId": 132842, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The animation is competent", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 30695, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a straight face", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 108091, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the stale , standard , connect-the-dots storyline which has become commonplace in movies that explore the seamy underbelly of the criminal world", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 128452, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to match the ordeal of sitting through it", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 8958, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "An ambitious movie that , like Shiner 's organizing of the big fight , pulls off enough", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 51774, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "that catches you up in something bigger than yourself", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 128118, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "unrequited", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 45007, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "does not make for much of a movie", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 154050, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "on the inspired performance of Tim Allen", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 60620, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "\\* Corpus", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 12190, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "as though Jay Roach directed the film from the back of a taxicab", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 76425, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Greek Wedding", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 60219, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The Chateau , a sense of light-heartedness , that makes it attractive throughout", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 111610, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Charming , if overly complicated", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 78660, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "around your neck so director Nick Cassavetes", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 5414, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "trusted audiences", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 70184, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Poets", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 58946, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "enhances the excellent performances", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 117661, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "if somewhat standardized ,", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 58877, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "A clumsily manufactured exploitation flick , a style-free exercise in manipulation and mayhem", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 33345, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Eyre 's -RRB-", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 23696, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "riveting and surprisingly romantic ride", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 127772, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "gross-out flicks , college flicks , or even flicks in general", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 81537, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": ", charismatic and tragically", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 120807, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "as rare as snake foo yung", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 41574, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "an oily arms dealer , squad car pile-ups and", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 140728, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "as ill-fitting as Shadyac 's perfunctory directing chops", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 62638, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "but instead", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 91294, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the hallmarks", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 145406, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Clooney 's", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.300+0000", "entityId": 112374, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Alan and his fellow survivors are idiosyncratic enough to lift the movie above its playwriting 101 premise .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 150180, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "see it twice", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 127341, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "his predicament", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 47424, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "shout , ` Hey", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 136624, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "wear you", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 45626, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a treasure", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 76506, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "gorgeous film", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 80638, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "tracts", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 150953, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "immensely ambitious , different than anything that 's been done before and amazingly successful in terms of what it 's trying to do", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 52600, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Crazy Nights", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 137506, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the film , directed by Joel Zwick", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 8385, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "uniformly well acted", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 140037, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "will find it either moderately amusing or just plain irrelevant", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 7238, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "sustain", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 117173, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "hug", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 55815, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "understated expression", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 128398, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "be fully successful", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 59458, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is of Brian De Palma 's addiction to the junk-calorie suspense tropes that have all but ruined his career .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 147605, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "one decent performance from the cast and", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 143536, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "$ 99 bargain-basement special", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 19877, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "fifty", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 53082, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "This bracingly truthful antidote to Hollywood teenage movies that slather Clearasil over the blemishes of youth captures the combustible mixture of a chafing inner loneliness and desperate grandiosity that tend to characterize puberty .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 43202, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "understands", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 86575, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of the Farrelly brothers ' oeuvre", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 6937, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "flat", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 76205, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "conspirators", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 16733, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "about Zelda 's ultimate fate", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 54842, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "There 's an epic here , but", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 41088, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The search for redemption", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 105210, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a cute alien creature", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 113342, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "'s because Panic Room is interested in nothing more than sucking you in ... and making you sweat", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.301+0000", "entityId": 50312, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "sun", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 63856, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "bore most audiences into their own brightly colored dreams", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 10392, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "found relic", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 18759, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "fairly weak", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 66999, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "wheedling reluctant witnesses and pointing his camera through the smeared windshield of his rental car", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 127051, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "already-shallow", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 132284, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "virtually nothing to show", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 137052, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "its funny , moving yarn", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 35580, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "humorous and touching .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 155445, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "will be lulled into a coma", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 44284, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the state", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 141002, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "A pleasant and engaging enough", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 77755, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "really long , slow and dreary time", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 54281, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Wilco fans will have a great time , and", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 118698, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "pull an arrow", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 129296, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "cracking up or", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 456, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "ultimately", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 98456, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the worst films of the summer", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 118624, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a whip-crack", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 112035, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "works on the whodunit level as its larger themes", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 105395, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "takes an atypically hypnotic approach to a world that 's often handled in fast-edit , hopped-up fashion", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 27227, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "surefire", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 131491, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": ", it 's a howler .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 15826, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "even his lesser works outshine the best some directors can offer", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 579, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "couples", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 115292, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of a legal thriller", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 106715, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the need for national health insurance", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 64805, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "it were any more of a turkey", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 125994, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "you should never forget", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 77128, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "on the Hardwood", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 155009, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a side dish no one ordered", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.302+0000", "entityId": 41026, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "its full potential", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 31018, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "no doubt , it 's the worst movie I 've seen this summer", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 81891, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "admirable energy , full-bodied characterizations and narrative urgency", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 127080, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to please", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 93386, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "bestowed star Hoffman 's brother Gordy", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 70452, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "an epic rather than the real deal", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 84872, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "coming from a director beginning to resemble someone 's crazy French grandfather", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 142806, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "clout", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 20356, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "all awkward , static", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 626, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "going to a house party", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 35905, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "brazen enough to attempt to pass this stinker off as a scary movie", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 92037, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "impressive hybrid .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 60681, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "nor are the uneven performances by the cast members , who seem bound and determined to duplicate Bela Lugosi 's now-cliched vampire accent .", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 138343, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "other people", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 76333, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "this underdramatized but overstated film", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 20469, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "A captivating new film .", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 11277, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "useless actioners", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 72655, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Less-than-compelling", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 114345, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "in Newfoundland that cleverly captures the dry wit that 's so prevalent on The Rock", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 51874, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the benefit of being able to give full performances", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 64253, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": ", kinetically-charged spy flick worthy", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 55663, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Koepp 's screenplay", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 144484, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "young adult life in urban South Korea", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 102620, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "One of the most incoherent features in recent memory .", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 39601, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "pleasant enough", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 37082, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "all great films about a life you never knew existed", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 62918, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to my great pleasure ,", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 129376, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "sinks further and further into comedy futility .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 108221, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "My precious new Star Wars movie", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 8923, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "sitting around", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 35539, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "for a geriatric Peter", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.303+0000", "entityId": 56230, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "cardboard", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 48378, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "yet , it must be admitted , not entirely humorless", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 54224, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "The plot twists give I Am Trying to Break Your Heart an attraction it desperately needed .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 69391, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "sci-fi thriller", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 16941, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to show", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 115172, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the poor quality of Pokemon 4", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 50427, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "movie work", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 7186, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a revealing alienation", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 78064, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Critics need a good laugh , too ,", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 59844, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": ", Stuart Little 2 manages sweetness largely without stickiness .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 30989, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "alternate reality '", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 130933, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "much on Max when he should be filling the screen with this tortured , dull artist and monster-in-the", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 100737, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "witty dialogue and inventive moments", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 135873, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "radical '' or `` suck ''", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 125740, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Fresh and raw like a blown-out vein , Narc takes a walking-dead , cop-flick subgenre and beats new life into it .", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 126644, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Unlike most anime , whose most ardent fans outside Japan seem to be introverted young men with fantasy fetishes", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 14575, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "clearly defines his characters", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 75824, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "can only point the way", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 52120, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Expect no major discoveries , nor any stylish sizzle , but the film sits with square conviction and touching good sense on the experience of its women", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 77917, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Narc is a no-bull throwback to 1970s action films .", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 37867, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "decides", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 106688, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "lifting", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 105488, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": ", but he appears miserable throughout as he swaggers through his scenes .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 25385, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "it begins to seem as long as the two year affair which is its subject", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 68299, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a smile , just sneers and bile", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 112730, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "acted by a British cast", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 125699, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "considering its", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 129771, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "if standard issue ,", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.304+0000", "entityId": 155403, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Like the chilled breath of oral storytelling frozen onto film", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 92169, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "'s almost worth seeing ,", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 25221, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Melanie", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 109788, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Davis 's", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 32112, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "2 ''", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 48049, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "your introduction", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 138218, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the most irresponsible picture ever released by a major film studio .", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 22450, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of `` Dragonfly", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 29134, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is funny , touching , smart and complicated", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 7599, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "long while", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 130382, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "actually exploiting it yourself", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 140615, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "very believable", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 132817, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the relationship between Sullivan and his son", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 39637, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "deserving", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 49872, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "grounding", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 67162, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "maybe because it echoes the by now intolerable morbidity of so many recent movies", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 13461, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Jagjit", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 123113, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "as it points out how inseparable the two are", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 35991, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Jack Carter", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 67049, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "a sour taste in one 's mouth , and", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 56549, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "all its plot twists , and", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 149176, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is amusing for about three minutes .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 154903, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Bill Plympton", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 144764, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "written so well ,", "sentiment": 4}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 96751, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Like being invited to a classy dinner soiree", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 16046, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "puts flimsy flicks like this behind bars", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 98836, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "grab you", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 57935, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Jie", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 133244, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "of simply handling conventional material in a conventional way", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 48336, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "make any money", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 46956, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "its characters ' frustrations", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 51030, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "S1M0NE 's satire is not subtle , but it is effective .", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.305+0000", "entityId": 6228, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Sillier , cuter , and", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 149203, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "the dreary mid-section of the film", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 135648, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "There 's a reason the studio did n't offer an advance screening .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 130365, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Trey", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 62975, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "A small gem from Belgium", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 86215, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "belongs firmly in the so-bad-it 's - good camp", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 35444, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "somebody", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 123620, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "alienating most viewers", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 78164, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "with an underlying seriousness that sneaks up on the viewer , providing an experience that is richer than anticipated", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 128300, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "have a confession to make", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 31004, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "This wretchedly unfunny wannabe comedy is inane and awful - no doubt , it 's the worst movie I 've seen this summer .", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 78365, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "Ten Little Indians", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 83621, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "are you wo n't , either", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 119583, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "to a T.", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 22124, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "sweetness", "sentiment": 3}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 13256, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "unexceptional", "sentiment": 0}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 94884, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "mainstream foreign mush", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 9833, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "musical", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 147202, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "arguments , schemes and", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 135108, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "drowns out the promise of the romantic angle", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 22425, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "plays like a tired Tyco ad", "sentiment": 1}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000", "entityId": 58847, "entityType": "source", "properties": {"phrase": "is a mess", "sentiment": 2}, "event": "phrases"}
{"eventTime": "2015-06-08T16:58:14.306+0000",